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Verba 9.5 Release Notes (build

This document lists new features and fixes released in Verba 9.5 Release Notes (build

Release Date2020-02-11
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Release highlights

RI-019470Recording - Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams recording integration: - Voice, video and screen/app share recording - Integration with the official Compliance Recording API (using recorder bots) - Support for all types of Teams endpoints and call scenarios - Deployment architectures for Azure and hybrid or on-prem deployments
RI-019071Recording - Symphony
Symphony voice call recording integration: - SIPREC based integration with Symphony Recording Bridge - Secure RTP - Opus audio codec support - Support for 2N recording - Support for user location-based recording stream redirection

Known Critical Issues

First Affected
Resolved in
Certain calls between Skype for Business and Teams or Azure VoiceMail cannot be recorded

Am I affected?
All Sykpe for Business recording installations are affected where the recorded users can call Teams users or place voicemail messages in Azure VoiceMail.

Certain Skype for Business calls cannot be recorded when a recorded Skype for Business user is calling a Teams user and one of the participants is outside of the corporate network, or a recorded Skype for Business user is placing an Azure VoiceMail message. This limitation is caused by the new call setup procedure, and specifically in ICE negotiation, introduced in Teams and Azure VoiceMail, which prevents the recording system to redirect and force the calls to the Skype for Business Edge Server where the Media collector can fork the related media streams. Since the system is not able to capture the media streams related to these calls, these calls are not recorded. No alerts are raised unless CDR reconciliation is enabled.

Currently there is no workaround other than disabling Teams or Azure VM calling entirely for the recorded users. We are actively working on implementing a new solution which extends the capabilities of the Proxy Server to be able to relay these type of calls too. It requires a major change in the architecture by allowing the Proxy Server to relay calls with external participants through a public interface. It also means that that calls which are currently routed through the Skype for Business Edge Server and forked by the Media Collector Service will be routed through the Proxy Servers that same way as calls with internal or PSTN participants. We are currently targeting July 2020 with the enhanced version of the Proxy Server.
Resolved in
Call Detail Records (CDR) for the current day are incorrectly deleted from the database during the daily database maintenance job.

Am I affected?
All v9.5.2.5947 and v9.4.8.5848 or later installations could be affected.

After invoking the database purge function for ongoing calls that are stuck in the system, the daily database maintenance job can delete all call records from the database table, that stores the records for the current day, resulting in data loss. The problem can occur if the same CDR entry exists in the ongoing and the indexed finished table. In this instance, the purged records are moved to the non-indexed finished table, and a duplication occurs in the index finished table's data. The same issue can occur in one other, infrequent circumstance. The recorder service includes a process to resolve calls that are in an incorrect state, this process can move the duplicated CDR to the index table from the non-indexed table.

CDR information can be restored from the metadata XML files created by the recording services and stored along with the media file on the configured storage target. A patch is available for both v9.4 and v9.5 system which fixes the maintenance job code.

Critical Fixes

Fixed in
RI-021770Platform - Database
Call Detail Records (CDR) for the current day are incorrectly deleted from the database during the daily database maintenance job

After invoking the database purge function for ongoing calls that are stuck in the system, the daily database maintenance job can delete all call records from the database table, that stores the records for the current day, resulting in data loss. The problem can occur if the same CDR entry exists in the ongoing and the indexed finished table. In this instance, the purged records are moved to the non-indexed finished table, and a duplication occurs in the index finished table's data. The same issue can occur in one other, infrequent circumstance. The recorder service includes a process to resolve calls that are in an incorrect state, this process can move the duplicated CDR to the index table from the non-indexed table. All v9.5.2.5947 and v9.4.8.5848 or later installations could be affected. CDR information can be restored from the metadata XML files created by the recording services and stored along with the media file on the configured storage target.
If you are using the effected components, we recommend a software update.

Feature Improvements

Added in
OpenSSL library is updated to the latest v1.1.1d
Server security configuration to enable or disable TLS versions now works for Java services too
OpenSSL library is updated to the latest v1.1.1g
RI-020362Recording - Cisco
Genesys integration (for Cisco JTAPI) can be turned off for the individual Extensions by disabling the new Genesys T-Server in the Recorded Platforms setup
RI-020579Recording - Cisco
Generate an alert when the connection to the Genesys T-Server goes down
RI-018978Recording - Cisco IM
Connection up and down alerts added when IM&P server connects and disconnects to and from the Compliance service.
RI-023573Recording - Lync/SfB IM
Instant message blocking mode when all recording servers are unavailable
RI-020165Recording - Microsoft Teams
New notification/announcement setting for the Microsoft Teams Bot service which can enable or disable recording notifications on the service level
RI-020170Recording - Microsoft Teams
Environment configuration now includes Microsoft Teams tenant information used by the Microsoft Teams Bot service
RI-020312Recording - Microsoft Teams
Service performance counters added for the Microsoft Teams Bot service
RI-020315Recording - Microsoft Teams
Performance optimizations for the Microsoft Teams Bot service
RI-020416Recording - Microsoft Teams
Improved alerts for the Microsoft Teams Bot service to detect connection failures with the Unified Call Recorder service
RI-021115Recording - Microsoft Teams
New modality field on the participant list reflecting the modality used by the participant
RI-021124Recording - Microsoft Teams
The SSL certificate will be automatically bound at startup to the HTTPS ports used by the Microsoft Teams Bot service. Manual port binding is no longer required.
RI-021125Recording - Microsoft Teams
New configuration for video and VBSS stream resolutions. The configured resolution will be used as the preferred resolution at subscription. Configurable resolutions: 1080p, 720p, 540p, 360p, 240p, 180p. The resolution of the video stream can be lower than the requested resolution based on network conditions and the resolution of the source streams.
RI-021127Recording - Microsoft Teams
The Microsoft Teams Bot service supports Never Record setting for configured extensions
RI-021133Recording - Microsoft Teams
New blocking mode added to the Microsoft Teams Bot service (Block Calls When Recording Server Unavailable). The bot will not join a call if it cannot assign the call to an available recorder. If the bot cannot fail-over to an available recorder, it will terminate the ongoing call. A new alert is raised in these cases.
RI-021134Recording - Microsoft Teams
Participant information is only inserted into the database at the end of the conversation
RI-021136Recording - Microsoft Teams
Certificate-based authentication is added for Graph API in the Microsoft Teams Bot service
RI-021137Recording - Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams Bot service is now using Graph API v1.0 by default
RI-023621Recording - Microsoft Teams
Optimized media socket allocation in the Microsoft Teams Bot service to improve performance and call setup time
RI-023628Recording - Microsoft Teams
Improved failover handling in the Microsoft Teams Bot service for the Unified Call Recorder service connections: - in case the Block Calls when Recording Server Unavailable setting is enabled, the service will terminate the bot connection with Teams if the recording service connection fails - in case this setting is disabled, the bot will continuously try to connect to a recording service until the call ends
RI-018966Recording - Avaya
Deduplication for Avaya 2N recording
RI-018981Recording - Avaya
Recording tone generation for recorded calls (requires AES and CM 6.3 or later)
RI-018982Recording - Avaya
Secondary Recording Server option added to the Avaya DMCC Service
RI-018989Recording - Avaya
Avaya ESBC (Enterprise Session Border Controller) recording support added using SIPREC
RI-023634Recording - Avaya
AESDown alert is sent when CallControlListener cannot be added indicating a TSAPI link failure between the AES and CM
RI-018923Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Absolute / Discrete call splitting time (5, 10, 15, 20, 60 minutes) in addition to relative to improve deduplication and make search more user-friendly
RI-018931Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Call splitting timers are only applied on non-handset calls: - IPC Unigy: based on device information - BT IPTrade turret based recording: based on device information - BT IPTrade TPO based recording: based on call type information (DDI and intercom calls are treated as handset calls) - BT ITS: based on device information
RI-019534Recording - IPTrade
New Force Recording Media On Director setting which overrides the Media Recorder selection and prevents mid-call failover to a remote Media Recorder for IP Trade calls
RI-020858Recording - IPTrade
Support for BT IP Trade broadcast call types added with the ability to recognize display name changes
RI-018922Recording - BT ITS
New alert for BT ITS IPSI TTP packet loss with configurable threshold
RI-019507Recording - BT ITS
Support for 2 and 6 ms voice framing added to BT IT ITS / IPSI recording
RI-020360Recording - BT ITS
BT ITSAnywhere supported added (VCS turrets)
RI-019584Recording - IPC
In the case of IPC Unigy CCM failover and agent/CDR refresh failure with error code 503, the system does not try to reestablish the recording sessions, it waits until the other CCM becomes active
RI-021871Recording - SIPRec
WebRTC recording support added through AudioCodes Mediant SBCs using SIPREC. Support for VP8 and H.264 video codecs, Opus audio codec.
RI-023579Recording - Symphony
Symphony XML import for instant message and file attachment capture, and CDR reconciliation for voice and screen share recordings
RI-023876Recording - Symphony
Canceled Symphony calls are recognized and no longer marked as failed recordings
RI-018934UI - Web Interface
Export Audit Log entry now contains the export filter criteria, and a link to show the list of exported conversation records
RI-018944UI - Web Interface
Full text search improvements: - Search for phrases (multiple words) - Search for exact phrases or words - Ability to use * for prefix terms
RI-018963UI - Web Interface
Private and Important filters have been moved to the Advanced Criteria section
RI-019001UI - Web Interface
Several improvements for Audit Log: - Object Name, Object Type, Object ID are standard across all events (where applicable) - Exported calls can now be tracked in the audit log the same way as downloaded records - Numerous minor improvements for consistent information across the events
RI-019055UI - Web Interface
New single user column, displayed by default (instead of From Verba, To Verba)
RI-019061UI - Web Interface
Playback reason is extended to conversation view (IM, SMS) and download
RI-019120UI - Web Interface
New Audi Log Events for applying new or updated configurations on servers (e.g. Apply Extension Configuration, Apply Encryption Key Configuration, Restart Service, etc.)
RI-019147UI - Web Interface
Apache Tomcat version is upgraded to 9.0.27
RI-019184UI - Web Interface
The Web-based UI can be embedded in Microsoft Teams tabs
RI-019259UI - Web Interface
When deleting export jobs, users can decide if they want to keep the exported calls or not
RI-019364UI - Web Interface
Marker option added to Text Search so that multiple markers can be searched (All of these, Any of these, None of these)
RI-019504UI - Web Interface
New Conversation List Layout configuration window which includes filtering, categories and improved usability
RI-019583UI - Web Interface
Search and export improvements in CDR-Only record handling. CDR-Only records without related media are automatically excluded from search (new filter options are available).
RI-020121UI - Web Interface
New simplified multi-call download which allows downloading multiple records by selecting checkboxes across multiple pages. The result is a single ZIP file containing the audio or video files (other content types are not supported) and a CSV file with the same metadata displayed on the search screen and an HTML file which can be used to see the list of the downloaded files with their associated metadata
RI-020125UI - Web Interface
The Mute Recording feature is now available on the Ongoing Conversations screen
RI-020158UI - Web Interface
Invalidated users are no longer visible on the Role User Association screen
RI-020576UI - Web Interface
Technical Call Identifier filter added to the Advanced Search
RI-020645UI - Web Interface
Adding and updating Recorder Line PIN code generation to the My Account page
RI-020646UI - Web Interface
CDR-Only Records Without Related Media are not hidden by default because it makes the queries run longer
RI-020655UI - Web Interface
Azure AD synchronization now supports group filters
RI-021874UI - Web Interface
Absolute time in the timeline is now available as an alternative option in the player, in addition to the existing timer
RI-021875UI - Web Interface
New date and time interval selector on the search page to easily set intervals such as last 15 minutes, last 1 hour, today, this week, etc.
RI-021876UI - Web Interface
The player is able to save settings such as volume, playback speed, show/hide markers, skip silence, and absolute/relative timer. The settings are saved in the browser cookies on the local computer.
RI-022064UI - Web Interface
Improved translations for German, French, Japanese, Korean and Russian languages
RI-023520UI - Web Interface
Direction (User) field is added the configurable metadata columns in advanced export
RI-023719UI - Web Interface
The duration filter now supports milliseconds to make sure the specified seconds are correctly filtered in the Data Retention Policy, Conversation Export, Labeling Rules, Role features
RI-024216UI - Web Interface
v9.5 Web Application compatibility added with v9.6 Hub deployments
RI-024333UI - Web Interface
New Identity Provider (IdP) option: Authentication with Reverse Proxy which allows single-sign-on deployment where the IdP is providing the authentication information in HTTP request headers via a reverse proxy deployed in front of the Tomcat application server
RI-026973UI - Web Interface
Tomcat OpenSSL upgraded to 1.1.1k (APR 1.2.27)
RI-018976UI - Reporting
Conversation Access Event Details (previously Call Playback Event Details) now includes all access events: Playback, Download, View, Export
RI-019330UI - Reporting
Generated reports can be saved on network drive (w/ custom credentials)
RI-020018UI - Reporting
Recorded User is added to the Conversation Access Event Details report
RI-020648UI - Reporting
Custom Chromium version can be used for dashboard snapshot generation
RI-020789UI - Reporting
New report: Conversations with No Media Details showing records where recorded media is not available
RI-021108UI - Reporting
New report: Users showing configured users with assigned extensions, roles and groups
RI-021555UI - Reporting
Users report is updated to show additional information such as application access and last login data
RI-023545UI - Reporting
New Export Summary report showing information about all configured export policies and jobs executed in the system in the defined date interval
RI-023875UI - Reporting
New Users Conversation Volume report showing the total number of recorded conversations for users
RI-019655Solution - Ethical Wall
Skype for Business 'Call me in' scenarios are evaluated as the user's sip:uri who requested the call me in. It allows the user to use any number for 'Call me in'.
RI-018971Platform - Announcement
Announcement whitelist takes only the external party into account, which makes the definition of the whitelist matching pattern easier
RI-022068Platform - API
Related call support added to DeleteCall and KeepCall HTTP API calls
RI-019208Platform - Configuration
New role in the system, called Hub. Hub allows using sites across multiple VFC instances: - Recording Servers can redirect recording streams across multiple VFC instances (regions with separate VFC deployments) - Instances are registered in the Hub - Site information with associated recorded extensions (line/URI/User ID) and servers are shared across all registered extensions - Application Servers (Media Repository) in the instances initiating the connection and the configuration update to the Hub and then the Hub distributes the new configuration to all instances
RI-019345Platform - Configuration
Site configuration: - Sites link users (their recorded lines/URIs/User IDs) and servers together to configure a preference for the location of the recording - Sites can be organized into site groups, e.g. 2 data centers in a city/country - Recording Servers can understand site/location information for regulated/recorded users and can redirect recording streams to another server configured for the site which the user belongs to - Supported integrations: Symphony (using SIP 300 REDIRECT to route the SIP INVITE to the preferred Recording Server)
RI-019998Platform - Configuration
Secure SIP port certificates are now validated at service startup
RI-018933Platform - Database
For improved database performance, the system no longer lookups related conversations automatically, only on user request
RI-019099Platform - Database
New built-in Verba System account which is assigned to data entries, audit logs, etc. Users are not able to login with this account.
RI-020574Platform - Database
Reorganize database table indexes are only done once a week on the weekends by default
RI-024637Platform - Database
The database Index Rebuild process is automatically stopped after 24 hours to avoid blocking normal operation by the database maintenance process
RI-027092Platform - Database
The search was slow in certain cases because the SQL Server has built the wrong execution plan
RI-024927Platform - Licensing
License violation alerts include more detailed information about the current license
RI-018988Platform - Media Processing
Voice Activity Detection (VAD) and Automatic Gain Control (AGC) are improved to handle line noise better
RI-020778Platform - Media Processing
New high-resolution video transcoding options added: 1440p and 2160p
RI-021241Platform - Media Processing
After video call was deescalated to voice, the last video frame was kept during the voice-only part in the transcoded media
RI-023336Platform - Media Processing
Media Streamer Service cache performance improvement for playback to avoid duplicate transcoding
RI-019080Platform - Monitoring
Adding a new Alert View to the SCOM MP, for the alerts with a state greater than or equal 254
RI-019085Platform - Monitoring
Change the Alert View in SCOM to filter to a whole range instead of specific states
RI-019635Platform - Monitoring
SCOM updated with BT ITS specific alerts
RI-018967Platform - Storage Management
Network shares with custom credentials can be defined for Export and Download as ZIP File (previously called Direct Download) exports
RI-019230Platform - Storage Management
Users can define which Media Repository Server should execute the export. It allows better alignment with the geographical locations of the export targets.
RI-019499Platform - Storage Management
CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) header support added to DELL EMC Isilon SmartLock integration
RI-020099Platform - Storage Management
There was a delay in media stitching/download when the SQL Server was busy with retrieving calls for data retention policy
RI-020352Platform - Storage Management
Transcoding support added for non-SMB storages. Media files are now downloaded to the Application Server/Media Repository, transcoded and then the transcoded version is uploaded to the original storage target and kept in the local cache on the server. EMC Centera (and EMC ECS using the Centera API) storage targets are not supported for transcoded.
RI-021774Platform - Storage Management
Possible handle leak resolved and connection error handling improved for SFTP export
RI-023536Platform - Storage Management
New instant message formating is available for SMTP exports (IMTranscript2)
RI-023549Platform - Storage Management
Direct export policy option that enables fast and high volume automatic and continuous export of data directly from the Recording Servers. Direct upload policy option that enables fast and high volume upload of data to the storage targets without running database queries.
RI-023567Platform - Storage Management
File attachments (file shares, file transfers) can be viewed and exported inline with instant message conversations for Skype for Business and Symphony (XML import)
RI-023873Platform - Storage Management
Filtering of CDRs without media is done in the Storage Service for performance reasons
RI-023963Platform - Storage Management
New SMTP export target fields to display date and time values in the recorded user timezone: [IMTranscript2_InUserTimezone], [UserTimezone], [StartDateTimeInUserTimezone], [StartDateInUserTimezone], [StartTimeInUserTimezone], [EndDateTimeInUserTimezone], [EndDateInUserTimezone], [EndTimeInUserTimezone]
RI-023971Platform - Storage Management
VSFT secure file upload protocol connection timeout is now configurable
RI-020369Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
Skype for Business CDR reconciliation improvements: - the Passive Recorder Service can optionally create database records even if the RTP threshold is not reached - the CDR reconciliation process can match and store the RTP counters available in the SfB QoE database and captured by the Verba recorders, the alerts raised in case of missing recording contains both RTP counter values - the Not-Recorded and Incorrect Conversation Details report shows both RTP counters when available
RI-019365Platform - Labeling
Automatic labels can be set up based on markers (e.g. markers can store DTMF information)
RI-021101Platform - Import
Generic Import: Improve the UI with Field Path Item reorder functionality and hide the not used input fields
RI-021110Platform - Import
Generic import source: Add XPath filtering functionality support
RI-023342Platform - Import
Failed multipart content is logged into a separate folder (limited size) instead of a log file for the Import API
RI-023955Platform - Import
Playback, download, and export support for legacy calls stored on Hitachi Content Platform and migrated from Verint v11
RI-024330Platform - Import
Migration from Verint v15 WFO platform allowing importing of historical recordings: - Support for archived calls only - Supported archive mediums: SMB folder, EMC Centera, Hitachi Content Platform (tapes, DVDs, or any other removable media is not supported) - Storage targets are automatically created based on the archive configuration in Verint - All Verint file formats and codecs are supported: wave file using G.729, G.723.1, or G.726 - Encrypted calls are not supported - Both back office and front office (trader voice) calls can be imported - Users, Groups, and Extension can be migrated from v15.2 systems. The Users' conversation access scope is not migrated. - Migrated calls are assigned to users defined in Verba based on their associated recorded extensions (Trader ID / Extension or Phone Number / SIP URI)


Fixed in
Possible CSV command injection vulnerability resolved when a malicious user can make Excel running commands. For more information, see
Vulnerability resolved which made it possible to update user passwords without enforcing password rules on the administrator pages
Vulnerability resolved when the web application infrastructure details (version number) were disclosed with the error message
Vulnerability resolved when the system sent previously saved Active Directory passwords in plain text during Connection Test
RI-019525Recording - Cisco
Cisco network-based recording with JTAPI integration: conversations had not been inserted into the database or got stuck ongoing in very rare cases
RI-019630Recording - Cisco
Cisco JTAPI call details were not added to the Barger party's recording in case of Barge calls (Called information and Agent/User ID)
RI-020004Recording - Cisco
Cisco Unity voice mail calls were not recorded due SCCP protocol changes
RI-020013Recording - Cisco
Cisco JTAPI service did not associate conference participants with users
RI-020575Recording - Cisco
If the Verba Cisco JTAPI Service was stopped meanwhile it was processing an End Call event, then the call could stick in the ongoing records
RI-021246Recording - Cisco
Unchanged Genesys metadata were not stored for the next call of an extension
RI-021550Recording - Cisco
In very rare cases, the Unified Call Recorder service sent the call end event twice to the Cisco JTAPI service which caused an error and an alert was raised. No data was lost.
RI-022057Recording - Cisco
The Verba Unified Call Recorder service could not connect via IPv6 to the Verba Cisco JTAPI Service if FQDN or hostname was configured
RI-022072Recording - Cisco
In the case of Cisco JTAPI integration, when the participant information contained special characters, then the files were not uploaded because of a character conversion problem
RI-019606Recording - Lync/SfB
Skype for Business calls to Azure Voice Mail did not work when the SfB user was configured for proxy-based recording
RI-020120Recording - Lync/SfB
False SRTP decryption alerts were raised for SfB - Teams interop calls
RI-021109Recording - Lync/SfB
Skype for Business Filter services stuck at startup when the Secure API certificate was not found
RI-023339Recording - Lync/SfB
Log masking in Skype for Business/Lync Filter Services could lead to failure in logging which could interrupt the normal operation of the service and cause loss of recordings
RI-024928Recording - Lync/SfB
The SfB Filter service didn't take into account the keep-alive timeout configuration properly. In the case of a congested network, the proxy could have exceeded 5 seconds response window which caused the filter to drop the connection.
RI-023965Recording - Lync/SfB IM
The Skype for Business IM recorder could not create an XML file for the conferences when direct export/upload configuration was used
RI-020181Recording - Microsoft Teams
Unified Call Recorder service might have crashed after configuring Microsoft Teams Bot service connection with an FQDN which could not be resolved
RI-020354Recording - Microsoft Teams
Unified Call Recorder service could not continue recording for Teams calls after call splitting timer expired (2 hours by default)
RI-020412Recording - Microsoft Teams
After a participant changed the screen/app share source, the system stopped recording the stream
RI-020413Recording - Microsoft Teams
Meeting participants were not inserted into the database in some rare cases
RI-020415Recording - Microsoft Teams
The application secret was stored as a clear text in the local registry on the server. After upgrade, the secret has to be re-entered on the configuration interface.
RI-020771Recording - Microsoft Teams
The connection between the Microsoft Teams Bot and the Unified Call Recorder service might have stuck and the system could not record calls
RI-021116Recording - Microsoft Teams
Conversations could not be found when extensions were not configured in an environment/tenant when multi-tenancy was enabled
RI-021121Recording - Microsoft Teams
Source platform was not filled in the database record
RI-021122Recording - Microsoft Teams
P2P escalation to group call was not reflected in the database and there was no new recording started
RI-021123Recording - Microsoft Teams
The connection between the Microsoft Teams Bot and the Unified Call Recorder services could be stuck in a registration state which prevented call recording. No alerts were raised.
RI-021135Recording - Microsoft Teams
The Microsoft Teams Bot service subscribed for video or VBSS streams of the call participants even if these modalities were not configured for the recorded user
RI-021138Recording - Microsoft Teams
The service ignored the 'Number of Recorded Video Participants' configuration and it was limited for 4 video streams
RI-021140Recording - Microsoft Teams
The Microsoft Teams Bot service could not parse anonymous caller which caused missing CDR entries in the database
RI-021553Recording - Microsoft Teams
Connection recovery mechanisms improved in the Unified Call Recorder service with the Microsoft Teams Bot service in case of partial connection failures
RI-021860Recording - Microsoft Teams
When the Microsoft Teams Bot service was not able to answer a call because the call was already terminated, the call was not properly terminated in the service which could lead to unnecessary memory consumption in the long run
RI-021862Recording - Microsoft Teams
Direct routed calls were identified as internal calls
RI-021863Recording - Microsoft Teams
Guest users were not stored as participants
RI-021864Recording - Microsoft Teams
The Microsoft Teams Bot tried to use a connection intermittently to the Unified Call Recorder service which was already closed and it required ~5 seconds to find a new live connection
RI-021865Recording - Microsoft Teams
The Microsoft Teams Bot service didn't subscribe to the VBSS stream if the user was never a dominant speaker
RI-023622Recording - Microsoft Teams
Teams calls/meetings longer than 45 minutes could not be recorded if there was no participant change or any activity (mute/unmute, video on/off, etc.) during the 45 minutes
RI-024040Recording - Microsoft Teams
HSTS response headers were missing for HTTPS listeners on 9440 and 10100 ports for the Microsoft Teams Bot service
RI-024041Recording - Microsoft Teams
When multi-tenancy was disabled, the Microsoft Teams Bot service used the 0000 environment ID and the recordings were uploaded into the 0000 folder
RI-019501Recording - Avaya
Avaya DMCC Service tried the next (backup) CM when got "Access code invalid" error during extension registration
RI-022071Recording - Avaya
The Avaya DMCC/JTAPI Service tried to register extensions where the Recorded Platform was not configured for Avaya (the system raised alerts)
RI-023635Recording - Avaya
The Avaya DMCC/JTAPI Service will not go to the next CM on "terminalExcluded" and "InvalidDeviceStateException" errors, and will not try to register extensions while AES Connection error handling is in progress
RI-024042Recording - Avaya
Preferred Codecs list was incorrect in the hint of the Avaya Recorder / Avaya DMCC / Preferred Codec server configuration
RI-027094Recording - Avaya
The Avaya DMCC/JTAPI Service did not register subsequent extensions if an extension in the list could not be registered due to "Softphone must be enabled" error was received
RI-019024Recording - Centile
Centile connector service did not insert new database fields such as file size, modality, etc.
RI-018915Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Markers overlapping segmented calls were stored inaccurately
RI-018938Recording - Unified Call Recorder
In case of terminating the recording with call timeout (no call end event received, not trader voice recording), the end time of the record was the time of timeout occurred instead of the last media received
RI-020363Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Conference participants were not inserted at video escalation or CDR update
RI-020573Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Due to SQL performance reasons, participant information is available only at conversation end
RI-021637Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Media file recovery after a service crash might fail for BT IPTrade, IPC Unigy or Speakerbus calls when Voice Activity Detection (VAD) is not enabled
RI-018965Recording - IPTrade
If CDR was updated with the same caller/callee number/URI then a possible display name/line label change was skipped and not reflected in the CDR
RI-020410Recording - IPTrade
When using Voice Activity Detection (VAD) for BT IP Trade recording, voice clipping could occur at the end of the recording if the media recording session was very short (few seconds or less)
RI-020787Recording - IPTrade
BT IPTrade recording with separate streams for caller and callee (no mixing) crashed the recorder service. Alert was raised. The issue affected v9.5.2.5950 or later releases only.
RI-021557Recording - IPTrade
After TPO failover, the system might not detect number changes for calls and stored the initial number only
RI-021560Recording - IPTrade
BT IPTrade TPO recording: call type was determined only for the master call leg but not for turret legs
RI-023882Recording - IPTrade
IPTrade turret based playback was very slow due to the wrong execution plan compiled by SQL Server
RI-018964Recording - BT ITS
BT ITS trader name metadata was not properly looked up if the trader was configured with extended trader ID and it did not match the legacy ID and provisioning source was TMS file
RI-019631Recording - BT ITS
If BT ITS TTP staggering time for a given TTP was longer than TTP initialization timeout, recorder considered TTP as failed for a short period of time. This resulted in a false TTP Down alert and in the case of dynamic load balancing of TTPs, it could trigger a Media Recorder failover unnecessarily
RI-020096Recording - BT ITS
BT username metadata field was updated on the media record if this information was arrived after creating the media/vox record (next media/vox record contained this information properly)
RI-021544Recording - BT ITS
Line label changes from TMS/LDAP did not trigger refreshing the line label information on the calls
RI-019004Recording - IPC
The Line Description and the Direction fields were missing from the IPC Unigy Metadata Template in case of some specific upgrade paths
RI-019571Recording - IPC
Media recording could stop when there was a Media Recorder failure at the same time when there was a new media session establishment
RI-019963Recording - IPC
IPC Unigy CTI connection up (Recording Provider Up) alert was sent out with wrong alert type (Recording Provider Down)
RI-020002Recording - IPC
Unified Call Recorder Service could not be started in rare cases after server power failure due to corrupted local SQL cache
RI-020639Recording - IPC
Recording for IPC Unigy softclients did not work because the recorder did not offer AES_CM_128_HMAC_SHA1_80 for SRTP
RI-020772Recording - Cloud9
Cloud9 import failed when microphone was set for device type in case of ring down calls
RI-023326Recording - Desktop
Screen capturing and popup could not be triggered based on agent/user ID, only by source/destination number
RI-022060Recording - Symphony
Symphony EML import did not work for specific HTML and inline image content
RI-018929UI - Web Interface
Group Membership Primary flag was reset to the Default group when the administrator could not see the Primary checkbox (because of the HideFeatures setting)
RI-019550UI - Web Interface
Azure AD and ADFS SSO did not work when the web application was behind a load balancer because the wrong Redirect URI was sent to the SSO server
RI-020101UI - Web Interface
"End of retention" field couldn't be saved in Conversation Layout configuration
RI-020103UI - Web Interface
Verify Signature displayed "Signature file not found" when the files were stored on non-SMB/DFS storage targets
RI-020106UI - Web Interface
After an upgrade from 9.4 or older version, if a user was removed from the AD before the first Verba AD Sync run, then the user was not deactivated, because her Object GUID was not set in the Verba database
RI-020154UI - Web Interface
User Bulk Update modified users out of scope when the Enable Modality Based Direction Rules is enabled and the updated fields contained Modalities
RI-020155UI - Web Interface
Import Sources were visible in all tenants
RI-020178UI - Web Interface
Playback of the transcoded video file did not work when the files were stored on a WORM storage and the transcoded file was not on the storage but only in the local file cache
RI-020317UI - Web Interface
Login screen did not work when the session expired on a dashboard
RI-020357UI - Web Interface
The Audit Log Details report did not filter for the tenant
RI-020577UI - Web Interface
The group supervisor was not able to search on the users already removed from the supervised group
RI-020583UI - Web Interface
Administrators with Ready-Only Extensions permissions could invalidate extensions when they had Users/Groups Update permission
RI-020642UI - Web Interface
Playback of the transcoded video file did not work when the files were stored on a NAS accessible by custom credentials, and the record was signed
RI-020786UI - Web Interface
Verify Signature displayed error when the recordings were signed but not encrypted and the files were stored on storage that did not support UNC path
RI-021102UI - Web Interface
Error occurred when deleting an export task while it was still running
RI-021559UI - Web Interface
The Audit Log Types could not be inserted into the database when the Verba database collation differed from the default collation of the database server
RI-021780UI - Web Interface
The group name was not fully visible in forms with group selection option
RI-022055UI - Web Interface
Web Application did not work in cloud mode for Node Manager when Java Runtime version 11 was used
RI-022075UI - Web Interface
Background Tasks page export did not generate the file with proper data
RI-022076UI - Web Interface
Extension deactivation did not work instantly when the client's timezone was behind GMT
RI-023327UI - Web Interface
User Filter using "Synchronizing AD Profile ID" did not work on the Users List screen
RI-023332UI - Web Interface
The group could not be deleted if there was a Shared Item referencing it
RI-023519UI - Web Interface
The first Active Directory Profile was not select-able on the Active Directory Profiles List screen in Russian language
RI-023587UI - Web Interface
Role filtering criteria did not support international characters
RI-023879UI - Web Interface
Selecting the Excel export option on the Alert Management page resulted in a blank page
RI-023884UI - Web Interface
User group membership will not be updated when the user is primarily synchronized by an AD Profile which should not synchronize users. Membership update incorrectly happened when the user started to be merged by another AD Profile.
RI-023887UI - Web Interface
Audio segment download in player did not work for trader voice recordings with stitched media
RI-023890UI - Web Interface
Search was very slow for trader voice conversations due to the wrong execution plan compiled by SQL Server
RI-024047UI - Web Interface
When using a direct link to open the Conversation Details, the Protect icon did not work and the Related Calls icon was visible even if it was not working (and now removed)
RI-024066UI - Web Interface
The selected Identity Providers were displayed as "Available" too when cloning an existing Role
RI-024211UI - Web Interface
Home Page setting did not work with Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA)
RI-024215UI - Web Interface
Users were able to bypass playback restriction when the multiple playback feature was used
RI-024334UI - Web Interface
Advanced Export was visible on the Search screen even if the user did not have the "Conversations List Export" permission. The server threw an error when the user tried to use it without a permission.
RI-024338UI - Web Interface
Bulk Media download was available even if the user had no "Download a Conversation" permission
RI-024517UI - Web Interface
The newly created users were not put into the groups which were selected on the AD profile's New Users' Properties when the Synchronize Security Groups checkbox was not turned on.
RI-024634UI - Web Interface
"Not Equal to" and "Does not match a value in the list" Group filters in Data Retention Policies, Roles Conversation Access Filters etc did not work properly because matched the User even if it was a member of the group just had another membership too
RI-024938UI - Web Interface
If the user did not have "Customize Conversation Export Target Folder" permission, then the Direct Download feature did not work
RI-024941UI - Web Interface
Media files bigger then 2 GB cannot be downloaded and played back from the web application
RI-024942UI - Web Interface
The e-mail generated by the Send URL feature displays question marks for non-ASCII characters
RI-026363UI - Web Interface
When the Active Directory Synchronization had a custom schedule in a redundant deployment, and Media Repository 1 executed the sync, then Media Repository 2 computed the wrong "Next Time of Execution" and locked the database for a few hours unnecessarily
RI-027494UI - Web Interface
Playback of a Desktop Screen recording was audio-only after the VF file was converted to MP4 and got deleted
RI-027495UI - Web Interface
After the VF file was removed by a delete policy, the remaining audio record could not be played back from any browsers except Internet Explorer. This was because the Video Codec ID was still filled in, and so the streamer service was not being used to transcode the audio to a format playable by Chrome.
RI-021778UI - Waveforms
The waveform was not available for Skype for Business screen/application share recordings if SMB storage was used with custom credentials
RI-020098UI - Reporting
Voice Quality Check Details report only returned the top 100 random records
RI-020783UI - Reporting
Dashboard templates were only available in the reference environment/tenant
RI-020792UI - Reporting
Dashboard filters did not work in widget configuration for pre-populated lists
RI-021104UI - Reporting
Conversations Length Trend Dashboard Widget did not work but displayed a SQL error
RI-021242UI - Reporting
Users CDR Reconciliation Summary report group filters did not work
RI-021244UI - Reporting
Voice Quality Check report issues: - the report showed that there was an "Overall Score less than 75" filter even when there was no filter at all - group filter did not work
RI-023329UI - Reporting
When creating a Voice Quality Check Details report with a group filter, then the users, which were already removed from the group, were included in the report
RI-023331UI - Reporting
An alert was generated each time a report was created: Could not upload xxx report (xxx.pdf) to null (when report upload was not enabled)
RI-023524UI - Reporting
When adding a group filter to the Call Activity Trend report, it did not get generated
RI-023531UI - Reporting
Voice Quality Check Details report Voice Quality criteria were not in parenthesis and they use the OR operator so that could cause a mistake if there were other criteria too
RI-023624UI - Reporting
Dashboard localization did not work
RI-023868UI - Reporting
The Conversation Access Event Details report supported the English language only
RI-024212UI - Reporting
The Server Capacity report did not work and the system generated 0kb reports (no report output) with exceptions in the log files
RI-024339UI - Reporting
Server Configuration with Profile report: when there were multiple profiles for the same role, then only one of the profiles' settings were shown
RI-024362UI - Reporting
Dashboard snapshot schedule was late when the creation time converted to UTC resulted in a negative time. For example, 7:30 AM Hong Kong time should be created at -0:30AM UTC. That was not converted to 11:30PM.
RI-024474UI - Reporting
Dashboard snapshot schedule was not correct when the creation time converted to UTC resulted in a longer time then 24 hours
RI-019654Solution - Ethical Wall
Skype for Business DataShare in conferences (whiteboard, PPT share, polls, Q&A, etc.) was evaluated improperly which resulted in allowing these scenarios if the DataShare session policy configured with IM allow policy.
RI-019656Solution - Ethical Wall
Evaluation of the phone numbers changed to use the numbers without the domain part. When it was using the numbers with the domain-part, it didn't match any phone number based ethical wall rules e.g.: phone number as a conference participant, PSTN calls, phone number as simring.
RI-021551Solution - Ethical Wall
When single directional presence blocking was configured, user A who should have seen the user B's presence was not able to see the user B's presence after login until the first presence change of user B due to blocked presence probing
RI-024939Solution - Quality Management
Quality Management Form Custom Field titles and values were not saved
RI-020781Platform - Announcement
Call setup failed intermittently when Cisco outbound announcement was configured
RI-018959Platform - API
AttachMetaData API call returned affected rows = 0 when there was no metadata attached to the call yet
RI-019976Platform - API
GetMediaEncoded API call did not take the format parameter into account and always returned WAVE files
RI-020285Platform - API
Attach Metadata HTTP Business API call did not work for ongoing conversations
RI-023328Platform - API
HTTP Business API Ongoing Conversation Search did not work without Authentication (when the API Key did not require authentication)
RI-023517Platform - API
SearchCalls API added one minute to the received end time parameter
RI-023967Platform - API
Provisioning API getStoragePolicies and getStoragePolicy returned a StorageFolder even when the policy had no Storage Folder (then returned a dummy folder with id 0)
RI-024639Platform - API
SearchCalls API threw error when searching for ongoing calls without the end time parameter
RI-018958Platform - Configuration
If User and Group Full DN information contained special characters, the users were continuously activated and deactivated by Active Directory Synchronization
RI-019144Platform - Configuration
Service reread failure after a Refresh Extension Configuration or an Apply Communication Policy Configuration tasks were not displayed and considered as errors
RI-020581Platform - Configuration
CSP certificates might refer to a KSP key and the system was unable to load the key in that case
RI-020773Platform - Configuration
In the case of IPv6 address in the Media Repository HTTP URL, JTAPI service URL, and Recorder Server URL, the host part was not parsed properly
RI-019989Platform - Database
The update-for-9.4.sql script threw an error under certain circumstances when there were calls marked as Private
RI-020006Platform - Database
Database connection error handling improved to reduce unnecessary alerts
RI-020356Platform - Database
The Daily Maintenance Job threw an error when the same ccdr_id existed in section1 and section2 tables
RI-021556Platform - Database
Snapshot Isolation update conflict could result in partial data updates in e.g. Active Directory synchronization when recorded extensions were not added
RI-021558Platform - Database
Disposal Log entries were not created
RI-023522Platform - Database
Maintenance job execution timeout was one hour when it was called from the Web Application
RI-024342Platform - Database
The upload process prevented Maintenance Job from running and vice versa
RI-024633Platform - Database
The following deletion functions did not work since - On-Demand call deletion after call buffer expires (Storage Service) - Deletion of CDRs where there was no voice activity for trader voice recording (Unified Call Recorder Service) - Deleting records during deduplication (Storage Service) - Manual deletion on the Web UI (Web Application Service) In all cases, the related services raised an alert on failed deletion attempts.
RI-021099Platform - Licensing
License Usage was not logged when there were multiple tenants
RI-024218Platform - Licensing
License Usage was not counted after a Web Application restart until the daily license check or visiting the license screen
RI-024636Platform - Licensing
License: Media Monitor (CDR Reconciliation) check counted non-voice Extensions too
RI-019511Platform - Media Processing
Storage Service and/or Media Codec could crash when mixing video in specific layouts
RI-019512Platform - Media Processing
If mobile video recording changes the aspect ratio (landscape/portrait, mobile is rotated 90 degrees), the video layout did not adapt to it and distorted the picture
RI-019536Platform - Media Processing
Media records stuck in ongoing state could prevent users to playback calls referencing the media channel
RI-019613Platform - Media Processing
Transcoding for desktop screen capture did not work when the total resolution if the screens were higher than 2048x2048 pixel
RI-020572Platform - Media Processing
If Siren stream had loss the decoding might crash during transcoding
RI-020582Platform - Media Processing
In rare cases, video streams might have had a color defect at mixing
RI-020776Platform - Media Processing
In the case of MP4 transcoding, when there was a long gap in the video (video was turned off and on again), then instead of showing black screen, the last frame was repeated
RI-021237Platform - Media Processing
Memory consumption could increase temporarily dramatically (up to 4-6 GBytes) if there was a gap in the video stream during MP4 encoding
RI-021547Platform - Monitoring
Memory leak in OpenSSL 1.1.1 caused memory issues for the following services: - Node Manager Agent - System Monitor In the case of the Node Manager Agent service, the service could leak 10 MBytes per hour when e.g. the Service Control page as open in the web application.
RI-018951Platform - Storage Management
Export did not work for Bloomberg voice
RI-019059Platform - Storage Management
The number of maximum files for media stitching was limited to 512, it is unlimited from now on
RI-019368Platform - Storage Management
The Encrypt and Sign policy tried to re-encrypt the files which were already encrypted when a new certificate was selected
RI-019605Platform - Storage Management
EMC Isilon SmartLock secure API connection did not work
RI-019967Platform - Storage Management
Exporting instant messages in a multitenant environment (when the transcript file was not available on the storage) resulted in an incorrect output path
RI-019987Platform - Storage Management
The upload policies in a multitenant environment do not take into account the tenant EID if the policy did not contain filters
RI-019992Platform - Storage Management
Player based video transcoding did not work on SMB shares with custom credentials
RI-020016Platform - Storage Management
Playback did not work in some cases for imported calls from a Verint WFO system when the medial files (TAR) were archived on EMC Centera
RI-020108Platform - Storage Management
Deduplication did not work due to database transaction rollback issues
RI-020124Platform - Storage Management
Deduplication of encrypted records (Avaya, Skype for Business, Passive SIP) could invalidate crypto information when the secondary recording was considered better than the primary copy. This caused the file to be unusable.
RI-020179Platform - Storage Management
Metadata XML files for CDR-only records were not uploaded to EMC Centera and ECS
RI-020353Platform - Storage Management
SfB application share (RDP only) recordings could not be transcoded on SMB storages when custom SMB credentials were used
RI-020585Platform - Storage Management
.g729 files were not properly handled at export and playback, transcoding showed an error message about not supported codec
RI-020854Platform - Storage Management
SfB application share (VMF files) recordings could not be transcoded on SMB storages when custom SMB credentials were used
RI-020856Platform - Storage Management
Data retention times beyond 2038 could not be applied on Netapp SnapLock
RI-021100Platform - Storage Management
Export failed randomly from Amazon S3 and Amazon S3 compatible storage targets
RI-021243Platform - Storage Management
Export of encrypted calls might not export the encryption info file if the media was not to be transcoded
RI-021245Platform - Storage Management
Call export did not work if the voice transcoding format specified was the same as the original file format
RI-021640Platform - Storage Management
Connection error with EMC Isilon SmartLock when special characters were used in API credentials
RI-021775Platform - Storage Management
Metadata XML files were not exported using the advanced export feature when media stitching was enabled for CDR-Only records
RI-021776Platform - Storage Management
During policy-based export, metadata XML files were not decrypted even if decryption was enabled for the policy
RI-021779Platform - Storage Management
SMTP export did not work and Storage service crashed if the size of the file attachment was smaller then 2 Bytes
RI-023515Platform - Storage Management
Export and import of Skype for Business IM conversations did not work when IM transcript file creating was enabled in the recorder service
RI-023588Platform - Storage Management
Upload/Move/Copy policies did not work for EMC ECS configured with S3 Compatible integration due to wrong chunked response processing
RI-023631Platform - Storage Management
Trader voice recording playback did not work if retrieving the media records from the database took more than 30 seconds
RI-023636Platform - Storage Management
File attachment upload failed if the there was at least on failed upload attempt before
RI-023735Platform - Storage Management
Policy task execution was not visible on the background task page when there was an error in policy execution
RI-023871Platform - Storage Management
Advanced Export manifest file contained the temporary file path of the media files if the file was to be transcoded or stitched
RI-023883Platform - Storage Management
Advanced Export and Export Policy could show invalid records count at the end of the task if new, matching records were inserted to the database while the task was running
RI-023897Platform - Storage Management
Media stitching for playback and export was very slow for trader voice conversations due to the wrong execution plan compiled by SQL Server
RI-023953Platform - Storage Management
On-demand conversation processing SQL queries might fail after a long idle time. Alerts were raised and queries were executed again.
RI-023970Platform - Storage Management
Recent than/older than filtering for advanced export did not work as expected because the reference date was based on the current time and not on the export schedule
RI-023975Platform - Storage Management
In case of data was modified by other processes during executing the deletion transaction in the deduplication policy, the failed transaction was not retried, instead of alert was raised and processing was reattempted only at the next policy run
RI-023976Platform - Storage Management
Policy-based upload ignored policy level retention period setting if Prefer User Retention was enabled and the value was empty
RI-024039Platform - Storage Management
Policy based export ignored the "Encrypt XML metadata" checkbox on UI and encrypted all the time when the media was encrypted
RI-024065Platform - Storage Management
The wrong file was played back in some cases in the player in case of Verint v11 migrated calls which were stored on Hitachi Content Platform
RI-024471Platform - Storage Management
The User-preferred retention settings is not applied intermittently, because the database record is not updated with the final User information yet when the storage already started to process the recording
RI-024931Platform - Storage Management
Advanced Export: CSV metadata was not properly escaped if it contained delimiter, newline, or " characters
RI-024934Platform - Storage Management
Storage Management and Speech Analytics services startup failed if there was no SQL connection
RI-024936Platform - Storage Management
The priority of the upload policies was not properly handled and in case multiple upload policies were matching the call the system did not take into account the configured priority setting
RI-024937Platform - Storage Management
The User-preferred data retention setting was not applied intermittently if the upload policy did not have a filter or the call was still in the ongoing table while the upload policy started to process the call
RI-026971Platform - Storage Management
Deduplication policy related improvements and fixes: - the policy did not check if the media had been uploaded for all CDR/Media records, so it might have failed to delete or copy the related ones and the processing policy was retried in the next schedule - the policy did not give up processing (committing conversation as processed) conversations that were under retention - processing secondary records might have continued with the next policy before the related primary pair had been processed by the policy
RI-026972Platform - Storage Management
Retention information was lost after executing the "Archive in DB" policy
RI-024933Platform - Media Streaming
When both Verba\LocalIP and LocalIP6 were empty, the Media Streamer service started normally but did not start listening on. Now it will throw a configuration error/alert.
RI-024472Installer - Servers
The private key of the generated server certificate was not exportable
RI-019517Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
Cisco CDR Column Filters configuration did not work for Cisco CDR reconciliation
RI-019524Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
Cisco CDR reconciliation could not filter out calls on shared lines which were handled by non-recorded users
RI-020368Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
Some of the policy settings are not refreshed on-the-fly for Import policies which are running non-scheduled
RI-020491Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
In the case of persistent SQL Server connection errors, the system might have skipped CDRs during reconciliation
RI-020644Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
The CDR Import service crashed during recheck when it tried to delete a failed CDR
RI-020767Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
CDR import was unable to update Skype for Business conference participants
RI-021552Platform - Labeling
Labeling did not work in case of special characters were used in the configuration
RI-020490Platform - Import
CSV file import failed using the generic importer when the last character was a number in the CSV file and it contained a NULL character
RI-021112Platform - Import
Generic import: Improve possible value handling of expressions for constants. In case of "IF" function value can be picked from possible value list.
RI-021777Platform - Import
Import from external Verba system did not work for encrypted files
RI-022070Platform - Import
Verint v11 to Verba migration threw a SQL error when there was an unconfigured EMC Media in the Verint database
RI-023335Platform - Import
Import did not work from local disk or network share where the path included a dot (.) character
RI-023944Platform - Import
Recorded Party field parsing caused "stoi argument out of range" errors.
RI-023959Platform - Import
Migration from Verint v11 did not pull all of the Verint "Media" as Verba "Storage Target" so calls possibly could be migrated without a Storage Target property
RI-023964Platform - Import
Unescaped null character in the input caused SQL errors for generic import source
RI-024038Platform - Import
Verba import did not work for previously exported calls from a Verba system when calls were encrypted originally and were decrypted during export
RI-024209Platform - Import
Verba Import did not work for recordings where there was a partial mismatch (e.g. timestamp) in the name of the media file and metadata XML file
RI-024213Platform - Import
Verint Migration: Back-Office calls were not assigned to Verba users. If a Front-Office call could be assigned to multiple Verba users, then the migration failed.
RI-024930Platform - Import
Migration from Verint 15.2: Back Office Source Records was counted incorrectly, it showed less than the actual number of rows to migrate
RI-025941Platform - Import
Verint import (dual consolidation) improvements and fixes: - improved timestamp parsing and handling - session ID added to internal cache to handle trader voice records better - Device Type metadata field added - improved connection handling - fixed direction field parsing - fixed start/end time and duration parsing - changed metadata parsing - added VOX metadata enrichment from CTI records - added ANI, DNIS hidden number handling - added new metadata fields: Cmd Id, External Call Id, Interaction Type - Media records were missing for Cisco recordings - From Info/To Info fields are now filled with names

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