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Verba 4.0 Release Notes (build 4.0.0000)

This document lists new features and fixes released in Verba 4.0 Release Notes (build 4.0.0000).

Release Date2008-01-10
Previous3.5 SR4 (build 3.5.4000)
Next5.0 (build 5.0.0000)

Release highlights

RI-001534Recording - Passive
Passive SIP Recording
RI-001537Recording - Passive
Telepresence Recording
RI-001538Recording - Passive
Video Recording (select Tandberg units using Skinny)
RI-001535Recording - Cisco
Centralized Cisco recording (Cisco UCM 6 and above)
RI-001536Recording - Avaya
Centralized recording support for Avaya CM
RI-001540Recording - Desktop
Desktop Screen Recording
RI-001539Recording - Dial-in
Dial-in Recorder Line
RI-001543UI - Web Interface
Call sharing
RI-001547UI - Web Interface
Single sign-on support
RI-001542Solution - Silent Monitoring
Silent monitoring
RI-001546Solution - Service Provider
RI-001545Platform - Configuration
Web-based central configuration
RI-001544Platform - Storage Management
Storage policies
RI-001541Platform - Tools
Continuity Recorder

Known Critical Issues

First Affected
Resolved in 8.3.4675.0
After x weeks of operation recordings are terminated prematurely due to timeout on passive, SPAN-based direct NIC capturing solutions with specific HW/NIC/Virtual env conditions. In some conditions NIC/winpcap and OS clock is out of sync and over time (more weeks) the clock drift can accumulate and reach call timeout threshold.

- only impacts Passive SPAN-port based recording - does NOT affect Media Collector source and remote capturing on Media Collector (most Lync recording deployments) - the issue happens on rare combinations of specific platforms depending on NIC, NIC driver and virtualization environment (cases found in virtualized, but SPAN port based systems) - it might happen several weeks after recorder service has been up and running (depends on hw) - recording sessions terminated prematurely (before call ends) with end cause: call timeout (calls are only partially recorded)

- Set higher call inactivity/timeout threshold (def 180 sec -> 600 sec) - Restart recorder service every weekend

Critical Fixes

There are no new critical fixes in this build.

Feature Improvements

Added in
Media encryption
Improved integrity protection
RI-001548Recording - Passive
RAW recording format
RI-001550Recording - Cisco
Recording for encrypted Cisco calls
RI-001551Recording - IPTrade
Recording for IP Trade turrets
RI-001549UI - Web Interface
On-demand recording function available from web UI
RI-001615UI - Web Interface
Multi-tenant capabilities
RI-001616UI - Web Interface
Remote playback support
RI-001618UI - Web Interface
Support report collection utility
RI-001612Solution - Silent Monitoring
Silent monitoring over the web
RI-001617Platform - Configuration
Web-based central configuration interface
RI-001619Platform - Storage Management
Command line tool for storage management
RI-001620Platform - Storage Management
Enchanced storage policy system
RI-001621Platform - Tools
Support report collection utility


There are no new fixes in this build.

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