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Verba 9.7 Release Notes (build

This document lists new features and fixes released in Verba 9.7 Release Notes (build

Release Date2022-12-19
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Known Critical Issues

There are no known issues in this build.

Critical Fixes

There are no new critical fixes in this build.

Feature Improvements

Added in
OpenSSL library is updated to the latest v1.1.1o
Multiple security enhancements for the Web Application and other services: - Application level encryption (client side asymmetric certificate based encryption using RSA/ECB/PKCS1Padding) for sensitive information (e.g. passwords) above the encrypted transport layer - Allow only strong ciphers on the Verba API Server Socket
OpenSSL library is updated to the latest v1.1.1q
OpenSSL library is updated to the latest v1.1.1s
RI-032412Recording - Cisco
New metadata fields added to Cisco BroadWorks integration: ACD User, ACD Number, ACD Name, Announcement
RI-031683Recording - Lync/SfB
The Verba SfB/Lync Filter Service now can use and prioritize the gateway/SBC's IP address in the case of subnet-based proxy assignment.
RI-032439Recording - Lync/SfB
The Skype for Business IM recorder now properly tracks the user participation in the case of group chats.
RI-031777Recording - Lync/SfB IM
The Skype for Business IM recorder now stores the participants of the chat sessions.
RI-031937Recording - Microsoft Teams
The Microsoft Teams Bot service now matches the Display Name and the Object ID against the internal domain regular expression.
RI-032032Recording - Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Media SDK upgraded to v1.24 which fixes the following issues: - fixed a crash that could occur for bots receiving video - for bots that send encoded H.264 video, fixed a bug where the VideoSocket.KeyFrameNeeded event was not being raised, potentially causing the video feed from the bot to freeze. - fixed a bug in which the VideoSocket.VideoReceiveStatusChanged event could be raised prematurely before VideoSocket.Subscribe API requests could be processed.
RI-032783Recording - Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams bot grouping feature added for recording. Bot Grouping means one Compliance Recording (CR) bot instance can handle multiple users with recording policy assigned in a call or meeting at the same time. It is an optimization for large meeting cases to make sure fewer CR bots can handle more users. Bot grouping is applied when Recorded Users, who share the same Compliance Recording Policy, enter the same Teams meeting. In this scenario, the Bot Grouping feature eases infrastructure load by establishing only a single call for a defined number of users. For example, 50 recorded users can share the same Teams – Bot Service call, whereas previously 50 bot calls would have been established. Unlike in the first version in v9.6.15, when the first version of bot grouping was introduced, it is a complete implementation without any limitations.
RI-033438Recording - Microsoft Teams
New Microsoft Teams Application which enabled recording controls such as start/stop recording, and pause/resume recording. The Teams app provides seamless authentication in Teams when Azure AD based authentication is configured.
RI-031860Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Cached data in queues can be optionally encrypted with the Verba file encryption
RI-031883Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
New integration option for Microsoft Teams chat and channel archiving using the Microsoft Teams Export API: - Export API based integration, which allows querying and downloading chat messages for users, and channel messages for teams - Support for on-prem, cloud and hybrid deployments - Supports all instant message scenarios, channels, P2P, and meeting chats - Supports all formatting options, emojis, giphys, stickers, and other apps - Supports selective capturing/archiving for users and teams
RI-032526Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Support for Microsoft Teams Stock app added
RI-032764Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Microsoft Teams chat archiving: Sharepoint attachments are now first tried with their download URL instead of file listing and filename matching
RI-033041Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Support for Microsoft Teams system events for DLP/Webhook based integrations. The following system events are supported: - join chat/channel - leave chat/channel - chat rename - channel rename - channel description update The system events allow real time notification of certain events. The join/leave events allow for reducing the number of participant queries and provide a more reliable participant information update mechanism which reduces the risk of over and under archiving. It is recommended to set the participant query interval to the default 60 minutes (Unified IM Recorder/General/Participant Cache TTL (minutes)) to avoid Microsoft Graph API throttling. The system events are only supported for DLP/Webhook based integrations, not for Export API (Microsoft pending).
RI-033186Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
The sender of a Microsoft Teams chat or channel application message (e.g. Forms) is now identified and stored instead of the name of the application for DLP/Webhook based integrations (Export API based integrations still display the name of the application as sender)
RI-033197Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
New alert for Microsoft Teams Export API license issues which can send the list of users who could not be queried using the Export API due to license errors. The alert can be sent in a configurable interval (under Unified IM Recorder/Recording Providers/Microsoft Teams/Export API License Violation Alert Period (seconds), 30 minutes by default).
RI-031596Recording - Unified Call Recorder
New Verizon Conference CDR fields: Leader Passcode, Participant Passcode
RI-031928Recording - Unified Call Recorder
If non-trader voice call was too short and no media was received, the calls were displayed as non-recorded calls on the dashboard and reporting. These calls will have the end cause Cancelled going forward.
RI-031338Recording - IPTrade
BT IPTrade SIPREC integration for secure connectivity between the recording system and the IPTrade platform. The SIPREC integration provides the same features and metadata as the proprietary recording protocol based integration. The SIPREC based integration also provides mid-call failover for Media Recorder failures.
RI-031756Recording - IPC
IPC Unigy zone level multitenancy implemented. The Verba tenant ID (environment ID) can be configured optionally for a zone to support multitenant configurations where the same trader ID is used across multiple tenants and zones.
RI-032292Recording - Cloud9
Added connection timeout UI configuration for Cloud9 Call Data API import source
RI-031775Recording - Desktop
Auto pause/resume recording support added for Microsoft Edge and Opera browsers
RI-032617Recording - Zoom
External user's that join recorded tenant's meeting now will show up in the participant list with their display name instead of being 'unknown'
RI-033222Recording - Zoom
Zoom Server-to-Server OAuth authentication option added to both Zoom Meetings and Phones integrations. The JWT authentication option will be deprecated by Zoom in June, 2023. We recommend switching to Oauth from JWT as soon as possible.
RI-031558UI - Web Interface
The Data Management Policy Events page has been deprecated and removed on the Conversation Detail page
RI-031657UI - Web Interface
Apache Tomcat version is upgraded to 9.0.62, APR 1.2.33 (OpenSSL 1.1.1o)
RI-031667UI - Web Interface
Added the Participants field to the Export metadata, and Conversation List Layout
RI-031818UI - Web Interface
Improve the Group Supervisor feature to make the supervisor be able to list older conversations when a User is added to the supervised group. New configuration options are introduced for the Web Application service and the role configuration: - Group Supervisors Can Access All Conversations of Current Members (default: No) - Group Supervisors Can Access Previous Conversations of Removed Members (default: Yes) - Group Supervisors Can Access Previous Conversations After Lost Supervisory Status (default: Yes)
RI-032143UI - Web Interface
Active Directory Synchronization will not overwrite: - Users' Custom User attributes when they are not configured in the Active Directory Synchronization Profile - Users' Retention settings when they are not configured in the Active Directory Synchronization Profile
RI-032144UI - Web Interface
Users List page performance optimizations for large systems
RI-032259UI - Web Interface
Log Out of All Sessions feature added to the User details screen allowing administrators to forcibly log out a user
RI-032264UI - Web Interface
Updated Web Application dependencies: Puppeteer (v15.4.0), embedded Chromium (v104.0.5109)
RI-032266UI - Web Interface
Change string "Recorded Extension" to "Owner Identification" to better reflect the content of this field
RI-032336UI - Web Interface
Apache Tomcat version is upgraded to 9.0.65, APR 1.2.35 (OpenSSL 1.1.1q)
RI-032651UI - Web Interface
Improved the speed of the User Suggest (autocomplete) feature
RI-032710UI - Web Interface
New Open ID Connect identity provider (IdP) added to allow the integration with any standard Open ID Connect based platform
RI-033355UI - Web Interface
Add the Extension Description field to the Bulk User and Extension Update feature
RI-033368UI - Web Interface
Apache Tomcat localhost_access log files are only kept for 31 days (configurable in server.xml)
RI-033416UI - Web Interface
Improved configuration checks for compatible storage targets when configuring data management policies
RI-033501UI - Web Interface
Improvements for Microsoft Teams chat and channel messages viewer: - Displays code snippet title - Displays the original sender user's name and the application name too, if the message was handled by an application - Displays the message summary field for application sent messages
RI-031618UI - Reporting
Group filter added to Users Without Recording Report
RI-032384UI - Reporting
New Report added: User Retention Details showing information about the retention configuration of the users including data such as Login ID, Name (Full name), First Call, Last Call, Retention (days), Automatically Delete, Is user subject to legal hold
RI-032413UI - Reporting
New Report: CDR Reconciliation for Skype for Business Summary added to show some of the new diagnostics information created for Skype For Business CDRs if the call was missing or not correctly recorded (recording errors were detected)
RI-032660UI - Reporting
Significant performance improvements for dashboard widgets when using large databases
RI-033082UI - Reporting
New Report: Users Most Recent Conversations displaying the date and time of the most recent conversation recorded for the configured users, and it also shows extensions or users without any recording in the query interval.
RI-033204UI - Reporting
New Report: Users Advanced IM Summary report showing the number of messages on a daily basis for every participant in a Microsoft Teams chat or channel
RI-033214UI - Reporting
The "Conversation ID" field added to the Call Activity Detail Report
RI-033372UI - Reporting
User Retention Details report can now optionally include users with non-recorded extension
RI-032500Solution - Speech Analytics
New Intelligent Voice (compatibility mode) processor added for basic speech transcription integration with the Intelligent Voice solution. The integration supports single language transcription and diarization.
RI-032501Solution - Speech Analytics
Speech transcription is now supported on any storage target, except EMC Centera and Hitachi Content Platform (which do not allow uploading individual files after setting the retention on the object). In the case of WORM storage, the system automatically applies the retention period on the uploaded transcription files to match the original retention of the conversation. Before, only local and network folders were supported via the SMB protocol.
RI-033393Platform - Announcement
New custom recording announcement for Microsoft Teams. The configurable audio prompt can be played back for the following call scenarios: - Peer to peer internal calls - Peer to peer PSTN calls - Peer to peer federated calls The announcement can be configured using the existing user configuration, and supports announcement audit logs, but does not support announcement whitelists.
RI-031585Platform - API
SearchCalls and GetCallInformation APIs returns the attached labels if the returnLabels=1 parameter is added to the request
RI-032534Platform - API
New Conversation API to allow recording controls using the new REST API framework: startRecording, stopRecording, muteRecording, keepOndemand
RI-033115Platform - API
New DeleteStorageFolderByID provisioning API endpoint which allows deleting storage targets
RI-032895Platform - Database
Improved bulk conversation association with users when invoked on the Extension configuration page. Previously, when the call volume was high, the association requested could have timed out.
RI-032891Platform - Data processing
Removed the capability of creating markers for join/leave events for conference call participants (affecting integrations supported by the Passive Recorder Service, and the Unified Call Recorder Service). The data was redundant since the system already captures participant information.
RI-031617Platform - Media Processing
Media stitching for advanced voice data (e.g. trader voice) performance improved for GSM-FR based audio
RI-031912Platform - Media Processing
Optimized transcoding option for Microsoft Teams screen and application share stream recordings which can significantly improve the transcoding process to MP4 format. The feature can be turned on under Storage/General/Enable Video Transmuxing.
RI-032005Platform - Media Processing
Media files that are corrupted now automatically have the worst voice quality score instead of being ignored.
RI-032831Platform - Media Processing
Support for Windows Media format (WMV) transcoding is removed due to the lack of player side support. We recommend switching to MEPG (mp4) format, broadly supported natively in browsers and on different devices.
RI-033275Platform - Media Processing
Muting/pausing voice recordings no longer impacts the media statistics which can generate false voice quality check or no media alerts
RI-032262Platform - Monitoring
IPC Media Channel Went Up/Down alerts added to SCOM management pack and to SNMP MIB
RI-031665Platform - Storage Management
Enhancements for IM transcript files exported by an Advanced IM export policy (Microsoft Teams): - Original JSON content, received via the Microsoft Graph API, is added to the exported IM transcript file (XML files with .im extension) - Attachment information (original filename, attachment location on storage) is added to the exported IM transcript file (XML files with .im extension)
RI-031668Platform - Storage Management
Conversation based export in addition to user based for Advanced IM export policy (Microsoft Teams) which allows "room" based exports in addition to the currently available user based approach, exporting data for each room/conversation once, avoiding any duplications.
RI-031669Platform - Storage Management
SMTP target attachment options are improved: - The type Media File means file attachments only in the case of IM conversations (the IM transcript files with .im extension will no longer be attached with this option) - New type "IM Transcript File" attaches the .im IM transcript file if available With these new settings, someone can configure the system to attach the IM transcript files without attaching the files shared in the chat conversations.
RI-031776Platform - Storage Management
Advanced Export improvements: - New metadata field for the CSV metadata files: FilePath - New date/time format configuration - New option to not make the metadata file headers lowercase - New option to rename the metadata file headers - New option to disable creating log entries in the SQL database for peformance reasons
RI-031955Platform - Storage Management
SMTP Header To address field could only contain/use the first email address when multiple addresses were defined. From now on it will support multiple email addresses.
RI-031970Platform - Storage Management
Multipart upload support added to Amazon S3 and S3 Compatible storage targets for optimized file uploads. The system automatically switches to multipart upload when the file is bigger than 100 MByte (configurable).
RI-032061Platform - Storage Management
Instant message export via SMTP displays the participant join and leave events at the right place (at the right time) in the message flow. Before the join events were listed at the beginning of the conversation (regardless of when the participants joined) and the leave events were displayed at the end of the conversation.
RI-032064Platform - Storage Management
SMTP based instant message exports automatically converts URL to HTML hyperlinks when the HTML content type is used
RI-032145Platform - Storage Management
New Add Media Error Fields setting, under Storage/Export for advanced export which allows exporting the media errors
RI-032281Platform - Storage Management
Data Retention Policy could not be run when the database index rebuild was running simultaneously
RI-032353Platform - Storage Management
New option to disable Voice Quality Check for Skype for Business screen share recordings under Storage Management / Voice Quality Check / Process Skype for Business Appshare Conversations (by default is is enabled)
RI-033210Platform - Storage Management
New configuration added for SMTP storage targets 'Encode Attachment File Names (UTF-8)' to enable RFC-2047 based encoding for file attachment names
RI-033348Platform - Storage Management
Additional validations added to prevent unsupported data management policy actions for EMC Centera: Move, Copy, Archive, and Export actions are not supported when both source and destination are EMC Centera.
RI-033382Platform - Storage Management
Improved implementation for the Microsoft Azure File/Blob Storage target by switching to the new Azure Storage SDK which resolves multithreading and performance issues.
RI-031890Platform - Tools
The PowerShell Deployment Toolkit can check for previous installations
RI-032547Installer - Servers
Multiple improvements for the installer: - Check if the database is already partitioned when upgrading - Ability to provide encrypted passwords as parameters in the installer and the PS deployment toolkit - Removed the deprecated Media Sorter service from the SCOM management pack
RI-032883Installer - Servers
New Local IP configuration for the PowerShell Deployment Toolkit. If not provided, the IP address of the first NIC will be used. If provided, then the given IP address will be used. It is also possible to provide a partial IP address as a wildcard with the asterisk symbol. In this case, the script will check the IP addresses of the NICs, and the first one will be used that is matching the provided wildcard. If none of the IP addresses are matching to the wildcard, then the first NIC IP will be used.
RI-032399Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
Skype for Business diagnostic information is retrieved and stored in a new custom metadata template (Skype for Business CDR) if the system considers the call not recorded (and missing) or recorded with issues. The fields include information such as Diagnostics ID, Diagnostics description, Front-End, Edge, Mediation, Gateway, RTP Count, RTP Loss, etc.
RI-031745Platform - Import
New Vodafone Import Source added to enable the integration with Vodafone Mobile Recording solution. The integration utilizes the FACE API to download and ingest the recordings from the Vodafone platform.
RI-031800Platform - Import
When migrating Users from Verint v15.2, the existing Verba User's are updated to reference the appropriate WFO User's ID based on the Login ID
RI-032010Platform - Import
Cisco Webex Teams import source was slow due to participant chance inefficiencies: - automatic cache cleanup - 404 not found users won't be queried for each conversation - logging improvements
RI-032080Platform - Import
Synchronize the WFO 15.2 Extension field will to the new Extension field in the Verint Template during Verint Migration 15.2
RI-032361Platform - Import
Import sources use the valid from and to values from the recorded extension configuration to determine if the conversation record related to the extension should be imported or not when recording rules are enabled. Before the service only used the extension change log database table which did not allow configuring extensions valid before the installation date of the system.
RI-032387Platform - Import
New option to decrypt encrypted conversations and import them as decrypted for the Verba import source. The setting can be located under Verba Import Source configuration: Decrypt Conversation Before Import.
RI-033679Platform - Import
WFO-Verba Migration: when a call is archived to the same storage multiple times, then prefer the last one for playback


Fixed in
Multiple security and vulnerability fixes for the Web Application: - Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in SilverLight component - Directory Manipulation/Traversal in Verint v11/v155 migration module - XML External Entity injection in Verint v11/v155 migration module - Login ID will not be filled in with the received parameter on the login page - Client-side HTTP parameter pollution (reflected) fixes - The User Import Sample XLS could be downloaded without Bulk User Import permission - The "Export to XLS" links could be accessed without permissions to the given feature - HTTP Business API reflected the action parameter unescaped
The internal API ports did not take into account the TLS cipher restrictions configured under Server Certificate/Advanced TLS Settings/Suite Constraints for the following services: Verba System Monitor Service, Verba Passive Recorder Service, Verba Node Manager Agent, Verba Analogue and Radio Recorder Service, Verba Storage Management Service, Verba Media Utility Service, Verba Media Streamer and Content Server Service, Verba Dial-in Recorder Service Verba Screen Capturing Service, Verba Screen Capture Multiplexer Service, Verba Centile Connector Service, Verba Media Collector and Proxy Service, Verba Speech Analytics Service, Verba Import Service, Verba Unified Call Recorder Service, Verba Unified IM Recorder Service, Verba Cisco Announcement Service, Verba SMS Recorder Service
Multiple minor security and vulnerability fixes for the Web Application: - No Content Security Policy (CSP) was Defined for the root / URI - HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) was Not Enforced at /verba/ssoAdal - Client-side HTTP parameter pollution (reflected) fixes at multiple pages - Login screen's password fields will have autocomplete="off", the other password fields remain autocomplete="new-password" - Removed the unused Apache commons-text-1.6.jar library
RI-031565Recording - Cisco
The Owner User ID was not determined in some Cisco Barge and cBarge scenarios and user assignment did not work for these call legs
RI-031569Recording - Cisco
Cisco JTAPI records are inserted into the database with a delay when a Controlled Extension started to record automatically, and the call is considered finished by the JTAPI Service
RI-031616Recording - Cisco
The Cisco JTAPI Service ran out of memory and crashed when the Cisco UCCE or UCCX integration was enabled. The system raised an alert after the service failure. During the service failure, the system could have missed metadata.
RI-031658Recording - Cisco
Metadata changes were not written into the database when a Cisco JTAPI recorded Extension was set up improperly as Controlled but started to record automatically
RI-031972Recording - Cisco
After a Unified Call Recorder Service crash, the recovered partial record was closed and the event was always sent to the first JTAPI service in the list, which if was down/non-existing but not removed from the configuration, then the call could not be closed in the database.
RI-032539Recording - Cisco
The Owner User ID was not determined in some call scenarios and user assignment did not work for these call legs
RI-033533Recording - Cisco
Very short recorded calls caused the Cisco JTAPI Service to unnecessarily store the CDR information in the memory for a few hours
RI-031884Recording - Lync/SfB
The recording did not start after hold/resume if advanced relay mode was enabled
RI-033606Recording - Lync/SfB
Microsoft Skype for Business and Teams interop call scenarios were not working when Citrix HDX RealTime Optimization Pack was used with VDI clients due to Citrix limitations. The issue impacted call scenarios with devices connecting external networks which require the SfB Edge servers. The new Citrix HDX version will be available, for more information, please contact your Citrix representative. An earlier partial workaround was implemented for the issue, which is now removed. It is necessary to deploy the new version of the Verba Media Collector and Proxy Service along with the new Citrix HDX version to fully resolve the issue. Update: the new Citrix HDX version is available for download at
RI-031783Recording - Lync/SfB IM
The Skype for Business IM Filter service didn't parse the HTML message properly and skipped e.g. special characters in group chats.
RI-031695Recording - Microsoft Teams
When a P2P call was escalated into a meeting while one of the participants put the call on hold, the media packets were skipped from recording.
RI-032033Recording - Microsoft Teams
The Verba Microsoft Teams Bot Service stopped listening for incoming recorder connections after 5 unsuccessful attempts.
RI-032408Recording - Microsoft Teams
In the case of sending the RAW PCM-16 audio stream to the recording service, the recorded audio content became static noise.
RI-032440Recording - Microsoft Teams
In the case of participants with unknown UPN, the participant list filtered out the multiple participants with the same join time.
RI-032559Recording - Microsoft Teams
If the meeting's organizer was not part of any provisioned tenants, the To Info doesn't contained the organizers display name.
RI-032561Recording - Microsoft Teams
The 'Record Only If External User is Participating' configuration was applied for P2P calls too
RI-032659Recording - Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams video playback or transcoding failed if PCM16 audio was recorded in VMF format
RI-033337Recording - Microsoft Teams
The Microsoft Teams Bot service didn't continue recording after the hold-resume scenario when controlled recording was used. The issue affects 9.7.6 or later only.
RI-033338Recording - Microsoft Teams
The Microsoft Teams Bot service didn't reread the environments.xml for changed multi-tenant configuration in the case of configuration reread. It required a service restart to apply the new tenant configuration.
RI-033339Recording - Microsoft Teams
The direction of PSTN calls to a call queue service was not identified and the calls were stored as unidentified calls. The issue affects v9.7.6 or later only.
RI-033500Recording - Microsoft Teams
The Microsoft Teams Bot was not prepared to handle transferors other than type user. In the cases of service transferred calls (e.g.: Call Queue) the bot failed to process the INVITE. The issue only affects v9.7.6 or later versions.
RI-033528Recording - Microsoft Teams
When the Microsoft Teams Bot Service did not determine the direction of the call yet but the recording and show notification decisions had to be made, the recording was started but the recording notification was not shown. The issue only affects v9.7.6 or later versions.
RI-033672Recording - Microsoft Teams
Stereo recording didn't work since v9.7.6. It caused both P2P and meeting stereo recording to produce one-way audio in the recordings.
RI-033674Recording - Microsoft Teams
The Microsoft Teams Bot Service didn't use the participant information from the participant list in the case of failed Graph API queries. Graph API queries failed when the bot tried to query a tenant which is not a recorded/provisioned tenant by the bot. The issue only affects v9.7.6 or later versions.
RI-031835Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Microsoft Teams instant message archiving fixes: - Archived channel from teams point of view: file share recording was evaluated only from the participants' point of view, i.e. if only the team was archived, file attachments were not fetched - Webhook subscription license model change was not handled properly, did not delete the existing subscription but created a new subscription leading to subscription errors/alerts till the previous subscription expired - CDR information was not always updated with participant changes for P2P and group chats (To and To Info fields) - SQL insert error due to possible truncations revised - Attachment download failed when the server returned the content with gzip/deflate content encoding - In case of a high number of processing queues, the service stopped slowly - Queue processing might have stuck if another process deleted the batch files meanwhile the service processed the queue folder
RI-031958Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
If a participant left and rejoined a chat or channel later, the next join event was not added to the participation list. Also, if the service was stopped while someone left a chat or channel, the leave time was not updated after the service start.
RI-032442Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Upload could fail due to database error when multiple threads uploaded Microsoft Teams chat attachments related to the same chat or channel when multiple attachments were sent in a short timeframe. The system raised an alert and retired the upload.
RI-033040Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Microsoft Teams chat and channel attachment download did not work from SharePoint/OneDrive when the URL contained an already URL escaped character sequence.
RI-033117Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Microsoft Teams chat message history showed duplications for the Microsoft Teams Export API based integration. Channel messages were not impacted.
RI-033120Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Microsoft Teams chat message was not shown in the viewer when the Microsoft Teams Export API was used and the same message was recorded with a different timestamp for another user. Channel messages were not impacted.
RI-033152Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Microsoft Teams chat or channel attachments were not visible randomly in the viewer when stored on a network drive that needed custom credentials
RI-033198Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Search did not return Microsoft Teams messages when there was only a reply, edit or delete on the original message in the query interval, because the hourly activity markers were created based on the original message timestamp instead of the last modification timestamp leading to not creating activity for reply/modify/delete messages (if there wasn't any other activity in that hour).
RI-033350Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Microsoft Teams chat or channel attachment download failed with error code 404 (file not found) if the file name contained more than one space after each other
RI-033496Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Microsoft Export API based chat and channel archiving did not work for multitenant environments as extensions were not queried on the related Teams tenant's connection
RI-031706Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Q.850 cause 31 ("normal, unspecified" call clearing) was considered as abnormal/premature call termination leading to call processing alerts in SIP integrations once the call was terminated with this reason. The issue was identified in a Ribbon SBC SIPREC based integration.
RI-032703Recording - Unified Call Recorder
E-Dialer: if master call lookup query did not find the leg, it was not retried as desired, only at call start/end/timeout. The master call lookup query was slow and is now optimized to get benefit from some new indexing
RI-033276Recording - Unified Call Recorder
The Unified Call Recorder service ignores the CDR-Only records when calculating the maximum concurrent call count for the service overload report because those records have no performance impact on the server. This improvement is relevant for configurations where the Media Recorder and the Recording Director roles are co-located and cross-connected.
RI-033282Recording - Unified Call Recorder
After a long time, the communication between the Media Recorder and the Recording Director could have slowed down causing voice clipping at the beginning of the recordings if: - the "Force Recording on Director" was enabled for a trader voice integration - and the servers were cross-connected as remote Media Recorders
RI-032031Recording - IPTrade
IPTrade turret playback with password authentication did not work
RI-032405Recording - IPTrade
When using IP Trade SIPREC based integration, multiple TPO master legs in the same recording sessions were not handled properly, leading to incorrect turret side CDR information
RI-032523Recording - IPTrade
IP Trade device type might have changed from/to 'Unknown' which caused CDR termination/new CDR because of the device change
RI-032666Recording - IPTrade
IP Trade generates dummy CDRs with 'fakeuser' which are now filtered out
RI-033374Recording - IPTrade
Conference participants were not stored properly for BT IP Trade SIPREC based integrations
RI-031649Recording - Speakerbus
When the Recording Server did not receive a logout event (unexpectedly) for a trader and a new trader logged in to the turret and started making/receiving calls, the system could not record the new calls for the new user.
RI-031916Recording - Speakerbus
When the system missed the initial call start event and the call was created based on the heartbeat event, the media stream - call association was shifted causing wrong mixing during playback. In the case of the first recording channel/mix, the system did not record the media stream and generated a "Media descriptors are not available for the call" alert. Also, the metadata was not complete, because the system did not update the metadata using mid-call events causing incomplete data for segmented records.
RI-033212Recording - IPC
IPC Unigy: if a call was extremely short, the related start/end event might have arrived out of order causing a stuck CDR record till a daily CTI connection refresh or trader logout or a new call on the line
RI-033495Recording - IPC
IPC Unigy: race condition between SIP and CTI messages at agent logoff might have caused a false positive media mix lost alert
RI-032196Recording - Cloud9
Import Service used a high amount of memory and eventually crashed when the Cloud9 Recording System API integration was used with a load balancer. The fix includes: - A new, specific health probe endpoint to separate the handling of these requests - Memory cache optimization - Work folder cleanup optimization
RI-032648Recording - Cloud9
When using the Cloud9 Recording System API based integration, after successfully importing the data, the C9 client expected a blank HTTP response with status code 201
RI-032333Recording - Dial-in
The playback feature did not work in the Dial-in Recorder Service for calls imported as MP3 or M4A audio files
RI-032420Recording - SMS
SMS Recorder Service did not insert data into the right tenant, instead it inserted all data into the reference tenant in multi-tenant deployments
RI-031704Recording - Symphony
Workaround implemented for late stream negotiations (where media starts coming before it is communicated with the recorder) which can cause issues with sharer/viewer role changes, resulting in missing a few video frames before the role has changed
RI-033383Recording - Genesys
The Verba Genesys CTI Service sent a stop recording command to the Genesys T-Server in the case of hold scenarios even when the recording was not triggered by the CTI service. When the call was resumed, the CTI service didn't sent the start command therefore the T-Server never restarted the call recording.
RI-031557Recording - Zoom
Workaround for missing participant leave date (unexpected) for Zoom Meeting imports
RI-032256Recording - Zoom
Zoom import did not work due to timeout issues when the system was configured to retrieve a large amount of data via thousands of result pages
RI-032328Recording - Zoom
Media upload did not work in certain regions due to unannounced changes in the authentication method in the Zoom APIs
RI-032414Recording - Zoom
Zoom Meeting import did not work when a date field was empty (unexpectedly)
RI-032740Recording - Zoom
Multiple Zoom Meeting and Phone import related fixes: - Fixed a bug where meeting participants were missed if multiple recorded users joined a meeting at the same second - Fixed a bug where meeting participation were recorded twice with different CDR IDs if two Verba Import Service on different servers import the same meeting within milliseconds of each other - Fixed a media download issue for some storage host cloud regions of Zoom that required different authentication than others
RI-033323Recording - Zoom
When using a redundant Zoom import configuration (multiple serves were enabled for importing the same data), in very rare cases, a single or few participants of a meeting were missed during import without error messages. The issue was related to a database lock. If CDR reconciliation was enabled, the system raised alerts for missing recordings.
RI-033369Recording - Zoom
Import Service could have crashed when a Zoom phone/meeting import with CDR reconciliation was configured using no scheduling and the service level schedule was set to less than 60 seconds.
RI-031640UI - Web Interface
Right-click options / Same day features on the conversations screen chose the day in UTC timezone instead of the user's timezone
RI-031644UI - Web Interface
Advanced IM viewer (Microsoft Teams) failed to render a message if it was a message reference without a proper user display name.
RI-031757UI - Web Interface
The Identity Providers were not saved when saving a Role, the issue only affects v9.7.1 and later
RI-031888UI - Web Interface
The column names were not visible in the Excel list export because the color of the text was white
RI-031921UI - Web Interface
Conversations without media files could not be deleted on the web interface
RI-032290UI - Web Interface
The advanced export task couldn't be created in other tenants, only in the reference environment
RI-032335UI - Web Interface
The Advanced Export Rename Files feature was not always available for the selected Storage Target depending on the selected type
RI-032417UI - Web Interface
The "Do not request PIN on Recorder Line" configuration was not visible on the Extension detail screen
RI-032436UI - Web Interface
The Synchronized Active Directory Group could not be removed from the Active Directory Profile when the Group Name could not be determined
RI-032438UI - Web Interface
Reverse Proxy based SSO did not work for the first time, also added an option to turn off the Session ID renewal
RI-032506UI - Web Interface
Transcript highlight was not followed when scrolling was needed, if manually scrolled it jumped back to the first sentence once releasing the scroll bar
RI-032549UI - Web Interface
Microsoft Teams chat PDF export didn't download the generated PDF file in the Viewer
RI-032581UI - Web Interface
The Recorded Voice Quality Issues dashboard widget search filter did not consider the Secondary flag when the Search menu opened through the widget
RI-032585UI - Web Interface
The Change Configuration Settings screen's Refresh link displayed an error
RI-032586UI - Web Interface
The back link at the "Configuration tasks to be executed" page caused an infinite loading screen
RI-032635UI - Web Interface
Encrypted calls could not be played back when the Direct URL was used to open the Conversation Details
RI-032654UI - Web Interface
When a Data Retention Policy / Role / Label Rule filter with "Matches a Value in the List" operation changed, and the "Matches a Value in the List" operation was chosen again, then the filter input field did not show
RI-032701UI - Web Interface
The Audit Log entry details were missing for the Login event
RI-032702UI - Web Interface
After a successful login and logout and one more successful login, the login screen was displayed instead of the main screen
RI-032708UI - Web Interface
System error showed instead of a warning if the user tried to delete an Import Source (or Data Processor) that has been already tied to a policy
RI-033272UI - Web Interface
Transcription displayed unnecessary Speaker entries in the viewer when the user searched for a phrase
RI-033296UI - Web Interface
Search hit highlights were not displayed in the search list
RI-033352UI - Web Interface
Phone Number Masking on the UI did not work for the Conversation Participants on the Conversation Detail and the Search page
RI-033680UI - Web Interface
Azure Active Directory Synchronization Profile Group selection didn't work due to recent browser security enhancements
RI-031656UI - Reporting
The Roles and Permissions report did not work when there was a Role with the "Unable to Access Conversations Older than
RI-031758UI - Reporting
Dashboards couldn't be created by a user whose email address property was missing
RI-031941UI - Reporting
The Not Recorded and Incorrect Conversations Details report only showed user related calls, while the Recording Assurance Dashboard has shown the non-user related ones too, thus the report was modified to show the non-user related calls too. Fixed the not user-related calls 'null' value to 'Unknown' and the reporter user's 'null' value to the creator user.
RI-032411UI - Reporting
The Recorded Voice Quality Issues dashboard widget search filter did not correlate to the Search menu when opened through the widget
RI-032590UI - Reporting
User Instant Messaging Details Report Participants - fixing "null" when having odd numbered participants
RI-032741UI - Reporting
Roles and Permissions report did not work in v9.7.5
RI-032855UI - Reporting
Dashboard widgets showed "No displayable content" when the widget was opened in full screen mode before their content has been loaded completely.
RI-033320UI - Reporting
Audit Log Details report displayed date values in the wrong timezone
RI-033080Solution - Quality Management
The form designer in the case of a Multiple Choice Question showed the wrong default value.
RI-032147Platform - Announcement
In case of the outbound announcement, on the outbound call leg invalid SDP was generated if application stream was offered as well on the inbound leg and it did not include stream level connection info
RI-031954Platform - API
Verba Import API did not work in some cases and generated an error message about content length mismatch
RI-032410Platform - API
HTTP Business API GetCallInformation endpoint result had a missing conversation "state" attribute on the "verbacdr" element.
RI-031568Platform - Configuration
When site configuration was used and the Recording Server recorded a call for the user using an integration that supported shared server recording rules, the system could have recorded calls on the server which should not have been recorded on that site.
RI-031991Platform - Configuration
Node Manager Service restart might randomly fail because a previous instance of the service was still running
RI-032733Platform - Configuration
Directory settings generated by the installer from the Media Folder set during installation, could not be changed later (ondemand, playback cache folders). These settings can be changed under Directories in the server configuration.
RI-033351Platform - Configuration
Import source selection based restriction for recorded extension configuration was not taken into account (except for Zoom and RingCentral) and the import sources used the extension regardless.
RI-032293Platform - Database
Database maintenance job alert was raised if the job was not able to insert a NULL value in the job logs table
RI-033151Platform - Database
Index rebuild could have stuck when estimating really long time for the index rebuild during the database maintenance process. This could have impacted the other processes in the database maintenance such as automatic labeling, moving data from temp tables to the final table, etc. The index rebuild job which got stuck generated a large amount of maintenance log entries.
RI-033259Platform - Database
Search related features became unavailable when an index rebuild was started while an advanced export was running at the same time.
RI-032014Platform - Media Processing
VOH/ViQ media converter did not create the G.722 codec stream if the source MP4 audio track had a greater than 16 kHz sampling rate
RI-032029Platform - Monitoring
The Unfiied Call Recorder, the Unified IM Recorder, the Passive Recorder and the Media Collector and Proxy services could have crashed if the service statistics could not be retrieved in a timely fashion (for deadlock detection) in the case of 3rd party processes running from a network share.
RI-032726Platform - Monitoring
Missing event ID object in the alert definitions in the SNMP MIB
RI-031572Platform - Storage Management
Certain Storage Management functions were not automatically retried after recoverable database errors
RI-031589Platform - Storage Management
Storage Management Service could have raised false alerts on upload failures (no matching policy) due to race conditions in database and file operations
RI-031600Platform - Storage Management
Transcoding from video/app share/desktop screen to audio format did not convert the call to voice only modality and did not delete the original video file
RI-031691Platform - Storage Management
Playback/download/export/delete features did not work on S3 Compatible storage targets when virtual hosted addressing mode was used and the storage platform did not support double slash in the URL (e.g. IBM COS)
RI-031703Platform - Storage Management
After transcoding a media in the local cache (non-SMB storages), the MP4 file was uploaded with the wrong filename in the case of SFTP target, causing the overwriting of the original media file (vmf/msrdp).
RI-031785Platform - Storage Management
Deduplication storage action was unable to find the 2N pairs of a call when 'timestamp-based policy' was enabled.
RI-031802Platform - Storage Management
Shared recorder/remote cluster ongoing recordings were considered as crashed recordings too at recorder service startup if those were recorded by other recording service running on the same server. This could lead to healthy ongoing calls being terminated by the other recording service running on the same server prematurely in the database, but media was still fully recorded and uploaded properly.
RI-031919Platform - Storage Management
Advanced Export did not work in 9.7.2
RI-031922Platform - Storage Management
FilePath metadata field in Advanced Export was not determined correctly when the file was renamed during transcoding (to mp3 for example)
RI-031927Platform - Storage Management
Amazon S3 and S3 compatible storage targets did not work since 9.7.2 due to an authentication issue caused by a recent change in the HTTP library
RI-031957Platform - Storage Management
Move policy was applied to calls under Legal Hold on Amazon S3 Storage Targets even if the Enable Object Lock and Legal Hold setting was turned on
RI-031981Platform - Storage Management
Hitachi Content Platform storage target did not recognize if files were already uploaded and under retention, and the second try caused an error and an upload failure alert was raised
RI-031987Platform - Storage Management
AWS S3 virtual host style addressing has been changed on the AWS side and the integration did not work outside of Europe. Previously the virtual path was while the new format is
RI-032037Platform - Storage Management
Advanced export did not work for Microsoft Teams IM if the content included adaptive cards/polls or inline image
RI-032042Platform - Storage Management
False dead transcoding detection (and service restart) during ad hoc transcoding if upload to WORM storage from processing cache did not finish within the dead session timeout.
RI-032044Platform - Storage Management
SMTP export using plain text was using HTML content type when there was a HTML tag in the content
RI-032137Platform - Storage Management
EMC Centera Storage Target: when retention was not set for upload or when the calculated retention was pointing to the past then the system set 0 seconds for retention. This caused upload issues when the Centera Pool had a minimum retention configured. From now on if the calculated retention is zero or not set, the system does not set the retention on Centera.
RI-032332Platform - Storage Management
In the case of dual archiving, if the retention elapsed on one of the storage targets but was not set or not yet elapsed on the other storage target, the automatic deletion entering from a scheduled policy tried to delete both instances. If WORM storage targets were configured, the storage platform did not allow the deletion.
RI-032362Platform - Storage Management
Trader voice ongoing stitched media files might have been included in call exports if at the time of export they were present in the media cache on the Media Reposirty / Application Servers
RI-032365Platform - Storage Management
For non policy based uploads, Azure Blob target was not working when the Account Name and Key were set in the service configuration. Instead, it only worked when the Azure Storage Connection String was set.
RI-032374Platform - Storage Management
Multiple deduplication issues fixed: - Media records were not deleted during the deduplication process for trader voice conversations for v9.6.17 or later - Better scoring logic to prefer keeping primary records with configurable thresholds - Possible crash at deduplication if another server/thread has already deleted the current CDR
RI-032386Platform - Storage Management
For Amazon S3 and S3 Compatible storage targets, if the Enable Object Lock and Legal Hold setting was not enabled, the system did not apply the retention at all (not even in the database)
RI-032391Platform - Storage Management
Voice quality check scores were only inserted into the reference tenant in multi tenant configurations
RI-032418Platform - Storage Management
Policy based IM export failed for Skype for Business chat messages when the URL field of the chat's CDR record was empty
RI-032602Platform - Storage Management
The ConferenceParticipants placeholder in the SMTP storage target was formatting e-mail addresses wrongly
RI-032622Platform - Storage Management
SMTP export imTranscript4HTML template fixes: - Removed quoted printable formatting - Html linebreaks <br> are used instead of /r/n linebreaks. So replies will appear in multiple lines instead of a single line format - Reactions are reformatted
RI-032663Platform - Storage Management
Media files with .ongoing postfix in the file name were generated during export or playback of CDR-Only records without media
RI-032697Platform - Storage Management
At least two short (<3 sec threshold) device swaps on the same line and mix in trader voice recordings caused multiple 2N pairs matching for deduplication and so skipping deduplication of these short records
RI-032699Platform - Storage Management
Advanced IM export policy could export attachments multiple times when the Microsoft Teams Export API based integration was used
RI-032719Platform - Storage Management
When using call based policy execution (default), at determining policies to be executed, the conversation change created by the previous policy was not taken into account in the current policy. For instance, when a Move policy set retention and there was a following Delete policy matching the same call, the system deleted the record even if it was under retention (unless a WROM storage was used).
RI-032720Platform - Storage Management
If there was an SQL query error in the policy manager thread, the thread exited, and the policy execution has stopped
RI-032734Platform - Storage Management
WORM/Media stitching cache path (which defaults to media path) could not be an SMB share due to multiple MRs could not properly separate their cache management
RI-032759Platform - Storage Management
SMTP export fixes for converting URLs to HTML links: - Long URLs might not be parsed properly - URLs copied from Microsoft Edge were not parsed properly - Default date format containing -0000 at the end fix - Fix for handling URLs with reactions
RI-032830Platform - Storage Management
The integration with an S3 compatible storage target using the v2 authentication has stopped working in October. The issue affects all S3 compatible storages which requires v2 signature for authentication (e.g. EMC ECS). It caused that all S3 operation failed due to authentication failure, i.e. files could not be uploaded/downloaded/deleted, and the related data management policy actions failed triggering policy processing alerts. The error does not cause data loss as the Recording Servers are able to cache the files up to the capacity of the local disk.
RI-032885Platform - Storage Management
Verba Secure File Transfer (VSFT) server port did not take into account the TLS cipher restrictions configured under Server Certificate/Advanced TLS Settings/Suite Constraints
RI-032992Platform - Storage Management
Move policy did not apply retention settings if it was not the first data management policy to be executed for a call and policy execution on call basis (default mode) was set
RI-033154Platform - Storage Management
Amazon S3 and S3 Compatible storage targets do not support subfolders, only the root folder of the bucket is supported. However, the storage target configuration page allowed to enter a subfolder in the REST API endpoint configuration field, while the Storage Management service discarded that /subfolder and used the root folder for the action. In an extreme configuration, this could even cause data loss. For more details, see RI-033280. The Storage Management service now fails and raises the appropriate alert if an invalid bucket/container name or API endpoint is configured.
RI-033166Platform - Storage Management
SMTP advanced IM export (Microsoft Teams) participant query returned duplicated entries
RI-033218Platform - Storage Management
No limit (0) SMPT attachment (Storage Management/Storge Targets/SMTP/Attachment Size Limit (Mbyte)) did not work, the system applied a 5 MByte file limit instead.
RI-033219Platform - Storage Management
"Call based" data retention policy processing might have stopped prematurely if failed records count was less than half of the batch but more than 1/10th of the batch. E.g. a move policy stopped if 481 records could not be moved for some reason (the policy processed 1000 records in a batch).
RI-033220Platform - Storage Management
Small resource/memory leak resolved in Amazon S3, S3 Compatible, EMC Centera, and SFTP storage targets. There was no impact on the behavior of the Storage Management service.
RI-033280Platform - Storage Management
If multiple storage targets were configured in the system pointing to the same storage location/folder, and a Move policy was configured to move data from one of the storage targets to the other, the system permanently deleted the data causing data loss in the system. For instance, 2 Amazon S3 storage targets are configured as follows: - Target1, Bucket1 - Target2, Bucket1 (the same bucket as Target1) - Data uploaded to Target1 from Recording Servers - Move policy configured to move data to Target2 - This configuration will result in deleting all data A new check validates if the source and the destination storage targets are pointing to the same storage location/folder. Previously, the system only validated if the source and the destination are on the same storage targets configured in the system.
RI-033284Platform - Storage Management
Verint WFO export target: media files were duplicated in ingest requests if the record type was standard causing Verint WFO to mix the files and generate strange artifacts in media
RI-033292Platform - Storage Management
Policy based encryption of calls already uploaded or transcoding of encrypted calls might have collided with playback or advanced export, in very rare cases, when the policy was executed on the same record which was being played back at the same time. This might have led to losing encryption information making the encrypted or transcoded file corrupt, and causing data loss.
RI-033295Platform - Storage Management
Background task page counter fixes: - If data management policy processing failed, the background tasks/total processed counter became invalid as it summed the number of total calls and failed calls. - For scheduled policies, the background task counter when the policy finished became invalid, it contained all other policy results which were processed starting from this policy (call based policy processing, default). - Policy execution in background tasks was not closed if it wasn't the policy from where the processing of call started (call based processing, default)
RI-033326Platform - Storage Management
When the database update for a move policy failed (the destination storage target could not be updated in the database), but the file move was successful, when the policy retried the action next time, the move action failed, since the file was no longer on the source location. These records could not be played back, downloaded, or exported.
RI-033480Platform - Storage Management
Playback did not work for migrated calls from a Verint WFO v11/v15 system if the files were stored on EMC Centera, and there were multiple archive copies for the same call
RI-033567Platform - Storage Management
A false alert was raised during transcoding when the media file was encrypted and the file was already in the right format
RI-031889Installer - Servers
The installer should not accept commas when providing a port for the SQL server connection
RI-032263Installer - Servers
The Lync Filter service user password encryption was missing in the PowerShell Deployment Toolkit
RI-032762Installer - Servers
Replaced the comma with colon in the registry when using custom SQL port. PowerShell Deployment Toolkit raised an error when using a custom SQL port during the test phase.
RI-032806Installer - Servers
PowerShell Deployment Toolkit failed when using Windows Authentication for SQL with encrypted passwords
RI-033301Installer - Servers
The installer always asked if the user wanted to partition the database, even if it was already partitioned and partition update scripts should have been run. The installer will automatically run these updates if the database is partitioned.
RI-031973Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
Skype for Business CDR reconciliation for application share calls could not take into account the QoE database and related stream statistics leading to false positive recording failure alerts of not established/failed app share sessions
RI-032024Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
Skype for Business CDR reconciliation reported already processed non-recorded conversations in some cases
RI-032360Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
The system did not set the retention period for the imported CDRs created during the CDR reconciliation process. The system now creates metadata XML files and sets the retention accordingly (when configured).
RI-031546Platform - Import
Generic Import - IM Content fields were duplicated in case of doing export or doing field mapping testing.
RI-031553Platform - Import
Generic Import Source: testing with chat data did not work
RI-031670Platform - Import
Import sources did not insert the data to the right tenant in multi-tenant environments, all data was inserted into the reference tenant, regardless of in which tenant the import policy and the user were configured.
RI-031899Platform - Import
In peer-to-peer Cisco Webex Teams chat when an external participant was present (from another Cisco Webex Team) the Form/To fields could contain special characters that were stored incorrectly. This caused character encoding issues, and the UI showed malformed information.
RI-031932Platform - Import
Generic Import - Field mapping with a function couldn't be saved. Field with child fields with settings saving issue is resolved (saving only for the child field and save instant changes).
RI-032278Platform - Import
Custom scheduled import policy configuration was enabled for Cisco Webex Teams (Cisco Spark) chat import sources while this integration does not support scheduled policies
RI-032329Platform - Import
When no recoding rules were enabled for an import source and the import source was not created in the reference tenant (multi tenant system), the imported records were created in the reference tenant instead of the tenant where the import policy was running.
RI-032371Platform - Import
Import service crashed when importing Skype for Business archived content
RI-032511Platform - Import
Vodafone mobile recording import source fixes implementing comprehensive Vodafone API support with a focus on edge cases, reliability and unexpected conditions, and the creation of detailed Vodafone metadata template for faster troubleshooting.
RI-032545Platform - Import
Generic import source could not find media files with case sensitive file names
RI-032552Platform - Import
Segmented IM integrations such as Webex Teams or TeleMessage no longer create CDR XMLs in the media folder
RI-032584Platform - Import
Import sources determined the validity of the extensions in a wrong way using the validity of the last entry in the configuration for all extensions in v9.7.5. This might have caused missing records during the import process.
RI-032757Platform - Import
When using External Server configuration, if the alerts raised by the external servers were imported by multiple servers (Import Service were enabled on the multiple servers for high availability), after the first server succeeded, the other serves raised errors
RI-033285Platform - Import
Generic import could have used the wrong media file name if a filename was contained by another filename, then a false match occurred. For example for a metadata file called sample.xml the related file can be sample.wav, but not asample.wav.

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