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Verba 8.9 Release Notes (build 8.9.5043.0)

This document lists new features and fixes released in Verba 8.9 Release Notes (build 8.9.5043.0).

Release Date2017-01-18
Previous8.8 (build 8.8.4995.0)
Next9.0 (build

Release highlights

RI-010039Recording - Cisco
New mute recording softkey button for Cisco phones which invokes recording mute for PCI DSS
RI-010443Recording - Cisco
General availability of the new Cisco proxy based recording which allows recording Cisco endpoint connecting through Expressway and secure video calls. It also provides advanced features such as duplicate recording, announcement and fail-close operation.
RI-010592Recording - Cisco
New Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) integration which allows collecting UCCE specific metadata for recorded agent calls (agent ID, skill group number, campaign ID, call variables, etc.)
RI-009975Recording - Lync/SfB
New TCP relay option for SfB/Lync proxy based recording. It allows relaying and recording TCP based streams such as RDP, P2P file transfer through the Verba Proxy Server.
RI-010071Recording - Lync/SfB
New supported modalities for Lync/SfB recording: peer-to-peer file transfer. It allows recording/capturing files sent over P2P chat conversations.
RI-009947Solution - Ethical Wall
New chaperone feature for communication policies. Chaperones can participate in conversations in a ‘regulatory’ role so that their presence enables regulated users/groups (otherwise blocked) to communicate. - learn more
RI-010160Platform - Tools
New PowerShell Deployment Toolkit for deployment automation: install/uninstall and update servers, backup and restore local configuration, restore service settings, execute SQL scripts. - learn more
RI-010198Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Support for new communication platform: Intracom VCOM, using SIPREC interface - learn more
RI-010040Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
New CDR reconciliation for Cisco Unified Communication Manager - learn more

Known Critical Issues

First Affected
Resolved in
In case a large number (hundreds) of concurrent conference calls are active or there is a large number of participants (100+) in a single conference call, the SIP message queue on the SfB Front-End Server can significantly increase. This causes delays in call setup and other aspects of call control actions. As a result, users may experience a slow or unresponsive UI. The root cause of the issue is the Verba Lync/SfB Call Filter Service, running on the SfB FE Servers, which is not able to process the large number of SIP NOTIFY and BE-NOTIFY CONFERENCE messages in a timely manner.

Am I affected?
All version 8.9 or later Lync/SfB recording deployment using proxy based recording is affected. However, Mediation or AVMCU based recording deployments are not affected.

- Due to the large number of SIP BE-NOTIFY and NOTIFY MESSAGES, the Verba Lync/SfB Call Filter Service spends an increased amount of time with processing, causing an increase in the SIP message queues on the FE Servers, which can cause a delay in call setups and other call control actions. - As a result, users may experience a slow or unresponsive UI.

Until the issue is permanently resolved, the following temporary workaround is available: The AM script file for the Verba Lync/SfB Call Filter Service needs to be replaced to disable SIP NOTIFY/BE-NOTIFY CONFERENCE message processing in Verba. As a result, the above issue will be fixed, but the Verba system will no longer store conference participant information.

Critical Fixes

Fixed in
RI-010723Recording - Lync/SfB
The SfB/Lync Call Filter was treating all calls as recorded calls after a blind transfer, regardless of the recording rules (recorded extension configuration). This issue caused unnecessary relaying of not-recorded conversations over the Verba Proxy Server and SfB/Lync Edge Server. The system did not record these calls.

- the SfB/Lync Call Filter was treating all calls as recorded calls after a blind transfer, regardless of the recording rules (recorded extension configuration) - this caused unnecessary relaying of not-recorded conversations over the Verba Proxy Server and SfB/Lync Edge Server - the system does not record these type of calls, only relays them - due to unnecessary relaying not-recorded calls, the Verba Proxy Servers and SfB/Lync Servers might be overloaded causing call quality issues or in critical cases, loss of recording - all SfB/Lync recording deployments using proxy based recording are affected using 8.8 or later versions. - however, Mediation and AVMCU based SfB/Lync recording deployments are not affected.
If you are using the effected components, we recommend a software update.

Feature Improvements

Added in
Numerous security enhancements to eliminate various vulnerabilities
Password fields have autocomplete="off" attribute
TLSv1.2 is enforced for secure connections in internal communications
TLSv1.2 is enforced for secure connections in recorders for external communication
CNG crypto provider support has been implemented to support certificates stored in the Windows Certificate Store using the next generation crypto provider
RI-010006Recording - Proxy
Video streams are relayed only for video recording enabled users (previously it was a system-wide setting)
RI-009955Recording - Cisco
Support for Cisco Owner User IDs which allows assigning calls to users based on the Owner User ID (Agent ID field). It allows assigning shared line calls properly to users.
RI-010446Recording - Lync/SfB
The name of the conference participants (including the name provided by anonymous participants) in a Lync/SfB conference is now stored in the database and available on the user interface
RI-010582Recording - Lync/SfB
Competella Contact Center integration for SfB/Lync recording. The system recognizes the Competella calls with the right meta information and call directions.
RI-010608Recording - Lync/SfB
ComputerTalk ICE Lync Contact Center integration for SfB/Lync recording. The system recognizes the ComputerTalk calls with the right meta information and call directions.
RI-010622Recording - Lync/SfB
BlueJeans interoperability for proxy based SfB/Lync recording
RI-010646Recording - Lync/SfB
Altigen MaxUC contact center integration for SfB/Lync recording. The system recognizes the Altigen MaxUC calls with the right meta information and call directions.
RI-009689Recording - Avaya
Storing the Physical Device Name in From Info / To Info fields
RI-010555Recording - Avaya
Support for duplicate recording using Avaya DMCC Multiple Registration with one AES server (instead of two)
RI-009686UI - Web Interface
New Collect Configuration and Logs feature. It allows collecting local and central configuration related data such as service configuration, extension configuration, license information, AD sync profiles, etc, and log files.
RI-009853UI - Web Interface
New Agent View filter introduced which allows narrowing the displayed agent screens to agents on the call
RI-009863UI - Web Interface
Legacy export data retention policy has been removed (can be restored by registry setting)
RI-010000UI - Web Interface
Conversation Export Target Folder for the direct download option is configurable on the Media Repositories
RI-010108UI - Web Interface
New filter for Storage Policy and Labeling: Source Platform New CDR columns for Conversation Export: Source Platform, Conversation Type (Modality)
RI-010186UI - Web Interface
New Cisco Finesse gadget which displays ongoing conversations with on-demand keep, mute, start/stop features, and provides search and playback
RI-010444UI - Web Interface
New permission is introduced to define the scope of the agent view if the supervisor has the ability see idle screens too
RI-010458UI - Web Interface
New Alert Management to search, list and view alerts. New alert statuses: Active, Acknowledged, Cleared. Audit log (who, when, what): alert viewed, alert status changed, alert sent.
RI-010477UI - Web Interface
Playback / download multiple voice call recordings (call legs) as single audio file
RI-010600UI - Web Interface
Bulk User and Extension Update now supports updating Recorded Modalities, Recorded Directions and Calls Answered by 3rd Party
RI-010717UI - Web Interface
New option to select metadata fields for the CSV export on the Conversation Export page
RI-009655UI - Reporting
Empty reports now contain a message explaining that there is no result met the conditions
RI-009661UI - Reporting
New search criteria to filter for scorecard questions and responses for QM reports
RI-009864UI - Reporting
Audit Log Details report did not show the Query for Search events
RI-010136UI - Reporting
Support for seconds in time parameters on the reporting page (the "Fix date interval" calendar still does not support seconds)
RI-010512UI - Reporting
New system configuration reports: Server Configuration and Server Configuration with Profiles
RI-010014Solution - Ethical Wall
SfB /Lync communication policy related events for meetings are now stored in the audfit log
RI-010268Solution - Ethical Wall
Conference call notification target "A", "B" sends notifications to every participant that match the rule and are in the conference (except content policies such as redact and file filter). Conference call notifications ignore notification target "From Party", "To Party" checkboxes (except content policies such as redact and file filter).
RI-010269Solution - Ethical Wall
New conference notification target added: "Host"
RI-010355Solution - Ethical Wall
IM phrase filtering performance improved
RI-009656Solution - Quality Management
Input text size limitation is removed for the following fields: scorecard comment, scorecard text fields
RI-010549Solution - Quality Management
QA Text Box questions can be set to be mandatory, even depending on the previous question's answer.
RI-010770Solution - Quality Management
New checkbox under Advanced Search Options: Show Deactivated Projects
RI-010616Solution - Silent Monitoring
New phone based silent monitoring allowing monitoring calls using a phone. The feature can be invoked through the web application.
RI-009872Platform - Announcement
Multiple SfB/Lync announcement URIs can be configured to support multiple UCMA pools for failover and load balancing
RI-010029Platform - Announcement
Configurable music on hold audio file for outbound announcements
RI-010546Platform - Announcement
Configurable user agents to avoid playing announcements for SfB/Lync contact center calls
RI-010564Platform - Announcement
New announcement feature for Cisco inbound calls
RI-009862Platform - API
New HTTP Business API call: query if an extension is activated for Always-On recording
RI-010042Platform - API
New HTTP Business API Call: MuteRecording
RI-010207Platform - API
Search Calls API call can be used to get instant messages along with the conversation details by adding returnIM=1 parameter
RI-010208Platform - API
SearchCalls HTTP API can be used to filter based on metadata values (example: meta=Default:Phone XML List=Item1), also, metadata can be listed by adding returnMetadata=1 parameter
RI-009876Platform - Database
ODBC Driver 13.1 for SQL Server is now verified and tested, and included in the installer kit
RI-010814Platform - Monitoring
The system uses unique Windows Event Log IDs for Verba events, previously it was using a single ID for all types of events
RI-010087Platform - Storage Management
SMTP template hint updated with new available fields: Duration in Minutes, Modality, Modality id, Policy Name, Number of Messages, Number of Participants. Also added modality filters to be able to print values only when the attachment is for example IM or voice or video or desktop screen or app share.
RI-010105Platform - Storage Management
New SMTP template added for Global Relay export
RI-010740Platform - Storage Management
Support for S3 compatible APIs (e.g. Caringo) using AWS Authorization Header v2 (instead of v4)
RI-009836Installer - Servers
SQL Server connection is no longer required (optional) for Media Collector and Lync Filter, Media Collector and Proxy Server, Speech Analytics Server, Desktop Recorder, Announcement Server, and Lync Filter server roles
RI-010464Platform - Labeling
New permission settings - 'Use', 'Use and Create' - added to Manual Labeling


Fixed in
Installer logs contained passwords in clear text in certain cases
RI-010839Recording - Proxy
PSTN inbound calls to a Cisco huntgroup was not recorded using the Cisco Proxy based recording solution
RI-009679Recording - Cisco
When JTAPI information is not available, then the system uses the recorded extension's last known Partition information
RI-009815Recording - Cisco
Issue in Cisco XCC/WSAPI based gateway recording generated false connection alerts
RI-009888Recording - Cisco
False "Cannot update call on media recorder" alerts were sent for very short calls (< 1 sec)
RI-010122Recording - Cisco
The recorder service might crash using Cisco gateway based recording (WSAPI/XCC) when the recorded call was initiated from an analogue port
RI-010411Recording - Cisco
Phone based silent monitoring was not working when the supervisor was in different partition than the monitored agent
RI-010481Recording - Cisco
Cisco JTAPI Service did not write modality information into the database
RI-010827Recording - Cisco
Mute XML Phone Service did not work with MAC Address parameter
RI-010857Recording - Cisco
The system did not capture the video streams for Cisco DX series video endpoints when forward error correction was used
RI-009820Recording - Cisco IM
Maintenance mode did not work and the Cisco IM&P connections could not be restored
RI-010173Recording - Cisco IM
Group chat legs were not assigned to the recorded user in the database
RI-010829Recording - Cisco IM
The Verba Cisco Compliance Service did not take the extension configuration into account when there was no extension configured with IM modality, and started to capture all IM conversations
RI-009792Recording - Lync/SfB
SfB/Lync mobile calls were not recorded when the mobile phone was connected to the Internet on 4G networks and the provider was using NAT
RI-009843Recording - Lync/SfB
The direction of SfB/Lync RGS conversations were not stored properly in case of multiple Verba proxy servers
RI-009896Recording - Lync/SfB
SfB/Lync app and screen share streams were not established when announcement was configured for the recorded user with announcement configured
RI-010236Recording - Lync/SfB
One way audio recording with O365 hosted conference calls when recorded SfB 2016 clients (on-prem) join
RI-010593Recording - Lync/SfB
SfB/Lync file transfer and content import recordings were not decrypted before downloading
RI-010623Recording - Lync/SfB
Multiple announcements were triggered when there was no online proxy server available for SfB/Lync recording
RI-010684Recording - Lync/SfB
Incorrect direction was set (based on pattern) in case of incoming calls from PBXs connected to the SfB/Lync environment
RI-010711Recording - Lync/SfB
The system did not recognize re-invites when the SfB/Lync system was connected to other PBXs (e.g. Avaya) via SIP trunk and retargeted the re-invites for announcement
RI-010742Recording - Lync/SfB
After a network issue, the Verba Front-End Filter Service was not able to properly identify the connection status and tried to send SIP messages to the Verba Proxy Service while the connection was not active. This resulted in increased SIP queue size and slower call setup. Keep-Alive mechanism and connection failover are improved in the Verba Front-End Call Filter Service.
RI-010743Recording - Lync/SfB
Meta information was updated with wrong information for SfB/Lync calls in case of certain character patterns in the conversation subject. New configurations added to the Verba Passive Recorder Service and the Verba Media Collector & Proxy Service to explicitly enable or disable SfB/Lync contact center integrations.
RI-010765Recording - Lync/SfB IM
Invalid CDR XMLs were created for SfB/Lync recordings which caused storage upload policy failure
RI-010824Recording - Lync/SfB IM
The Verba SfB/Lync IM Filter Service was not able to connect to the Verba SfB/Lync IM Recorder Service due to TLS 1.2 enforcement issue
RI-009676Recording - Avaya
When a call was ringing out and put on hold then resumed, the CDR information was missing the other party number
RI-010596Recording - Avaya
Avaya ServerConnectionDown events were triggering complete re-initialization, even if it was not necessary
RI-009850Recording - Desktop
Primary screen might not be identified properly, and instead of the secondary or both were included in agent view/real-time monitoring
RI-010455Recording - Desktop
Capture agent now tries to reconnect in case of recorder connection failure before considering failed connection (and so stopping screen recording)
RI-010470Recording - Desktop
When the connection between the screen capturing agent and the recorder was lost, and screen capturing stopped, the separate conversation entry in the database had invalid end time value
RI-010513Recording - Desktop
When the connection between the screen capturing agent and the recorder was lost, the multiplexer generated invalid filename for the multiplexed file
RI-010514Recording - Desktop
Screen recording was triggered not just by voice/video but file and application/screen share recording sessions as well
RI-010821Recording - SIPRec
ACME SIPREC: no media received if SBC initiated the sessions with inactive streams then changed them active
RI-009685UI - Web Interface
Agent View Scope permissions were in the wrong precedence order ('On the phone' screen only, 'On the phone' and idle screens)
RI-009729UI - Web Interface
"Number of wrong logins" were not reset after a successful login
RI-009731UI - Web Interface
Publishing Server users were unable to log in to the Publishing Server
RI-009736UI - Web Interface
Filtering for Custom User Attributes did not work on Users List screen
RI-009752UI - Web Interface
Name and Auto-Approve filters did not work on Workflows List
RI-009757UI - Web Interface
New Case with Legal Hold enabled could not be created
RI-009765UI - Web Interface
Download did not work on View Shared Items screen
RI-009847UI - Web Interface
Shared Items screen filters did not work
RI-009854UI - Web Interface
Agent View: Improved handling of desktop agent registration. When the desktop agent is registering again then the web application is not clearing the current image store for the agent.
RI-009940UI - Web Interface
Password change did not work when "Passwords History Count" was set to a value greater than zero
RI-009971UI - Web Interface
In a Multi-Tenant Environment, Database Purging worked on the root tenant only
RI-010030UI - Web Interface
Storage Target and Verba Server usage charts did not work with IE
RI-010129UI - Web Interface
When the user tried to create a Role with a name that was already used by another Role, an error page was shown
RI-010451UI - Web Interface
Viewer/Player disappeared after manually transcoding a recording sfB/Lync screen/application share recording (RDP) to MP4
RI-010462UI - Web Interface
Active Directory synchronization error was not available on the web interface when some users were successfully synchronized
RI-010471UI - Web Interface
On the Communication Policy details screen, if one clicked very fast on the checkbox to select a modality (turn on blocking) and then unselect it, then the selection disappeared
RI-010472UI - Web Interface
The QM icon appeared on the search interface (to add a conversation to a project) even if the customer did not have QM licenses
RI-010474UI - Web Interface
In case of error in Verba Viewer/Player, the whole page had to be refreshed
RI-010531UI - Web Interface
List filter disappeared on refresh on the Ongoing Conversations page
RI-010559UI - Web Interface
Agent View idle screens were displayed when Group or Grid size setting were changed
RI-010561UI - Web Interface
Changing the playback speed did not work after pause in Internet Explorer
RI-010605UI - Web Interface
The application generated duplicate Playback events due to a Chrome browser bug
RI-010624UI - Web Interface
An error occurred when a non-supervisor user tried to filter for Conversation Identifier
RI-010627UI - Web Interface
Silent Monitoring did not work without play permission
RI-010730UI - Web Interface
Apply extension configuration was not triggered automatically after a new Verba Announcement Server registration
RI-010755UI - Web Interface
Group Membership administration sometimes did not work because a SQL Server bug (DATETIME values cannot be filtered with an exact time)
RI-010760UI - Web Interface
Users without download permission (but with play) were able to download conversations with the multiple selection feature.
RI-010769UI - Web Interface
Location change history always showed 0 items when was opened from the location details screen "View Change History"
RI-010806UI - Web Interface
Two Active Directory synchronization profiles could start simultaneously in case of SQL connection issues and could invalidate users
RI-010828UI - Web Interface
If the user had Preview Conversation right but did not have Download right, then the user cannot playback at all
RI-010830UI - Web Interface
When a user data contained a newline character, the CSV user export created an invalid CSV file
RI-010843UI - Web Interface
Query description for Search audit log entries for boolean values generated an invalid XHTML
RI-009680UI - Reporting
CDR Reconciliation Summary and Users CDR Reconciliation Summary reports were showing incorrect data when there were extensions not assigned to users
RI-009703UI - Reporting
Users CDR Reconciliation Summary report was showing months in wrong order
RI-009800UI - Reporting
Reports were showing incorrect direction values for the new directions
RI-009839UI - Reporting
Reporting did not work when "Past" or "Previous" text inputs did not contain a valid number
RI-009931UI - Reporting
False email sending failures were displayed on the reporting page when there were previous errors
RI-009978UI - Reporting
Not Recorded and Incorrect Conversation Details report did not show calls with End Cause is Unobtainable
RI-010121UI - Reporting
Scorecard Calibration Details report did not work when text fields were added to scorecards
RI-010478UI - Reporting
Simultaneous Calls Trend report did not work
RI-010507UI - Reporting
Ethical wall report issues resolved: - No data displayed in the Content Policy Summary report - Content Policy Details report did not show which communication and content policies were fired - Session Blocking Summary report showed incorrect information on the chart - Users Content Policy Summary report did not show all of the users and showed incorrect data - Users Session Blocking Summary report showed incorrect information on the chart
RI-010552UI - Reporting
An error in the direction handling script caused infinite loop then an exception
RI-010578UI - Reporting
Investigator group permission was missing in the Users Roles Permissions and Groups Report
RI-010579UI - Reporting
Certain fields were split and truncated over a certain size depending on the available length of the fields
RI-010632UI - Reporting
Agents Evaluation Details report did not show text and numeric questions
RI-010650UI - Reporting
Agents Call Activity Summary report failed when the call end time field was set to 1900-01-01 due to recording error
RI-009949Solution - Ethical Wall
The system was unable to subscribe to events in case of CUPS 9.x
RI-010382Solution - Ethical Wall
Content Filter for File was using OR logic between the filename regexp match condition and the allowed maximum file condition, now it uses AND operator. OR logic can be achieved by creating multiple content filters.
RI-010750Solution - Ethical Wall
Communication Policies were not applied automatically after Active Directory synchronization
RI-009918Solution - Quality Management
# of calls displayed the wrong number in the QM module
RI-010548Solution - Quality Management
QA scores counted text fields too if they contained numbers
RI-010566Solution - Quality Management
Quality Management / Show Evaluations page was displaying evaluations which were not assigned to the evaluator
RI-010586Solution - Quality Management
QM project update did not work after the project was started
RI-010587Platform - Announcement
Incoming SfB/Lync announcement did not support the call direction pattern
RI-010610Platform - Announcement
Announcement service might invite participants to an IM conference which is not yet setup completely. It caused unwanted errors in SfB/Lync reports, there was no impact on user experience.
RI-010841Platform - Announcement
Using the Cisco inbound announcement, when a CURRI request arrived for a non-configured extension number, the system did not send a response to the CUCM
RI-009924Platform - API
NullPointerException was thrown when SearchCalls API call was used without a user
RI-009925Platform - API
HTTP Business API's HTML and JSON formats did not work properly when additional information had to be returned (metadata, instant messages, etc.)
RI-009926Platform - API
meta_relation parameter did not work in GWT Direct Call Search and HTTP Business API
RI-009927Platform - API
Error was thrown when multiple metadata filters were specified in GWT Direct Call Search and HTTP Business API
RI-010209Platform - API
Metadata field's relation combo box was not selected properly when the user used the Direct Search URL feature with meta field values.
RI-010749Platform - API
Newlines were not escaped properly in the HTTP Business API JSON response
RI-010259Platform - Database
SQL Server multi-subnet failover setting was not applied properly using the ODBC 13.1 driver
RI-010249Platform - Media Processing
Bad voice quality due to Silk decoding issue during silent monitoring and video call playback (recording was not affected)
RI-010585Platform - Media Processing
MP4 multiplexing did not work for video calls longer than 15 minutes
RI-010860Platform - Media Processing
VMF playback did not work for specific resolutions
RI-010516Platform - Monitoring
The system monitor service couldn't refresh the SfB/Lync Announcement Service counters
RI-010522Platform - Monitoring
The Verba SfB/Lync Call Filter, the Verba SfB/Lync IM Filter and the Verba SfB/Lync Communication Policy services were using incorrect alert types in case of connectivity issues
RI-010818Platform - Monitoring
Alerts longer than 4000 characters could not be inserted into the database
RI-009710Platform - Storage Management
Video files were kept and the modality of the recording showed video when transcoding video recordings to audio recordings
RI-009717Platform - Storage Management
Background task total counter was maximized at 1000 (batch size) showing inaccurate status information
RI-009720Platform - Storage Management
WORM storage target cache for playback was not properly updated on configuration changes and required service restart to take the new settings into account
RI-009748Platform - Storage Management
Recordings without media file were not handled properly and generated alerts and error log entries
RI-009801Platform - Storage Management
Issue with directory listing for network folders (SMB) might cause significant delay in file operations
RI-009805Platform - Storage Management
Storage Management service crashed when recordings without media files were in the WORM cache
RI-009808Platform - Storage Management
Transcoding process could not find the related voice call for application/screen share recording when the not recorded party initiated the voice session and the recorded party started the share session (or vice versa)
RI-010251Platform - Storage Management
When there are multiple CA certificates in the Windows Certificate Store, the certificates used by the system were only validated against the first matching CA certificate and this might cause that the certificate was considered invalid
RI-010489Platform - Storage Management
Transcoding of SfB/Lync screen/application share recordings (RDP) did not work when encryption was enabled
RI-010576Platform - Storage Management
Storage Management service might crash if RDP based application share transcoding session is terminated prematurely (because of error during processing or application exit)
RI-010577Platform - Storage Management
If preceding transcoding policy processing fails for an application share conversation, due to waiting for voice part, the current policy is still processed
RI-010584Platform - Storage Management
When a video transcoding job is canceled (service stop), the service closed the transcoding as a successful job
RI-010606Platform - Storage Management
The increase retention time storage policy did not update the retention time property in the Verba database accordingly (the field on the storage platform was updated properly)
RI-010739Platform - Storage Management
Upload policy did not work when the source and destination was EMC Centera, O365 Compliance Archive or SMTP.
RI-010783Platform - Storage Management
In some rare cases, encryption failed and the upload process was not able to upload the recordings
RI-010799Platform - Storage Management
The increase retention time policy did not update the retention period filed in the database in case of archived conversations
RI-010804Platform - Storage Management
During the execution of the storage policies, the service did not properly recognize the result of the operation which led to inconsistency in the database. Reported retention policies affected by the issue: Move, Upload.
RI-010807Platform - Storage Management
Playback and export did not work for conversations retrieved from EMC Centera
RI-010192Recording - Unified Call Recorder
SIPREC: video call recording was not working properly
RI-010607Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Shared recorder/remote Verba related SQL files are now written to the right folder
RI-010545Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
Certain fields were not properly truncated during the CDR reconciliation process, led to SQL error
RI-009688Recording - Speakerbus
Speakerbus 5th channel address was not parsed properly in heartbeat messages, recording was lost for the 5th channel in case of recovery mode

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