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Verba 8.7 Release Notes (build 8.7.4902.0)

This document lists new features and fixes released in Verba 8.7 Release Notes (build 8.7.4902.0).

Release Date2016-05-03
Previous8.6 (build 8.6.4831.0)
Next8.8 (build 8.8.4995.0)

Release highlights

RI-008082Recording - Cisco
The new Unified Call Recorder is now able to handle Cisco JTAPI failover and call healing/restoring for interrupted recordings after service crash.
RI-007905Recording - Avaya
New Avaya recording service based on the Unified Call Recording service providing enhanced recording capabilities such as the ability to record encrypted streams, secure connection with the Avaya AES servers, enhanced meta information for complex call scenarios, load balancing and failover, storing DNIS, and more.
RI-007729UI - Web Interface
New bulk user and extension update tool - learn more
RI-007744Platform - Storage Management
New EMC Centera integration added as a new storage target supporting WORM features - learn more
RI-007976Platform - Storage Management
New Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) integration added as a storage target stsupporting WORM features - learn more

Known Critical Issues

First Affected
Resolved in 8.7.4831.0
Recording failure due to new, unsupported RTP header extension in latest Skype for Business 2016 clients.

Am I affected?
Affects all Skype for Business 2016 P2P calls between UCCAPI/16.0.6741.5270 OC/16.0.6741.2021 or newer clients

- media stream processing error causes recording failure due to a new RTP header extension - more information is expected on other affected call scenarios and client/server versions - affects all Verba releases with all types of SfB/Lync recording deployments

- currently there are no known workarounds
Resolved in 8.8.4874.0
Siren7 decoding problem is causing garbled decoding of voice in certain cases.

Am I affected?
All Lync/SfB recording deployments are affected.

- Intermittently causes garbled voice recording when Siren7 voice codec is used for the call - The recording quality is varying for the garbled recordings, from light impact to severe degradation of quality - Siren7 voice codec is mainly used for Lync 2010 Windows endpoints and Skype for Business 2015 IOS/Android devices when network is degraded - Siren7 voice codec is also used for Lync 2010/2013 and Skype for Business 2015 meetings during poor network conditions

- currently there are no known workarounds
Resolved in 8.8.4966.0
In a HA deployment, when multiple Verba Recording Servers are configured, then if the network connection goes down on any of the Verba Recording Servers, all IM communication stops as some of the Cisco IM&P Servers will not be able to establish the connection to another Verba Recording Server, causing all IM to stop. Cisco IM&P Servers are not able to reconnect to the Verba Recording Server after the connection is broken.

Am I affected?
All Verba deployments configured for Cisco IM recording or ethical wall are affected where multiple Verba Recording Servers are deployed in a failover configuration. All Cisco IM&P versions are affected.

- Recording/Compliance server failover does not work, the Cisco IM&P Server is not able to properly detect Verba Recording Server network failures - All IM communication is blocked by the Cisco IM&P Servers (compliance mode) if Fire&Forget is disabled

Cisco has fixed the issue and released an updated library. Now the library correctly handles OS level TCP keep alive. In addition to replacing the library, two registry entries are required under HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters: KeepAliveTime=10 and KeepAliveInterval=5000. A server restart is required for the new settings to take effect.
Resolved in 8.9.5075.0
Lync / Skype for Business IM conversations might not be recorded after recording and processing 10,000 RTF based messages.

Am I affected?
All Lync / Skype for Business IM recording deployments are affected. This issue affects IM conversations which are using the RTF format. Lync 2013 or newer desktop clients are using the RTF format for P2P IM conversation when both participants are using a desktop client. Conferences, mobile, and consumer Skype conversations are not affected by this issue.

- When the instant message is transmitted using the RTF format, the Verba Lync / SfB IM Filter application (on the FE servers) can use all available Window handles due to the improper deallocation of the RTF parser. - The service stops processing RTF based instant messages after approx. 10,000 RTF messages (after all Windows handles are consumed) - No alert or notification sent when the issue occurs

- The RTF message format can be disabled by a client policy, for more information see, DisableRTFIM
Resolved in
In case an invalid regular expression is used for internal number patterns, calls are not recorded.

Am I affected?
All version 7.x or later recording deployments where the Verba Passive Recorder Service, the Verba Media Collector and Proxy Service and the Verba Unified Call Recorder Service are used for recording could be affected.

Calls are not recorded by the related service when an invalid regular expression is applied for one of the following settings: - Passive Recorder \ Basics \ Internal Number Pattern - Media Collector and Proxy \ General \ Internal Domain, Numbers Pattern - Unified Call Recorder \ Recording Providers \ General \ Internal Domain, Numbers Pattern The system uses these configuration settings to identify the direction of recorded calls. The affected services do not raise an alarm, except the Verba Unified Call Recorder Service which will send a CallProcessing alert.

Remove any invalid regular expressions from the following configuration settings: - Passive Recorder \ Basics \ Internal Number Pattern - Media Collector and Proxy \ General \ Internal Domain, Numbers Pattern - Unified Call Recorder \ Recording Providers \ General \ Internal Domain, Numbers Pattern An online regexp validator is available to verify regexp patterns at Enter the regexp value in the input box, then press the Test button to verify the expression.
Resolved in
Certain calls between Skype for Business and Teams or Azure VoiceMail cannot be recorded

Am I affected?
All Sykpe for Business recording installations are affected where the recorded users can call Teams users or place voicemail messages in Azure VoiceMail.

Certain Skype for Business calls cannot be recorded when a recorded Skype for Business user is calling a Teams user and one of the participants is outside of the corporate network, or a recorded Skype for Business user is placing an Azure VoiceMail message. This limitation is caused by the new call setup procedure, and specifically in ICE negotiation, introduced in Teams and Azure VoiceMail, which prevents the recording system to redirect and force the calls to the Skype for Business Edge Server where the Media collector can fork the related media streams. Since the system is not able to capture the media streams related to these calls, these calls are not recorded. No alerts are raised unless CDR reconciliation is enabled.

Currently there is no workaround other than disabling Teams or Azure VM calling entirely for the recorded users. We are actively working on implementing a new solution which extends the capabilities of the Proxy Server to be able to relay these type of calls too. It requires a major change in the architecture by allowing the Proxy Server to relay calls with external participants through a public interface. It also means that that calls which are currently routed through the Skype for Business Edge Server and forked by the Media Collector Service will be routed through the Proxy Servers that same way as calls with internal or PSTN participants. We are currently targeting July 2020 with the enhanced version of the Proxy Server.
Resolved in 8.8.4974.0
Lync/SfB Front-End service restart can cause the failure of the Verba SfB/Lync Call Filter, the Verba SfB/Lync IM Filter and the Verba SfB/Lync Communication Policy service. After the FE service restart, these Verba services will not process SIP messages anymore until restarting the affected Verba services.

Am I affected?
All Verba version 8.5 and later deployments are affected where SfB/Lync recording or ethical wall is used.

- Conversation recording will not work after the Front-End service restart on the affected SfB/Lync server - Communication policies (ethical wall) will not work after the Front-End service restart on the affected SfB/Lync server

Restarting the affected Verba services resolves the issue. Until upgrading to a Verba version where the issue is resolved, it is advised to update operational procedures with the following: Restart the Verba SfB/Lync Call Filter, Verba SfB/Lync IM Filter and Verba SfB/Lync Communication Policy services after restarting the Front-End service.

Critical Fixes

Fixed in
RI-008149Recording - Lync/SfB
Recording failure due to new, unsupported RTP header extension in latest Skype for Business 2016 clients.

- media stream processing error caused recording failure due to the new header extension - affects Skype for Business 2016 P2P calls between UCCAPI/16.0.6741.5270 OC/16.0.6741.2021 or newer clients - more information is expected on other affected call scenarios and client/server versions - affects all Verba releases with all types of SfB/Lync recording deployments
RI-009402Platform - Media Processing
Siren7 decoding problem is fixed. This issue causes garbled decoding in certain cases.

- Intermittently causes garbled voice recording when Siren7 voice codec is used for the call - The recording quality is varying for the garbled recordings, from light impact to severe degradation of quality - Siren7 voice codec is mainly used for Lync 2010 Windows endpoints and Skype for Business 2015 IOS/Android devices when network is degraded - Siren7 voice codec is also used for Lync 2010/2013 and Skype for Business 2015 meetings during poor network conditions
If you are using the effected components, we recommend a software update.

Feature Improvements

Added in
RI-007885Recording - Cisco
Storing participating device IDs improved.
RI-007821Recording - Lync/SfB
New alert notification is sent by the SfB/Lync Call Filter when the proxy configuration is missing or invalid.
RI-007992Recording - Lync/SfB
Contact center UCMA calls can be merged now properly to get rid of extra legs in case of B2B calls (should be enabled explicitly, might lead to reconciliation errors).
RI-008033Recording - Lync/SfB
SfB/Lync Call Filter support audio/video call blocking in case of Media Collector failure on the Edge servers.
RI-007964Recording - Lync/SfB IM
Default Message Timeout increased from 5 minutes to 1 hour in the SfB/Lync IM Filter.
RI-007989Recording - Avaya
Enhanced meta information for Call Park and Bridged Appearance scenarios
RI-008125Recording - Avaya
Start recording on MediaStarted event if the TSAPI service is down
RI-009296Recording - Avaya
Removing and re-adding listeners when an extension is successfully re-registered to the AES
RI-008130Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Media inactivity can now trigger alerts
RI-007969Recording - Desktop
New and improved alert notifications are implemented such as screen capture failures, pause failure, recorder connection failure.
RI-007852UI - Web Interface
New Agent View features to show the active screen only, and start silent monitoring for voice calls.
RI-007928UI - Web Interface
The default Standard User Role does not have Share Conversations and E-mail permissions from now on.
RI-007956UI - Web Interface
When a user is deactivated in an AD Sync Profile or moved to another Profile, previous group memberships of the same user are invalidated as well.
RI-007984UI - Web Interface
New alert notification on failed login attempts (disabled by default).
RI-008007UI - Web Interface
New Dialed Number field is added to Search Layout and Advanced Search Options.
RI-008088UI - Web Interface
Additional safeguards are implemented to eliminate CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) vulnerability.
RI-008097UI - Web Interface
Additional safeguards are implemented to prevent SQL injection attacks.
RI-008110UI - Web Interface
Do not allow manual AD sync execution on servers where AD sync is disabled.
RI-008116UI - Web Interface
New login page when SSO is enabled with two login options: Sign In with My Windows Account, Sign In with My Verba Account
RI-009362UI - Web Interface
New LDAP failover servers can be configured for AD synchronization with a comma-separated list of host names
RI-008325UI - Reporting
New scorecard calibration details report.
RI-007750Solution - Ethical Wall
New default content filter rules are added during installation
RI-008155Solution - Ethical Wall
Disclaimer notifications can now be defined without configuring a session policy.
RI-008354Solution - Ethical Wall
Enhanced disclaimer and content policies allowing more flexible and fine grained configuration.
RI-008267Solution - Quality Management
New feature allowing agents to view their own scorecards.
RI-009330Solution - Quality Management
Scorecards are locked when an evaluator starts the evaluation, so other evaluators can not open them
RI-008331Platform - Announcement
Lync/Sfb announcement service uses the UCMA 4.0 runtime instead of UCMA 3.0 as 3.0 has reached end of support.
RI-009258Platform - Announcement
Custom delay can be configured for prompts in conferences for PSTN participants to avoid collision with SfB/Lync Conference Announcement Service prompts
RI-008102Platform - API
New ExtensionFilter: userId field added to the Provisioning Web Service (v2) API
RI-009373Platform - API
New Verba API to retrieve call mute state has been implemented
RI-008227Platform - Configuration
Use JAVA_HOME environment variable instead of JRE_HOME in service configuration.
RI-007873Platform - Database
Significant optimization for database operations to related to file checks on playback.
RI-008017Platform - Monitoring
New default and standardized alert templates are introduced with customization options. Alert messages now contains a knowledge base link for more information.
RI-007916Platform - Storage Management
Support for re-encrypting and signing legacy encrypted VF recordings with new, standard based encryption and signing.
RI-009372Platform - Storage Management
Adding data retention policy batching to avoid big result sets and SQL Server overloading
RI-009315Installer - Servers
Apache Tomcat version is upgraded to 8.0.36
RI-007900Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
Conference participant list can be imported now during CDR reconciliation.


Fixed in
RI-007998Recording - Proxy
Support for SfB 2016 endpoints when advanced relay mode is used to support Spectralink wireless devices.
RI-007842Recording - Cisco
Using Cisco network based recording, when a very short call is terminated, a false alert was generated intermittently related to call update failure.
RI-007975Recording - Cisco
Web based Cisco silent monitoring was not working with the new Unified Call Recorder if JTAPI integration was enabled.
RI-008047Recording - Cisco
Controlled recording mode was not handled properly when the new Unified Call Recorder service was used for Cisco recording with JTAPI integration, and recording was not started.
RI-009293Recording - Cisco
Cisco phone based silent monitoring was not working intermittently when a call was received by a hunt group
RI-009324Recording - Cisco
Cisco phone based silent monitoring listed every monitor-able call even if the user did not have rights to see them
RI-007947Recording - Cisco IM
On-demand recording rules were not interpreted properly when no recording rules were configured, but on-demand extensions were used.
RI-009268Recording - Cisco IM
When unexpected or malformed packets have received the compliance server could not create a proper response which caused the stuck of the connection between IM&P and compliance server. Now a default response is introduced. The default response can be configured available values are pass and handle.
RI-007953Recording - Lync/SfB
File locking issue resolved when a third party application was using/locking the file and the a SfB/Lync Filter service was unable to roll the log files.
RI-008039Recording - Lync/SfB
Connection issue resolved between SfB/Lync Filter and recorder components, the system was unable to establish the connection between the servers during service startup.
RI-008191Recording - Lync/SfB
Support for invalid SDP attributes generated by Skype for Business clients intermittently in case of issues with device capabilities.
RI-008356Recording - Lync/SfB
Lync/SfB video mixing layout in conferences: there were cases when two or more video screens were mixed to the same position.
RI-009255Recording - Lync/SfB
Luware integration: consultative transfer might lookup wrong caller related metainfo
RI-009256Recording - Lync/SfB
When a SIP session on hold was destroyed after 5 minutes, contact center headers for Luware integration were lost too
RI-009289Recording - Lync/SfB
Lync/SfB announcement did not work when the announcement was configured with priority
RI-009306Recording - Lync/SfB
Simulring calls were not recorded when one of the devices sent a BYE request for the call and after that one of the other devices answered the call
RI-007949Recording - Lync/SfB IM
The first message was not recorded due to recent changes in Skype for Business 2016 clients.
RI-008063Recording - Lync/SfB IM
Race condition error has been fixed which caused a missing initial message when the target user was logged in from multiple endpoints
RI-007869Recording - Avaya
After a park by a non-observed extension, then unpark by another non-observed extension, the call participants were not updated.
RI-008003Recording - Avaya
Avaya JTAPI connection was not reconnected properly after disconnect
RI-008051Recording - Avaya
A false record was created on call pickup with the original called extension.
RI-009357Recording - Avaya
When special characters were included in the UUI field, calls were not recorded
RI-007775Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Call statistics counter fixes related to Recording Director and Media Recorder connections
RI-007817Recording - Unified Call Recorder
When the Recording Director component tried to connect with invalid credentials too many alerts were sent.
RI-008140Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Recording rules did not take into account external call direction rule.
RI-008319Recording - IPTrade
Not unique session IDs generated by IP Trade turrets led to intermittent media processing and media timeouts when there was a collision between session IDs.
RI-007816Recording - Desktop
When recording was paused, silent monitoring and agent view continued.
RI-009275Recording - Desktop
Screen content was not multiplexed to recovered recordings after a recording service failure
RI-009310Recording - Desktop
Call End event might be missed if during mid-call extension list is refreshed to a list not containing the current extension which triggered screen recording. In this case, extension changes were applied mid-call instead of in the idle state. This led to not stopping the ongoing recording (stopped only at app exit) and skipping recording for new calls (since recording is going on).
RI-009406Recording - Desktop
Using the Verba Screen Capture Codec, several artifacts were present when black text was on red or blue background
RI-007819UI - Web Interface
VMF video playback did not work when the file was stored on Amazon S3, IBM TSM.
RI-007841UI - Web Interface
When a video call was imported, it was shown as an audio call.
RI-007865UI - Web Interface
When a user was removed from a group, the group membership of the same user also removed in other groups in the hierarchy.
RI-007866UI - Web Interface
User Group History shows effective group rights, and updates both "direct" and "effective" rights.
RI-007868UI - Web Interface
Group Administrator right was not effective if the right was granted in an existing group.
RI-007902UI - Web Interface
User deletion intermittently led to database deadlock, and caused failed operation.
RI-007934UI - Web Interface
"View Conversation Events History" function was accessible even if the user did not have right to access it.
RI-008089UI - Web Interface
Start search using this Label / Phrase did not work.
RI-008091UI - Web Interface
License email sending did not work properly.
RI-008092UI - Web Interface
New Label Rule did not work when the user came from the Ongoing Conversations screen.
RI-008109UI - Web Interface
Search may did not work when there was a Speech Search criteria.
RI-008266UI - Web Interface
When a user did not have the right to see important calls under conversations, the important flag still appeared in the Verba player and the user was able to mark calls as important
RI-009262UI - Web Interface
Intermittent "NullPointerException" happened on the On-Demand buffer when "File Format" column was added to the Search List Layout
RI-009264UI - Web Interface
Intermittent "NullPointerException" happened when "Recording Failed" column was added to the Search List Layout
RI-009270UI - Web Interface
Call Playback Event Details XLS report did not include the archived calls and filtered for the calls start time instead of the time of the event (PDF version worked well).
RI-009301UI - Web Interface
Group hierarchy was not handled properly when a user removed from a group via the AD synchronization (he was not removed from the parent groups)
RI-009302UI - Web Interface
On the search page, "Phone Number (From or To Party)" did not support the * (asterisk) character, only the % (percent)
RI-009314UI - Web Interface
After the "User Must Change Password at Next Logon" checkbox was turned on for a user, the system asked for the new password but the user was not able to change it because the web application has kept asking the new password again and again.
RI-007748UI - Reporting
Some reports displayed times in GMT instead of the defined timezone.
RI-008013UI - Reporting
"Non Recorded and Incorrect Conversations Details" report failed when group filters were used.
RI-009271UI - Reporting
In reporting, the "Query Interval" was shifted to the user's timezone two times so it was not correct.
RI-009286UI - Reporting
Groups Evaluation Summary and Group Performance Summary reports displayed different number of group members
RI-009287UI - Reporting
Group filters retrieved data only for the primary group of the user
RI-009356UI - Reporting
Reports did not work if a special character was in the company name
RI-008350Solution - Ethical Wall
Newline was not skipped in content filtering/redaction
RI-009433Solution - Ethical Wall
Phrase filter takes into account non-alphabetic chars as whitespaces. Phrase filtering did not work for non-Latin1 characters.
RI-009290Solution - Quality Management
QM / Show Evaluations displayed the wrong # of conversations when Advanced Search Criteria was used
RI-009331Solution - Quality Management
Values of text type questions were not saved
RI-007876Platform - API
GetMarkers API call provided corrupt response. In the response, the start and end time fields were the same.
RI-008034Platform - Configuration
New node manager certificate is added to the installer meeting Java Runtime 1.8 u72 security requirements
RI-009308Platform - Configuration
The configuration of the never-record and relay-only extensions contained invalid extensions.
RI-009295Platform - Database
IM search did not work when Full-Text Search feature was not installed on the SQL Server
RI-009409Platform - Database
Updating the call end cause field (transfer flows), might collide with call linking trigger, causing false alert and database reconnection intermittently.
RI-007999Platform - Media Processing
In case of Redundant Audio Payload (RED, Lync/SfB might use it in case of network degradation) the media processing buffers were underestimated for G.722 stereo payloads. This could lead to recording degradation or loss of streams in recording.
RI-008148Platform - Media Processing
MP4 transcoder did not flush H.264 encoder which depending on encoder configuration might cache 20+ frames.
RI-009341Platform - Monitoring
When the monitoring service could not query the service executable for version information, the service-related performance counters were not available
RI-009420Platform - Monitoring
After I/O failure (for example disk full), log file was not reopened and logging could never recover from the I/O issues
RI-007825Platform - Storage Management
File deletion initiated from the web application randomly led to service crash for IBM TSM, Amazon S3 file caches.
RI-007871Platform - Storage Management
Storage policy audit logs (CSV) contained an invalid CSV header row after introducing the encryption related parameters
RI-007894Platform - Storage Management
Timed out download sessions (Amazon S3, IBM TSM) may result service crash intermittently.
RI-007980Platform - Storage Management
On-demand not kept conversations were returned to the storage service during Data Retention Policy executions.
RI-008046Platform - Storage Management
Policy scheduler at startup might adjust next run date to incorrect date when no scheduling is set and date is Feb 29 in leap years. The incorrect date is considered as config violation and service will not start.
RI-008230Platform - Storage Management
Certificate validity for new encryption was checked against local time instead of UTC
RI-008243Platform - Storage Management
When transcoding was enabled in an export job, the system exported the original file as well, not just the transcoded version.
RI-009273Platform - Storage Management
When configuring an SMTP storage target for export, an IM file was sent instead of the voice recording
RI-008078Installer - Servers
Wrong service user account was used for the installation if Windows authentication was selected and tested first and after it was changed back to Local System account.
RI-008206Platform - Labeling
If a labeling rule cannot be found for a task, the service stuck due to invalid SQL query.

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