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Verba 9.1 Release Notes (build

This document lists new features and fixes released in Verba 9.1 Release Notes (build

Release Date2018-01-31
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Release highlights

RI-014823Recording - Cisco
Genesys contact center integration for Cisco network based recording deployments with JTAPI integration. Provides enhanced Genesys related metadata, selective recording and the ability to send Verba conversation IDs to Genesys. - learn more
RI-014827Recording - Cisco IM
File transfer capturing for Cisco IM&P / Jabber systems, requires the managed files transfer option - learn more
RI-012553Recording - IPC
New trader voice platform integration with IPC Unigy - learn more
RI-012557Recording - SMS
New SMS capturing capability utilizing the SMPP protocol. SMS messages are stored as a new SMS modality with a full-text search option. - learn more
RI-014842UI - Web Interface
New dashboard framework with new widget types, drill-down capability, sharing, etc. Built-in templates for System Dashboard and Recording Assurance Dashboard. - learn more
RI-014746Platform - Announcement
Cisco Video on Hold (VoH) and Video in Queue (ViQ) solution offering a replacement option for Cisco MediaSense - learn more
RI-012351Platform - Configuration
Significant improvement in Active Directory synchronization time by checking changes only
RI-014839Platform - Import
Cisco Spark IM and file archiving integration which allows importing instant messages and files from Cisco Spark rooms - learn more

Known Critical Issues

First Affected
Resolved in
Certain calls between Skype for Business and Teams or Azure VoiceMail cannot be recorded

Am I affected?
All Sykpe for Business recording installations are affected where the recorded users can call Teams users or place voicemail messages in Azure VoiceMail.

Certain Skype for Business calls cannot be recorded when a recorded Skype for Business user is calling a Teams user and one of the participants is outside of the corporate network, or a recorded Skype for Business user is placing an Azure VoiceMail message. This limitation is caused by the new call setup procedure, and specifically in ICE negotiation, introduced in Teams and Azure VoiceMail, which prevents the recording system to redirect and force the calls to the Skype for Business Edge Server where the Media collector can fork the related media streams. Since the system is not able to capture the media streams related to these calls, these calls are not recorded. No alerts are raised unless CDR reconciliation is enabled.

Currently there is no workaround other than disabling Teams or Azure VM calling entirely for the recorded users. We are actively working on implementing a new solution which extends the capabilities of the Proxy Server to be able to relay these type of calls too. It requires a major change in the architecture by allowing the Proxy Server to relay calls with external participants through a public interface. It also means that that calls which are currently routed through the Skype for Business Edge Server and forked by the Media Collector Service will be routed through the Proxy Servers that same way as calls with internal or PSTN participants. We are currently targeting July 2020 with the enhanced version of the Proxy Server.
Resolved in
Active Directory synchronization does not recognize changes on user attributes when Domain Controller fails over or load balancing is used

Am I affected?
All and later installations are affected where failover or load balancing is configured for the Domain Controllers.

The Verba system relies on the usnChanged attribute to identify if a user entry is changed and needs to be updated in the Verba database. This attribute is unique on all Domain Controllers but due to an issue in the Verba software, the system does not take into consideration the different usnChanged attributes and only uses the last one. In case of Domain Controller failover or in a load balancing configuration, the system might not recognize if the user is updated, because it validates the usnChanged attribute of another Domain Controller which was previously used during the AD synchronization (and not for the one which is currently connected to). Since the issue prevents the system to recognize user configuration changes, which can include recorded extension configuration, the system does not synchronize the latest information from the AD and this could lead to configuration issues and eventually data loss. The problem does not occur if the system is always connected to the same AD.

The system should be reconfigured to connect to a single Domain Controller temporarily and prevent failover or load balancing this way. This can be achieved by configuring the direct address of the Domain Controller.

Critical Fixes

Fixed in
RI-015226Platform - Configuration
Active Directory synchronization does not run automatically using v9.1.0.5454 versions or later which introduced a new AD synchronization scheduling configuration

All v9.1.0.5454 and later deployments are affected (new installations and upgrades as well) where Active Directory synchronization is used. This issue affects automatic AD synchronization and the system does not recognize changes in the AD configuration. Automatic administration of moves, adds and changes is not possible when AD synchronization is not running. Active Directory synchronization did not run automatically because the default value of the new scheduling configuration, introduced in v9.1.0.5454, was "No scheduling". New versions have a new default value which sets the scheduling to run daily. No alert or notification is sent when the issue occurs. Workaround Customers with previous versions should change the scheduling configuration other than "No scheduling" and restart the Verba Web Application Service.
If you are using the effected components, we recommend a software update.

Feature Improvements

Added in
TLS handshakes are also restricted to TLSv1.0-1.2, not just TLS cipher suites for components using OpenSSL
OpenSSL library is updated to the latest v1.0.2n
RI-012309Recording - Cisco
Multiple CUCM clusters support added to Cisco JTAPI, a single Verba Cisco JTAPI Service can be connected to multiple CUCM clusters simultaneously
RI-012560Recording - Cisco
UCCX 10.6 support added to the Verba Finesse Gadget
RI-015053Recording - Cisco
Recording Rules feature has been enhanced to support UCCE and UCCX variables
RI-014777Recording - Cisco IM
Multi-cluster support added to Cisco Jabber IM&P IM capturing and ethical wall
RI-012299Recording - Unified Call Recorder
New end causes for turret open line recording: - Media Segmentation when recorded conversation is segmented by the timer - Voice Inactivity when recording is stopped on RTP timeout
RI-014817Recording - Unified Call Recorder
IPv6 support introduced for the Verba Unified Call Recorder Service (active recording)
RI-014988Recording - Unified Call Recorder
When the ACME Packet / Oracle SBC SIPREC provides a blocked caller ID in tel_num@anonymous.invalid format, the recorded will hide the caller ID in the database (stores unknown) if the call is recorded on behalf of the called party.
RI-015127Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Transferred and forwarded calls for recorded users can be recorded when using SIPREC with ACME Packet / Oracle SBCs (SPL script required). Extension configuration required also in the system.
RI-015133Recording - IPTrade
IPTrade playback: if display name is not available it is substituted by the owner user's Verba display name
RI-015137Recording - IPTrade
When channel mixing enabled and the recording session information is updated after call state changes (from ringing to established), the recorder will merge the recording sessions together producing a single recording.
RI-015261Recording - Cloud9
Metadata improvements for Cloud9 recording, calling and called party numbers are presented in every case
RI-012537UI - Web Interface
Ongoing, On-demand and Cisco Silent Monitoring features have been integrated into the standard Search screen to provide the same capabilities for all pages
RI-014757UI - Web Interface
Deactivated users can be hidden on the search features and Agent Selection List with a new setting: Hide Deactivated Users in Filters
RI-014961UI - Web Interface
Recorded Platforms and Import Sources have been added to the Bulk User and Extension Update feature
RI-014972UI - Web Interface
End Cause field has been added to the Automatic Labeling and Data Management Policy Configuration
RI-014974UI - Web Interface
Japanese language support added
RI-015125UI - Web Interface
Support for SMB network shares, required to access recordings, using SMB version 2 and 3
RI-015221UI - Web Interface
New alert (.118.1.3) when the system cannot send license usage to remote licensing server
RI-012406UI - Reporting
All reports now display the report filter criteria in the report header
RI-012780UI - Reporting
Skills Performance Summary report renamed to Groups Skills Performance Summary. New groups sections added.
RI-015197UI - Language
Japanese language support added
RI-014736Solution - Ethical Wall
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) check with external ICAP servers (e.g. Symantec Protection Engine), available for Cisco Jabber file transfer
RI-014844Solution - Ethical Wall
Cisco Spark re-active ethical wall capabilities for message removal and notification
RI-012528Platform - Announcement
Cisco inbound announcement now can be configured to be played by the Verba Cisco Announcement Service by diverting the incoming call to the service using CURRI. This option does not require early media support on the trunk, in contrast to the CURRI and CUCM based announcement.
RI-014772Platform - Announcement
Cisco CURRI interface now supports TLS connections
RI-015091Platform - API
HTTP Business API returns call transcript if called with returnTranscriptDB=1 or returnTranscriptFile=1 parameters.
RI-015191Platform - Configuration
Service user accounts are no longer required, Windows Authentication for both SQL Server connections and SMB folders now use impersonation instead. All Verba services are installed using the built-in LocalSystem account, except a few one.
RI-015196Platform - Configuration
The system no longer requires to configure service user credentials during installation. All Verba services now run under the built-in LocalSystem service account, except the Lync/SfB Filter services on the SfB Front-End servers. In order to use Windows Authentication for SQL Server or SMB network folders, the system now uses impersonation instead.
RI-014983Platform - Database
Recorders did not fill the media path field when a call was ongoing. When a call recording was interrupted and it stuck in an ongoing state, the database purge feature did not work.
RI-014843Platform - Licensing
Central license management for deployments with multiple Verba instances
RI-014813Platform - Media Processing
AAC-LD support introduced to capture Cisco TelePresence audio streams, standard storage formats are available for audio only recordings
RI-012772Platform - Monitoring
Alert severity filed added to SNMP traps
RI-014710Platform - Monitoring
Support for SMTP StartTLS feature
RI-012461Platform - Storage Management
Calculated retention time is verified based on call start time in delete, increase retention and upload policies. Invalid retention times are not applied and alerts are sent.
RI-012789Platform - Storage Management
For export policies when there is an existing .im file, the system will check the local drive and prefer to use the IM file, instead of always generating the file from the database. The exported *.im files now contain conference (group chat) participant information when available.
RI-014985Platform - Storage Management
NetApp Snaplock Cluster/9.x support added
RI-015188Platform - Storage Management
"Every-x-Minutes" and "Hourly" options added to the Data Retention Policies and Conversation Export configuration pages to allow configuring policies to run every x minute.
RI-015223Platform - Storage Management
New Verint export storage target added to allow integration with Verint v15.2 systems
RI-015272Installer - Servers
Logon as a service right is no longer required during installation
RI-015012Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
The CDR import and reconciliation process can now run on multiple servers without interfering with each other
RI-015024Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
Query optimization in reconciliation to lower the load on the Verba database
RI-014999Offline Player
Files can be dragged and dropped into the player


Fixed in
RI-014895Recording - Proxy
Cisco proxy could not handle SIP headers when user information was not present which caused the proxied call to fail
RI-014896Recording - Proxy
Relay ports might close prematurely when ICMP 11 (IP TTL elapsed) received. This caused media connection issues mostly in Proxy but also Cisco Announcement and Dial-in Recorder might be affected.
RI-014816Recording - Cisco
Large backward jumps in RTP stream sequence numbering was not handled properly
RI-014931Recording - Cisco
Cisco Advanced Recording Rules retries to start recording multiple times in case the Cisco platform did not start recording for some reason
RI-015256Recording - Cisco
Cisco JTAPI Controlled Recording "Start" icon sometimes did not show after transfer events or calls involving Hunt Group numbers.
RI-016766Recording - Cisco
When multiple CUCM clusters were configured for the Cisco JTAPI Service, on service restart, some metadata was not stored
RI-017374Recording - Cisco
Cisco JTAPI Service could not process AddCall/RemoveCall messages when the Media Recorder sent them before the JTAPI service finished the initialization
RI-014783Recording - Lync/SfB
Transaction lock problem in really rare circumstances the SfB/Lync Call Filter Service consumed a high amount of CPU resources when it tried to read a collection which was modified by another thread
RI-014891Recording - Lync/SfB
Calls are dropped after re-INVITE for common area phones and multi-pool SfB environment
RI-014981Recording - Lync/SfB
Forwarded calls were not recorded when the recorded users joined a conference call using the Call-Me-At feature.
RI-015003Recording - Lync/SfB
Outbound calls were not recorded for IPTrade turrets using the Skype for Business integration
RI-015229Recording - Lync/SfB
The same proxy could be added multiple times to the configuration causing creating multiple proxy instances using the same TLS connection which led to the improper allocation of messages and call setup failures.
RI-015265Recording - Lync/SfB
Skype for Business Filter services could not establish Node Manager connections when TLS 1.2 was disabled in the OS
RI-015278Recording - Lync/SfB
SfB meeting content import did not work when content could not be parsed properly
RI-014989Recording - Lync/SfB IM
The SfB/Lync instant message recorder did not use the server name format setting and used NetBIOS names all the time
RI-014712Recording - Unified Call Recorder
SIPREC: in case of midcall media renegotiation the system might reallocate media stream on other media recorder than where the call has been recorded
RI-014969Recording - Unified Call Recorder
If SIP session timer is not supported for the recording session, then recording might timeout prematurely after 1 hour. The default timeout value is increased to 5 hours. ACME Packet / Oracle SBCs does not support session timers for SIPREC sessions before v6.4.
RI-015112Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Metaswitch Perimeta SIPREC recording for interconnect calls produced duplicate copies for the same recorded user
RI-016813Recording - Unified Call Recorder
When the Unified Call Recorder service added lots of markers to the call (silence markers) and the message to the Cisco JTAPI Service exceeded 16 KBytes, the message was truncated and the call was not added to the database
RI-015212Recording - IPTrade
IPTrade turret based replay did not return all the recorded calls
RI-015019Recording - Desktop
Agent view did not work because the service did not use the same server name format properly
RI-012264UI - Web Interface
When saving a communication policy with a fully unchecked 'Days of Week' option, the web app automatically checked in every day. It will display an error message instead from now on.
RI-012353UI - Web Interface
Chat conversations were not displayed on the mobile web interface
RI-014758UI - Web Interface
Advanced Search settings did not list rows with "undefined" values when they set up a "not equals" filter
RI-014760UI - Web Interface
Bulk User Update did not work when they filtered for Synchronizing AD Profile ID
RI-014761UI - Web Interface
Bulk User and Extension Update could not be used to set numeric values to NULL
RI-014764UI - Web Interface
Advanced Search feature's User and Group filters were not effective
RI-014784UI - Web Interface
In the Extensions and Users administration, if the list was filtered and the object was saved, then the filters were cleared when users went back to the list
RI-014791UI - Web Interface
CSV User Import cleared the extensions' Source Platforms, Import Sources and Forward Types settings
RI-014892UI - Web Interface
Signature verification was not possible on a storage which was configured with custom credentials
RI-014958UI - Web Interface
SMTP optimizations to use less connections and avoid unnecessary emails about errors
RI-014960UI - Web Interface
Marker and seek bar were not re-positioned on window resize
RI-014962UI - Web Interface
Modalities were not shown correctly extensions were exported on the extension list page
RI-014970UI - Web Interface
Bulk CSV User Import did not use the Platforms and Import Sources when there were no Forward Types set.
RI-014971UI - Web Interface
View Shared Items menu was not visible for users having Conversation Access Scope = Access Shared Only
RI-014979UI - Web Interface
In case of non-standard urls (file path), the signature verification did not work
RI-014980UI - Web Interface
Web Application did not take DBMSFailoverPartner into account
RI-015001UI - Web Interface
Metadata field filters did not work on search page
RI-015011UI - Web Interface
Signature Verification still threw an error when the recording was signed but not encrypted, and was on a network path which required custom credentials.
RI-015013UI - Web Interface
Cisco Phone XML Service threw XML parser error if extension numbers / display names were very long
RI-015014UI - Web Interface
Cisco Phone based Silent Monitoring showed 0 ongoing monitorable calls in the XML phone service
RI-015045UI - Web Interface
Recording Rule changes were determined incorrectly (the section changes were not detected if other data has changed too)
RI-015094UI - Web Interface
Conversation Export did not allow to export Media Files for a few storage targets, SMTP for an instance.
RI-015193UI - Web Interface
In Multi-Tenant mode, when the Reference Administrator changed to another tenant on the Ongoing Conversations screen, then the finished conversations were shown.
RI-015204UI - Web Interface
When a user was found in the AD and was not enabled for synchronization, and got removed from the AD then the system deactivated it
RI-015218UI - Web Interface
Export end time showed invalid date while the job was still running
RI-015219UI - Web Interface
Only servers with Media Repository and Media Repository & Recording Server roles were available in the Data Management Policy / Execute Only on Selected Servers setting while Recorder Server and Speach Analytics Server should be there too
RI-015220UI - Web Interface
AD Synchronization user deactivation did not work when "Send Email Notification on Successful AD Sync Runs" was turned off
RI-015228UI - Web Interface
Related SMS retrieved with wrong character encoding
RI-015230UI - Web Interface
Users with Shared-Only Conversation Access were not allowed to download conversations even if they had Download Right
RI-015260UI - Web Interface
AD Synchronization deactivates extensions when upper/lower case changes occurs in the AD
RI-015263UI - Web Interface
AD Synchronization deactivated extensions if they are already stored with trailing spaces
RI-015267UI - Web Interface
MSRDP files stored on storages could not be played back because the transcoding option was not offered where SMB based access was not available (HCP, EMC Centera, etc.)
RI-015271UI - Web Interface
IM Export through player doesn't contain timestamps
RI-015277UI - Web Interface
Group created by an Authorization Workflow was not deleted on expiration
RI-012766UI - Reporting
Cancel report function did not work
RI-014898UI - Reporting
Call Activity Trend report did not display all types of conversation directions
RI-014905UI - Reporting
Scoring Classification Report did not group data
RI-014941UI - Reporting
Extension Configuration Report fails when special characters were used for extensions
RI-014968UI - Reporting
Call Activity Trend Report did not show call direction when XLS, CSV output format was selected
RI-014986UI - Reporting
Peak Concurrent Conversations Trend dashboard widget sorted the data in alphabetical order instead of date
RI-015202UI - Reporting
Dashboard Widget "Recording Server Utilization - Today" ran for a long time if there were no calls in the system
RI-015206UI - Reporting
Group filter was not taken into account for Groups Skills Performance report
RI-014918Solution - Ethical Wall
Cisco Jabber presence was not blocked due to the different type of presence broadcasting
RI-014919Solution - Ethical Wall
Duplicated notifications were sent in case of Cisco Jabber ethical wall when a notification rule was triggered by headline and composing messages
RI-015077Solution - Ethical Wall
Presence blocking: the endpoints could see each other's presence after login until they changed their presence status
RI-015200Solution - Ethical Wall
Skype for Business CAS could not join due to miss-compiled focus invite
RI-015250Solution - Ethical Wall
Sykpe for Business aggregated presence subscription was blocked if at least one contact was configured for the contact list blocking
RI-014767Solution - Quality Management
On the Quality Management module New Project page, if a scrollbar was visible and a warning displayed (to save the project first, for example), then users were able to scroll down infinitely
RI-014770Solution - Quality Management
Quality Management module Add New Form threw error if pressed while the Forms List was still loading
RI-015016Solution - Quality Management
Skills could be deleted even if scorecards were using it, and scorecards did not load in this case
RI-015030Solution - Quality Management
When an Encrypted Conversation (without access to the private key) was selected for QM evaluation, the system tried to start playback, but that obviously would not work. The vplb file will be downloaded instead.
RI-015276Solution - Quality Management
Scorecard feedback emails did not work because the email templates were installed into a wrong folder
RI-014794Solution - Silent Monitoring
Web application based silent monitoring did not work due to incompatible certificates
RI-015198Platform - Announcement
In case of Cisco CDR reconciliation, if any of from or to is parsed as empty, the defined external trunk/gw list is not taken into account and the call might be imported as not recorded on "external" party's behalf
RI-014973Platform - API
GetExtensions HTTP Busines API function did not work
RI-015194Platform - API
In a Multi-Tenant environment the servers could not request Verba API certificate from the MR
RI-015233Platform - API
GetCallInformation API call stuck when returnInvitation parameter was true
RI-014793Platform - Configuration
Corrupt certificates were generated intermittently and TLS connections could not be established
RI-015131Platform - Configuration
File-based TLS authentication did not validate the trust chain properly
RI-014725Platform - Database
Data was truncated during transcription or IM export when values were greater than 4096 characters
RI-015092Platform - Database
Instant Messages were stored in the wrong format if they contained Line Feed \n but no Carriage Return \r
RI-015254Platform - Environment
Never record is interpreted at tenant level now, i.e. if there is a never record extension in the other target then the call is still recorded in the current tenant (tenant of recorded party) but not in the other
RI-014805Platform - Media Processing
Skype for Business/Lync endpoints use Siren codec with 16 Kbps but Polycom VVX endpoints might use 24 Kbps a well in which case media was not recorded
RI-012757Platform - Storage Management
EMC Centera registration error caused unnecessary application failure
RI-014879Platform - Storage Management
IM conversations could not be exported when there was no file based transcript file available
RI-014949Platform - Storage Management
Storage policies with scheduling (both policy and service-based scheduling) did not take Number of hours / Days / Weeks configuration into account. Scheduling and task execution happened on every hour or day or week.
RI-015067Platform - Storage Management
In case of a custom scheduled storage policy, if the server is in a timezone where daylight saving is not defined, the scheduling calculated wrong next execution time
RI-015070Platform - Storage Management
Metadata XML files were not generated for instant message exports when data was generated from database to local disk
RI-015089Platform - Storage Management
Modifications to Storage Folders were not effective in the Search feature because the folders were cached.
RI-015231Platform - Storage Management
SMS export did not work for local (native) drive
RI-015273Installer - Servers
The installer used HTTP instead of HTTPS for the certificate generation during install
RI-015182Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
SfB CDR reconciliation did not properly consider the Wait Time for Recorder's CDR setting which could lead to false import of missing CDRs
RI-014847Platform - Import
Instant message import did not handle unicode characters properly
RI-015135Platform - Import
Cisco MediaSense import service did not handle server certificates properly
RI-015015Offline Player
In case the downloaded .vplb file contains multiple media files (audio and audio-video), only the audio was played

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