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Verba 9.2 Release Notes (build

This document lists new features and fixes released in Verba 9.2 Release Notes (build

Release Date2018-07-31
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Release highlights

RI-015527Recording - IPTrade
BT IPTrade TPO based recording to allow recording open lines and DDIs directly from the TPO centrally, instead of turret side recording. Using TPO based recording, the system will only record a single media stream for open lines, instead of recording the same stream multiple times at the turret side.
RI-015369UI - Web Interface
Timeline view for search results to better visualize related conversations
RI-015460UI - Reporting
Pro-active compliance dashboard widgets including ethical wall log, top violating users, violations by modality, etc.
RI-015489UI - Reporting
eDiscovery dashboard widgets including legal holds, cases, approval workflows, etc.
RI-015492UI - Reporting
Data governance dashboard widgets including disposal log, encryption status, data source summary, storage target summary, etc.
RI-015667Solution - Speech Analytics
Verint Eliza speech transcription technology is now integrated into the Verba platform supporting 40+ languages with optional language customization and phonetic boosting
RI-015746Platform - Database
New data model for trader voice recording integrations to store a single copy of the media in case of mixed recording channels or TPO based recording where multiple calls/sessions are referencing a single media entry. The system now handles 3 record types: standard, CDR-only and media-only. Supported trader voice integrations: IPTrade, IPC Unigy, Speakerbus.
RI-015548Platform - Licensing
License activation is now required for installations. To activate the license, customers and partner have to contact Verba Support and send the activation code displayed on the license page, Verba Support will send back the activated license.
RI-016745Platform - Storage Management
New Verint export storage target added to allow integration with Verint v15.2 systems

Known Critical Issues

First Affected
Resolved in
Certain calls between Skype for Business and Teams or Azure VoiceMail cannot be recorded

Am I affected?
All Sykpe for Business recording installations are affected where the recorded users can call Teams users or place voicemail messages in Azure VoiceMail.

Certain Skype for Business calls cannot be recorded when a recorded Skype for Business user is calling a Teams user and one of the participants is outside of the corporate network, or a recorded Skype for Business user is placing an Azure VoiceMail message. This limitation is caused by the new call setup procedure, and specifically in ICE negotiation, introduced in Teams and Azure VoiceMail, which prevents the recording system to redirect and force the calls to the Skype for Business Edge Server where the Media collector can fork the related media streams. Since the system is not able to capture the media streams related to these calls, these calls are not recorded. No alerts are raised unless CDR reconciliation is enabled.

Currently there is no workaround other than disabling Teams or Azure VM calling entirely for the recorded users. We are actively working on implementing a new solution which extends the capabilities of the Proxy Server to be able to relay these type of calls too. It requires a major change in the architecture by allowing the Proxy Server to relay calls with external participants through a public interface. It also means that that calls which are currently routed through the Skype for Business Edge Server and forked by the Media Collector Service will be routed through the Proxy Servers that same way as calls with internal or PSTN participants. We are currently targeting July 2020 with the enhanced version of the Proxy Server.
Resolved in
Active Directory synchronization does not recognize changes on user attributes when Domain Controller fails over or load balancing is used

Am I affected?
All and later installations are affected where failover or load balancing is configured for the Domain Controllers.

The Verba system relies on the usnChanged attribute to identify if a user entry is changed and needs to be updated in the Verba database. This attribute is unique on all Domain Controllers but due to an issue in the Verba software, the system does not take into consideration the different usnChanged attributes and only uses the last one. In case of Domain Controller failover or in a load balancing configuration, the system might not recognize if the user is updated, because it validates the usnChanged attribute of another Domain Controller which was previously used during the AD synchronization (and not for the one which is currently connected to). Since the issue prevents the system to recognize user configuration changes, which can include recorded extension configuration, the system does not synchronize the latest information from the AD and this could lead to configuration issues and eventually data loss. The problem does not occur if the system is always connected to the same AD.

The system should be reconfigured to connect to a single Domain Controller temporarily and prevent failover or load balancing this way. This can be achieved by configuring the direct address of the Domain Controller.

Critical Fixes

There are no new critical fixes in this build.

Feature Improvements

Added in
File-based PFX certificates are now supported in Verba secure upload protocol
Openssl library is updated to the latest v1.0.2o
RI-015575Recording - Passive
Long call segmentation/splitting is now available for passive recorder (e.g. Skype for Business recording)
RI-016974Recording - Cisco
Cisco music on hold streams can be recognized even if bidirectional media streams are established. It allows the recorders (using proxy based recording for Cisco video endpoints) to properly identify music on hold segments which are not recorded.
RI-016975Recording - Cisco
Ad-hoc conferences were not recorded when the conference was hosted by the recorded user using proxy based recording for Cisco video endpoints
RI-015574Recording - Lync/SfB
Call legs of the same conference call can now be assigned to multiple recorders to allow better scaling in case of screen/app share recording when there are lot of recorded participants in the same conference call
RI-015676Recording - Lync/SfB
For SfB and Cisco proxy based recording, the system now stores the IP address of the SfB Front-End servers and the CUCM nodes controlling the recorded call. The information is available in the metadata XML file.
RI-015438Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Added Silk, MS-RTA and Speex support to Dial-in provider
RI-016737Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Long call segmentation/splitting is now available for unified recorder (e.g. Cisco network-based recording), not just for trader voice recording
RI-015464Recording - IPTrade
Improved recording rule handling for BT IPTrade recording to avoid unnecessary media streams
RI-015631Recording - IPTrade
IPTrade microphone/talk state changes are now stored as markers in Verba
RI-015784Recording - IPTrade
Media Recorder mid-call failover support added for BT IPTrade
RI-015817Recording - IPTrade
New custom metadata template for BT IPTrade recording storing Slot, Type, Channel ID, Device ID information
RI-016740Recording - IPTrade
The system can now determine on a recorder port basis if the call is to be handled as secondary or as primary (2N/dual recording)
RI-017198Recording - IPTrade
IPTrade turret based playback now showing primary recordings only by default when duplicate (2N) recording is enabled, secondary recordings can be also returned with changing the configuration
RI-017260Recording - IPTrade
IPTrade HTTP(S) based replaybox integration with user authentication is now available in addition to the existing TCP based option
RI-015306Recording - Speakerbus
The system can now determine on a port/ICDS connection basis if the call is to be handled as secondary or as primary (2N/dual recording)
RI-016738Recording - IPC
IPC Unigy PTT state changes are now stored as markers in Verba
RI-016739Recording - IPC
The system can now determine on zone connection basis if the call is to be handled as secondary or as primary (2N/dual recording)
RI-016796Recording - IPC
Line description metadata is added
RI-017263Recording - Cloud9
Cloud9 import sends alert when Media Foundation (Windows Server 2012 or newer) / Desktop Experience (Windows Server 2008 R2) is missing. It is required for MP4 audio files processing.
RI-016000Recording - SIPRec
Transferred and forwarded calls for recorded users can be recorded when using SIPREC with ACME Packet / Oracle SBCs (SPL script required). Extension configuration required also in the system.
RI-017092Recording - Hardware
New checkbox on Group CSV Import: Do not Modify Active Directory Synchronized Groups (turned on by default)
RI-015283UI - Web Interface
Label Rule text search has been enhanced to search in IM, Transcript and SMS data too
RI-015284UI - Web Interface
Primary/Secondary and CDR-only/Media-only fields have been added to the search list and call details.
RI-015291UI - Web Interface
Supervisor / Group Membership Import, CSV import to allow applying supervisor configurations which cannot be derived from the AD groups structures (organization units, security groups)
RI-015350UI - Web Interface
Multitenant support for Agent View
RI-015361UI - Web Interface
Enhanced Active Directory Synchronization with a new configuration which allows using LDAP filters to drive the configuration across all synchronization profiles
RI-015622UI - Web Interface
Home page configuration for users which is automatically opened after login
RI-016989UI - Web Interface
Label filter option has been added to Users Speech Transcript Details report
RI-016995UI - Web Interface
Windows Media Player ActiveX controls are replaced in Firefox with HTML5 audio/video tag based player
RI-017089UI - Web Interface
AD Synchronization Rules now supports LDAP Query validation, plus the Highest USN input has been changed to "Run Full Synchronization" checkbox which is automatically checked on change
RI-017091UI - Web Interface
Group CSV Import will not commit the changes right after the file uploaded but shows a preview of the changes and the user can decide if they want to apply or cancel the changes.
RI-017193UI - Web Interface
The "Keep CDR" setting is now available for the Delete Data Management Policy even if the Recycle Bin feature is not enabled. The "Enable custom SQL field on export page" configuration has been removed.
RI-017302UI - Web Interface
The Data Management Policy page shows a confirmation popup window if the policy does not contain a filter and would possibly run on all conversations in the database
RI-015509UI - Reporting
Call Playback report now shows Verba From, Verba To, playback reason columns
RI-015932UI - Reporting
New dashboard snapshot feature allowing users to send dashboard snapshot in email automatically. The email contains the dashboards in PDF and/or images as attachments.
RI-017292UI - Reporting
New Voice Quality Check Details and Voice Quality Check Summary reports with the ability to filter for specific quality feature scores separately
RI-017077Solution - Ethical Wall
Improved, multi-threaded database connection handling added to Cisco Ethical Wall service to allow processing and storing a large number of events continuously
RI-015423Platform - Announcement
Performance improvements for announcement media streaming through optimized network handling
RI-015688Platform - Announcement
CURRI URL can now override diversion target coming from the configuration if present for outbound Cisco recording announcement. In this way, the system can control which trunks are used for the outbound announcement call legs.
RI-015721Platform - Announcement
If internal numbers pattern is not configured, the announcement can be enabled for internal-internal calls as well
RI-015404Platform - Configuration
Reduced time of initial creation of timezones in the database by running the jobs in batches
RI-015950Platform - Configuration
Service user accounts are no longer required, Windows Authentication for both SQL Server connections and SMB folders now use impersonation instead. All Verba services are installed using the built-in LocalSystem account, except a few one.
RI-016742Platform - Configuration
Announcement Only recording mode for deployments where Verba onlky provides announcement for certain endpoints without recording
RI-016894Platform - Database
A separate SQL script is now available for 8.x to 9.x upgrades when IM capturing is used, to convert the database schema. Previously, the script could fail due to timeout on large datasets.
RI-015388Platform - Media Processing
NAT handling (RTP latching) added to media services to enable cloud based configurations where recording and/or announcement is deployed in the cloud
RI-015940Platform - Media Processing
Speex, Opus, VMF and MS-RDP files after recorder crash can now be recovered and closed properly at next recorder restart
RI-015969Platform - Media Processing
Improved audio and video streaming to lower jitter in packet sending
RI-017206Platform - Media Processing
G723.1 voice codec added to allow playback and waveform generation for recordings (imported) in this format
RI-015309Platform - Monitoring
SCOM package improvements: - Alert descriptions in SCOM - Self-resolving alerts in SCOM (Down/Up alerts) - Alert severity changes - Safety rules removed
RI-015550Platform - Monitoring
Voice quality check alert which is sent during voice quality checks when the overall score is below a configurable threshold
RI-016780Platform - Monitoring
Alert descriptions are revised and updated to allow better understanding of the alerts
RI-016892Platform - Monitoring
Performance counters now included in media recorder overload alert
RI-017300Platform - Monitoring
New notification alert for all types Data Management Policy changes (added, updated, deleted)
RI-015926Platform - Signalling
NAT handling added to SIP services to enable cloud based configuration where recording is deployed in the cloud
RI-015407Platform - Storage Management
Voice quality checks score results are stored as custom metadata so they are searchable, viewable and exportable. The system no longer only displays the overall score but publishes the detailed results (e.g. noise, silence) separately.
RI-015447Platform - Storage Management
Archiving and upload processes now have dedicated SQL connections to improve performance
RI-015557Platform - Storage Management
Copy data management policy which can copy data from one storage target to another without removing the data from the original location, the database records are updated to the new storage target.
RI-015625Platform - Storage Management
Deduplication of 2N/dual recordings as a data management policy which removes duplicate recordings when 2N recording is used and keeps the best copy only
RI-015858Platform - Storage Management
Support for Opus audio codec as a storage codec in *.ogg file format
RI-017090Platform - Storage Management
The Storage Management service allows configuring atuthentication mode for SMB/DFS network folders. The default is impersonation, but the system can be configured to use "net use" when a storage action is executed between multiple storage targets with diferrent Windows user credentials.
RI-017222Platform - Storage Management
Alerts for voice quality check can be customized for voice quality check features individually
RI-017301Platform - Storage Management
Read-only EMC Centera / EMC ECS storage targets can be defined to allow playing back or downloading imported conversations where there is no need to store/add new files
RI-015908Installer - Servers
Upgrade to latest Apache Tomcat 9 version
RI-016993Installer - Servers
The Speech Analytics service is removed from all Recording Server roles including the combined Media Repository & Recording Server role, and only available on the Speech Analytics Server and Media Repository Server roles
RI-015487Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
SfB CDR reconciliation and import performance optimization
RI-015665Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
Skype for Business group chat participants can now be imported using the CDR reconciliation and import policy. CDR reconciliation is still not possible for instant messaging.
RI-015327Platform - Import
Verba import now supports importing encrypted calls from another Verba system, when the certificate used for encryption is available in the destination systems as well
RI-016820Platform - Import
New Cisco MediaSense import source which allows importing of exported/archived Cisco MediaSense recordings (JSON, Wave)
RI-017080Platform - Import
MediaSense import source: 'source' and 'destination' detection based on 'XRefCi' numeric values
RI-017101Platform - Import
MediaSense import: better handling partial data in incoming JSON meta data


Fixed in
XSS vulnerability on remote licensing server and recording server name pages
Certain passwords were sent in plain text to the browser in the server configuration. Only users with proper permissions could access these pages.
The Investigator role setting on the Group Configuration - Assign Users page was not properly validated in the application
RI-017265Recording - Proxy
Recording rule (ACL) validation did not take into account diversion SIP header based participants
RI-015453Recording - Cisco
Cisco JTAPI determined Owner User ID only when the call object was initialized so sometimes the Agent ID was not being set to the Owner User ID
RI-018663Recording - Cisco
Storage capacity did not work for Cisco network-based recordings because the Cisco JTAPI Service did not insert the file size information into the database
RI-017194Recording - Lync/SfB IM
Skype for Business persistent chat recording did not work due to SQL statement issues
RI-016983Recording - Unified Call Recorder
When the Unified Call Recorder service added lots of markers to the call (silence markers) and the message to the Cisco JTAPI Service exceeded 16 KBytes, the message was truncated and the call was not added to the database
RI-017103Recording - Unified Call Recorder
When recording rules (ACL) was disabled, the call direction based on internal number regexp was not calculated, leading to undefined call directions in the database
RI-015461Recording - IPTrade
IPTrade recording might cause service failure when a non-provisioned turret started to send RTP streams and the turret sent an RTP packet with different size other then the expected codec frame size
RI-015629Recording - IPTrade
In case of recording channel mixing, outbound calls might be split into two recordings at least, one during alerting, another after connected state
RI-017094Recording - IPTrade
IPTrade turret based playback did not work because the extension list provided by IPTrade did not match the recordings
RI-017275Recording - IPTrade
IPTrade turret based playback returned conversations without media
RI-016990Recording - Cloud9
Cloud9 import intermittently failed when HTTP and HTTPS listeners were used at the same time
RI-016992Recording - Cloud9
Cloud9 Group ID metadata filed was not properly parsed
RI-016998Recording - Cloud9
Recording rules (ACL) did not work for Cloud9, because the trader user ID was not properly mapped to the recorded extension field
RI-015387Recording - Dial-in
The Dial-in service ignored the SNAT/Public IP and IPv6 address configuration
RI-015968Recording - SIPRec
Participant list might contain invalid call end time/length for some participant(s)
RI-015976Recording - SIPRec
Metaswitch Perimeta SIPREC recording for interconnect calls produced duplicate copies for the same recorded user
RI-016001Recording - SIPRec
SIPStack/SIPREC: SIP stripping for tel: uri-s fixed. protocol was never stripped due to we expected only sip or sips.
RI-015282UI - Web Interface
Signature verification signaled a difference when the From or To field was empty
RI-015362UI - Web Interface
Cisco IP Phone Service XML login / password authentication did not work but showed a strange error with HTTP Status 400
RI-015551UI - Web Interface
AD Synchronization Profiles did not update End Time when the AD's Highest USN had not changed since the last execution
RI-015639UI - Web Interface
Marker and seek bar were not re-positioned on window resize
RI-016973UI - Web Interface
Conversations menu appeared for users regardless of access level, no conversations were listed
RI-016980UI - Web Interface
AD Synchronization deactivated extensions even if "Synchronized by Active Directory" was turned off
RI-016985UI - Web Interface
Transcript pane was not scrollable in popped out player window
RI-017000UI - Web Interface
If a session got invalidated but the web application was not notified, then the Session Monitor screen threw an error
RI-017087UI - Web Interface
Extensions read from the Active Directory were not split based on semi-colon (;) characters, however, they were split in the previous versions
RI-017104UI - Web Interface
Speech Search did not work when the files had already been moved from the default media folder
RI-017201UI - Web Interface
Adminitsrative list screens paging did not work with Japanese language
RI-017264UI - Web Interface
Tenant names were automatically resolved based on the tenant IDs entered on the login screen. The system no longer resolves the IDs to names.
RI-017274UI - Web Interface
Users with Shared-Only and No Conversation Access Scope were able to see their own calls
RI-017288UI - Web Interface
Email address validation did not accept hyphens (-) in the domain part
RI-017297UI - Web Interface
Conversation Export did not work when they started from the Search menu and filtered for the Recording Server
RI-015917UI - Waveforms
Waveform did not work for encrypted WMV/WMA and MP4/3 files
RI-015392UI - Reporting
Report specific fields were not saved, the default values were used next time
RI-016969UI - Reporting
Audit log report hid events which did not have a user (like login attempts). The report shows them with username "Unknown" from now on
RI-016996UI - Reporting
The chart on the Recording Minute Usage report was not viewable in PDF output when hundreds of users were included
RI-017088UI - Reporting
Drill down capability did not work in the Authorization Requests Summary by User dashboard widget
RI-017172UI - Reporting
Users Instant Message Conversations report returned truncated data when the IM contained the ; (semicolon) character
RI-017267UI - Reporting
Agents Evaluation Details report: when the scorecard had a multi-line note (single line worked), the scorecard header fields stretched too much, leading to missing information
RI-016786Solution - Ethical Wall
When Skype for Business presence blocking was configured and blocked for a contact, the presence of other contacts (not blocked) was not updated
RI-016955Solution - Ethical Wall
Explanation in notifications did not get inserted into the notification text
RI-017083Solution - Ethical Wall
Content Filter notification explanation was not parsed by the engine
RI-016997Solution - Quality Management
QM evaluate icon was shown for all users' calls, but it should be shown only for QM Agents' calls
RI-015343Solution - Speech Analytics
Transcription did not work when media was encrypted
RI-017085Solution - Speech Analytics
When files were stored on SMB share, phonetic indexing did not work due to SQL Server impersonation issue
RI-015710Platform - Announcement
Cisco recording announcement fixes: - multiple announcements were played in call transfer scenarios - transformed numbers were not taken into account when checking if an announcement is needed
RI-015298Platform - Configuration
Recording notification setting was not decoded as UTF-8 resulted configuration mismatch and garbled notification messages
RI-015541Platform - Configuration
The version number of Java services were not displayed correctly
RI-016982Platform - Database
Database connections checked isolation level for every connection open event which generated an entry in the SQL Server log
RI-015980Platform - Media Processing
VF file decoding (e.g. screen capturing and legacy encryption) might allocate unnecessarily huge memory during playback
RI-015501Platform - Monitoring
Alert throttling fixed to avoid alert flooding while the System Monitoring service is down
RI-015947Platform - Monitoring
The Verba SfB/Lync Call Filter Service, the Verba SfB/Lync IM Filter Service, and the Verba SfB/Lync Communication Policy Service use separate alert IDs
RI-017084Platform - Monitoring
Conversation inactivity checks did not work due to SQL Server impersonation issue
RI-017202Platform - Monitoring
Recording activity check did not work because the database was queried with the NetBIOS name, instead of the FQDN
RI-017276Platform - Monitoring
SMTP Date header was in local time with +0000 UTC offset
RI-015339Platform - Storage Management
Voice quality check did not work for short call, the system now automatically skips calls shorter then 15 seconds
RI-015389Platform - Storage Management
Media files could not be accessed (e.g. playback, voice quality check) when media was encrypted and stored on non-SMB storage (e.g Amazon S3, HCP, EMC Centera, etc.)
RI-015609Platform - Storage Management
When using SFTP export targets, folder creation might failed
RI-016744Platform - Storage Management
For screen/app share transcoding, if the voice recording was stored on WORM, the voice media was not downloaded for stitching resulting in video without audio
RI-016751Platform - Storage Management
False alert was generated when call ended with timeout during policy based upload
RI-016967Platform - Storage Management
Media files stored on DFS namespaces could not be accessed for playback and download. A timeout could occur for SMB/DFS network folders during listing conversations.
RI-016968Platform - Storage Management
SFTP export did not work for certain SFTP server configurations because the directories were not closed when checking directory structure
RI-016978Platform - Storage Management
Insert to background task database table did not work and generated error log entries and alerts for No SQL, No Upload Policy, Legal Hold and Ondemand actions. There was no impact on policy execution.
RI-016991Platform - Storage Management
If "Do not allow storage of credentials or .NET Passports for network authentication" Network access policy is enabled, the system was unable to mount DFS shares with custom credentials
RI-017192Platform - Storage Management
Deduplication policy: when one CDR pair did not have the same number of media records as the other, the service might crashed
RI-017259Platform - Storage Management
File download and playback did not work for trader voice recordings when the Storage Management Service could not authenticate with impersonation to network folders
RI-017290Platform - Storage Management
Secondary recording flag (2N recording) was not set for conversations recorded by shared recorders
RI-017487Platform - Storage Management
The CSV column separator configuration in export policies was not applied
RI-018534Platform - Storage Management
Storage might not process all the calls for a policy, skipped calls are processed later in next schedule(s)
RI-015399Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
DBMSMultiSubnetFailover option was not handled by the SQL connection
RI-015486Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
SfB CDR reconciliation did not properly consider the Wait Time for Recorder's CDR setting which could lead to false import of missing CDRs
RI-016758Platform - Labeling
Bulk Label Add/Remove operations failed when the database default collation was different from the SQL Server default collation, and false event log entries were generated on each attempt
RI-016900Platform - Import
Skype for Business archived content importer (EML files) parser did not parse dates properly
RI-016960Platform - Import
The "Internal Domain, Numbers Pattern" setting of the Import Service was not available on the UI
RI-016965Offline Player
When downloading an encrypted conversation in VPLB format, then the temporary VPLB file (from another download) may be added to the VPLB file itself

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