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Verba 9.5 Release Notes (build

This document lists new features and fixes released in Verba 9.5 Release Notes (build

Release highlights

RI-019470Recording - Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams recording integration: - Voice, video and screen/app share recording - Integration with the official Compliance Recording API (using recorder bots) - Support for all types of Teams endpoints and call scenarios - Deployment architectures for Azure and hybrid or on-prem deployments - Available for lab or PoC deployments only at the moment: Microsoft Teams Recording capabilities are contingent on the general availability of the Microsoft Teams Calling API
RI-019071Recording - Symphony
Symphony voice call recording integration: - SIPREC based integration with Symphony Recording Bridge - Secure RTP - Opus audio codec support - Support for 2N recording - Support for user location-based recording stream redirection

Known Critical Issues

There are no known issues in this build.

Critical Fixes

There are no new critical fixes in this build.

Feature Improvements

Added in
OpenSSL library is updated to the latest v1.1.1d
Server security configuration to enable or disable TLS versions now works for Java services too
RI-018978Recording - Cisco IM
Connection up and down alerts added when IM&P server connects and disconnects to and from the Compliance service.
RI-018966Recording - Avaya
Deduplication for Avaya 2N recording
RI-018981Recording - Avaya
Recording tone generation for recorded calls (requires AES and CM 6.3 or later)
RI-018982Recording - Avaya
Secondary Recording Server option added to the Avaya DMCC Service
RI-018989Recording - Avaya
Avaya ESBC (Enterprise Session Border Controller) recording support added using SIPREC
RI-018923Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Absolute / Discrete call splitting time (5, 10, 15, 20, 60 minutes) in addition to relative to improve deduplication and make search more user-friendly
RI-018931Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Call splitting timers are only applied on non-handset calls: - IPC Unigy: based on device information - BT IPTrade turret based recording: based on device information - BT IPTrade TPO based recording: based on call type information (DDI and intercom calls are treated as handset calls) - BT ITS: based on device information
RI-019534Recording - IPTrade
New Force Recording Media On Director setting which overrides the Media Recorder selection and prevents mid-call failover to a remote Media Recorder for IP Trade calls
RI-018922Recording - BT ITS
New alert for BT ITS IPSI TTP packet loss with configurable threshold
RI-019507Recording - BT ITS
Support for 2 and 6 ms voice framing added to BT IT ITS / IPSI recording
RI-019584Recording - IPC
In the case of IPC Unigy CCM failover and agent/CDR refresh failure with error code 503, the system does not try to reestablish the recording sessions, it waits until the other CCM becomes active
RI-018934UI - Web Interface
Export Audit Log entry now contains the export filter criteria, and a link to show the list of exported conversation records
RI-018944UI - Web Interface
Full text search improvements: - Search for phrases (multiple words) - Search for exact phrases or words - Ability to use * for prefix terms
RI-018963UI - Web Interface
Private and Important filters have been moved to the Advanced Criteria section
RI-019001UI - Web Interface
Several improvements for Audit Log: - Object Name, Object Type, Object ID are standard across all events (where applicable) - Exported calls can now be tracked in the audit log the same way as downloaded records - Numerous minor improvements for consistent information across the events
RI-019055UI - Web Interface
New single user column, displayed by default (instead of From Verba, To Verba)
RI-019061UI - Web Interface
Playback reason is extended to conversation view (IM, SMS) and download
RI-019120UI - Web Interface
New Audi Log Events for applying new or updated configurations on servers (e.g. Apply Extension Configuration, Apply Encryption Key Configuration, Restart Service, etc.)
RI-019147UI - Web Interface
Apache Tomcat version is upgraded to 9.0.27
RI-019184UI - Web Interface
The Web-based UI can be embedded in Microsoft Teams tabs
RI-019259UI - Web Interface
When deleting export jobs, users can decide if they want to keep the exported calls or not
RI-019364UI - Web Interface
Marker option added to Text Search so that multiple markers can be searched (All of these, Any of these, None of these)
RI-019504UI - Web Interface
New Conversation List Layout configuration window which includes filtering, categories and improved usability
RI-019583UI - Web Interface
Search and export improvements in CDR-Only record handling. CDR-Only records without related media are automatically excluded from search (new filter options are available).
RI-018976UI - Reporting
Conversation Access Event Details (previously Call Playback Event Details) now includes all access events: Playback, Download, View, Export
RI-019330UI - Reporting
Generated reports can be saved on network drive (w/ custom credentials)
RI-020018UI - Reporting
Recorded User is added to the Conversation Access Event Details report
RI-019655Solution - Ethical Wall
Skype for Business 'Call me in' scenarios are evaluated as the user's sip:uri who requested the call me in. It allows the user to use any number for 'Call me in'.
RI-018971Platform - Announcement
Announcement whitelist takes only the external party into account, which makes the definition of the whitelist matching pattern easier
RI-019208Platform - Configuration
New role in the system, called Hub. Hub allows using sites across multiple VFC instances: - Recording Servers can redirect recording streams across multiple VFC instances (regions with separate VFC deployments) - Instances are registered in the Hub - Site information with associated recorded extensions (line/URI/User ID) and servers are shared across all registered extensions - Application Servers (Media Repository) in the instances initiating the connection and the configuration update to the Hub and then the Hub distributes the new configuration to all instances
RI-019345Platform - Configuration
Site configuration: - Sites link users (their recorded lines/URIs/User IDs) and servers together to configure a preference for the location of the recording - Sites can be organized into site groups, e.g. 2 data centers in a city/country - Recording Servers can understand site/location information for regulated/recorded users and can redirect recording streams to another server configured for the site which the user belongs to - Supported integrations: Symphony (using SIP 300 REDIRECT to route the SIP INVITE to the preferred Recording Server)
RI-019998Platform - Configuration
Secure SIP port certificates are now validated at service startup
RI-018933Platform - Database
For improved database performance, the system no longer lookups related conversations automatically, only on user request
RI-019099Platform - Database
New built-in Verba System account which is assigned to data entries, audit logs, etc. Users are not able to login with this account.
RI-018988Platform - Media Processing
Voice Activity Detection (VAD) and Automatic Gain Control (AGC) are improved to handle line noise better
RI-019080Platform - Monitoring
Adding a new Alert View to the SCOM MP, for the alerts with a state greater than or equal 254
RI-019085Platform - Monitoring
Change the Alert View in SCOM to filter to a whole range instead of specific states
RI-019635Platform - Monitoring
SCOM updated with BT ITS specific alerts
RI-018967Platform - Storage Management
Network shares with custom credentials can be defined for Export and Download as ZIP File (previously called Direct Download) exports
RI-019230Platform - Storage Management
Users can define which Media Repository Server should execute the export. It allows better alignment with the geographical locations of the export targets.
RI-019499Platform - Storage Management
CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) header support added to DELL EMC Isilon SmartLock integration
RI-019365Platform - Labeling
Automatic labels can be set up based on markers (e.g. markers can store DTMF information)


Fixed in
RI-019525Recording - Cisco
Cisco network-based recording with JTAPI integration: conversations had not been inserted into the database or got stuck ongoing in very rare cases
RI-019630Recording - Cisco
Cisco JTAPI call details were not added to the Barger party's recording in case of Barge calls (Called information and Agent/User ID)
RI-020004Recording - Cisco
Cisco Unity voice mail calls were not recorded due SCCP protocol changes
RI-020013Recording - Cisco
Cisco JTAPI service did not associate conference participants with users
RI-019606Recording - Lync/SfB
Skype for Business calls to Azure Voice Mail did not work when the SfB user was configured for proxy-based recording
RI-019501Recording - Avaya
Avaya DMCC Service tried the next (backup) CM when got "Access code invalid" error during extension registration
RI-019024Recording - Centile
Centile connector service did not insert new database fields such as file size, modality, etc.
RI-018915Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Markers overlapping segmented calls were stored inaccurately
RI-018938Recording - Unified Call Recorder
In case of terminating the recording with call timeout (no call end event received, not trader voice recording), the end time of the record was the time of timeout occurred instead of the last media received
RI-018965Recording - IPTrade
If CDR was updated with the same caller/callee number/URI then a possible display name/line label change was skipped and not reflected in the CDR
RI-018964Recording - BT ITS
BT ITS trader name metadata was not properly looked up if the trader was configured with extended trader ID and it did not match the legacy ID and provisioning source was TMS file
RI-019631Recording - BT ITS
If BT ITS TTP staggering time for a given TTP was longer than TTP initialization timeout, recorder considered TTP as failed for a short period of time. This resulted in a false TTP Down alert and in the case of dynamic load balancing of TTPs, it could trigger a Media Recorder failover unnecessarily
RI-019004Recording - IPC
The Line Description and the Direction fields were missing from the IPC Unigy Metadata Template in case of some specific upgrade paths
RI-019571Recording - IPC
Media recording could stop when there was a Media Recorder failure at the same time when there was a new media session establishment
RI-019963Recording - IPC
IPC Unigy CTI connection up (Recording Provider Up) alert was sent out with wrong alert type (Recording Provider Down)
RI-020002Recording - IPC
Unified Call Recorder Service could not be started in rare cases after server power failure due to corrupted local SQL cache
RI-018929UI - Web Interface
Group Membership Primary flag was reset to the Default group when the administrator could not see the Primary checkbox (because of the HideFeatures setting)
RI-019550UI - Web Interface
Azure AD and ADFS SSO did not work when the web application was behind a load balancer because the wrong Redirect URI was sent to the SSO server
RI-019654Solution - Ethical Wall
Skype for Business DataShare in conferences (whiteboard, PPT share, polls, Q&A, etc.) was evaluated improperly which resulted in allowing these scenarios if the DataShare session policy configured with IM allow policy.
RI-019656Solution - Ethical Wall
Evaluation of the phone numbers changed to use the numbers without the domain part. When it was using the numbers with the domain-part, it didn't match any phone number based ethical wall rules e.g.: phone number as a conference participant, PSTN calls, phone number as simring.
RI-018959Platform - API
AttachMetaData API call returned affected rows = 0 when there was no metadata attached to the call yet
RI-019976Platform - API
GetMediaEncoded API call did not take the format parameter into account and always returned WAVE files
RI-018958Platform - Configuration
If User and Group Full DN information contained special characters, the users were continuously activated and deactivated by Active Directory Synchronization
RI-019144Platform - Configuration
Service reread failure after a Refresh Extension Configuration or an Apply Communication Policy Configuration tasks were not displayed and considered as errors
RI-019989Platform - Database
The update-for-9.4.sql script threw an error under certain circumstances when there were calls marked as Private
RI-020006Platform - Database
Database connection error handling improved to reduce unnecessary alerts
RI-019511Platform - Media Processing
Storage Service and/or Media Codec could crash when mixing video in specific layouts
RI-019512Platform - Media Processing
If mobile video recording changes the aspect ratio (landscape/portrait, mobile is rotated 90 degrees), the video layout did not adapt to it and distorted the picture
RI-019536Platform - Media Processing
Media records stuck in ongoing state could prevent users to playback calls referencing the media channel
RI-019613Platform - Media Processing
Transcoding for desktop screen capture did not work when the total resolution if the screens were higher than 2048x2048 pixel
RI-018951Platform - Storage Management
Export did not work for Bloomberg voice
RI-019059Platform - Storage Management
The number of maximum files for media stitching was limited to 512, it is unlimited from now on
RI-019368Platform - Storage Management
The Encrypt and Sign policy tried to re-encrypt the files which were already encrypted when a new certificate was selected
RI-019605Platform - Storage Management
EMC Isilon SmartLock secure API connection did not work
RI-019967Platform - Storage Management
Exporting instant messages in a multitenant environment (when the transcript file was not available on the storage) resulted in an incorrect output path
RI-019987Platform - Storage Management
The upload policies in a multitenant environment do not take into account the tenant EID if the policy did not contain filters
RI-019992Platform - Storage Management
Player based video transcoding did not work on SMB shares with custom credentials
RI-020016Platform - Storage Management
Playback did not work in some cases for imported calls from a Verint WFO system when the medial files (TAR) were archived on EMC Centera
RI-019517Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
Cisco CDR Column Filters configuration did not work for Cisco CDR reconciliation
RI-019524Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
Cisco CDR reconciliation could not filter out calls on shared lines which were handled by non-recorded users

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