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Verba 9.7 Release Notes (build

This document lists new features and fixes released in Verba 9.7 Release Notes (build

Release Date2022-04-22
Previous9.6 (build

Known Critical Issues

There are no known issues in this build.

Critical Fixes

There are no new critical fixes in this build.

Feature Improvements

Added in
OpenSSL library is updated to the latest v1.1.1o
RI-031683Recording - Lync/SfB
The Verba SfB/Lync Filter Service now can use and prioritize the gateway/SBC's IP address in the case of subnet-based proxy assignment.
RI-031777Recording - Lync/SfB IM
The Skype for Business IM recorder now stores the participants of the chat sessions.
RI-031860Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Cached data in queues can be optionally encrypted with the Verba file encryption
RI-031883Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
New integration option for Microsoft Teams chat and channel archiving using the Microsoft Teams Export API: - Export API based integration, which allows querying and downloading chat messages for users, and channel messages for teams - Support for on-prem, cloud and hybrid deployments - Supports all instant message scenarios, channels, P2P, and meeting chats - Supports all formatting options, emojis, giphys, stickers, and other apps - Supports selective capturing/archiving for users and teams
RI-031596Recording - Unified Call Recorder
New Verizon Conference CDR fields: Leader Passcode, Participant Passcode
RI-031928Recording - Unified Call Recorder
If non-trader voice call was too short and no media was received, the calls were displayed as non-recorded calls on the dashboard and reporting. These calls will have the end cause Cancelled going forward.
RI-031338Recording - IPTrade
BT IPTrade SIPREC integration for secure connectivity between the recording system and the IPTrade platform. The SIPREC integration provides the same features and metadata as the proprietary recording protocol based integration. The SIPREC based integration also provides mid-call failover for Media Recorder failures.
RI-031756Recording - IPC
IPC Unigy zone level multitenancy implemented. The Verba tenant ID (environment ID) can be configured optionally for a zone to support multitenant configurations where the same trader ID is used across multiple tenants and zones.
RI-031775Recording - Desktop
Auto pause/resume recording support added for Microsoft Edge and Opera browsers
RI-031558UI - Web Interface
The Data Management Policy Events page has been deprecated and removed on the Conversation Detail page
RI-031657UI - Web Interface
Apache Tomcat version is upgraded to 9.0.62, APR 1.2.33 (OpenSSL 1.1.1o)
RI-031667UI - Web Interface
Added the Participants field to the Export metadata, and Conversation List Layout
RI-031818UI - Web Interface
Improve the Group Supervisor feature to make the supervisor be able to list older conversations when a User is added to the supervised group. New configuration options are introduced for the Web Application service and the role configuration: - Group Supervisors Can Access All Conversations of Current Members (default: No) - Group Supervisors Can Access Previous Conversations of Removed Members (default: Yes) - Group Supervisors Can Access Previous Conversations After Lost Supervisory Status (default: Yes)
RI-031618UI - Reporting
Group filter added to Users Without Recording Report
RI-031585Platform - API
SearchCalls and GetCallInformation APIs returns the attached labels if the returnLabels=1 parameter is added to the request
RI-031617Platform - Media Processing
Media stitching for advanced voice data (e.g. trader voice) performance improved for GSM-FR based audio
RI-031912Platform - Media Processing
Optimized transcoding option for Microsoft Teams screen and application share stream recordings which can significantly improve the transcoding process to MP4 format. The feature can be turned on under Storage/General/Enable Video Transmuxing.
RI-031665Platform - Storage Management
Enhancements for IM transcript files exported by an Advanced IM export policy (Microsoft Teams): - Original JSON content, received via the Microsoft Graph API, is added to the exported IM transcript file (XML files with .im extension) - Attachment information (original filename, attachment location on storage) is added to the exported IM transcript file (XML files with .im extension)
RI-031668Platform - Storage Management
Conversation based export in addition to user based for Advanced IM export policy (Microsoft Teams) which allows "room" based exports in addition to the currently available user based approach, exporting data for each room/conversation once, avoiding any duplications.
RI-031669Platform - Storage Management
SMTP target attachment options are improved: - The type Media File means file attachments only in the case of IM conversations (the IM transcript files with .im extension will no longer be attached with this option) - New type "IM Transcript File" attaches the .im IM transcript file if available With these new settings, someone can configure the system to attach the IM transcript files without attaching the files shared in the chat conversations. policy page configuration 'Export Attachments in IM Conversations' should be honored. If that option is not enabled no attachments have to be attached.
RI-031776Platform - Storage Management
Advanced Export improvements: - New metadata field for the CSV metadata files: FilePath - New date/time format configuration - New option to not make the metadata file headers lowercase - New option to rename the metadata file headers - New option to disable creating log entries in the SQL database for peformance reasons
RI-031890Platform - Tools
The PowerShell Deployment Toolkit can check for previous installations
RI-031745Platform - Import
New Vodafone Import Source added to enable the integration with Vodafone Mobile Recording solution. The integration utilizes the FACE API to download and ingest the recordings from the Vodafone platform.
RI-031800Platform - Import
When migrating Users from Verint v15.2, the existing Verba User's are updated to reference the appropriate WFO User's ID based on the Login ID


Fixed in
RI-031565Recording - Cisco
The Owner User ID was not determined in some Cisco Barge and cBarge scenarios and user assignment did not work for these call legs
RI-031569Recording - Cisco
Cisco JTAPI records are inserted into the database with a delay when a Controlled Extension started to record automatically, and the call is considered finished by the JTAPI Service
RI-031616Recording - Cisco
The Cisco JTAPI Service ran out of memory and crashed when the Cisco UCCE or UCCX integration was enabled. The system raised an alert after the service failure. During the service failure, the system could have missed metadata.
RI-031658Recording - Cisco
Metadata changes were not written into the database when a Cisco JTAPI recorded Extension was set up improperly as Controlled but started to record automatically
RI-031884Recording - Lync/SfB
The recording did not start after hold/resume if advanced relay mode was enabled
RI-031783Recording - Lync/SfB IM
The Skype for Business IM Filter service didn't parse the HTML message properly and skipped e.g. special characters in group chats.
RI-031695Recording - Microsoft Teams
When a P2P call was escalated into a meeting while one of the participants put the call on hold, the media packets were skipped from recording.
RI-031835Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Microsoft Teams instant message archiving fixes: - Archived channel from teams point of view: file share recording was evaluated only from the participants' point of view, i.e. if only the team was archived, file attachments were not fetched - Webhook subscription license model change was not handled properly, did not delete the existing subscription but created a new subscription leading to subscription errors/alerts till the previous subscription expired - CDR information was not always updated with participant changes for P2P and group chats (To and To Info fields) - SQL insert error due to possible truncations revised - Attachment download failed when the server returned the content with gzip/deflate content encoding - In case of a high number of processing queues, the service stopped slowly - Queue processing might have stuck if another process deleted the batch files meanwhile the service processed the queue folder
RI-031706Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Q.850 cause 31 ("normal, unspecified" call clearing) was considered as abnormal/premature call termination leading to call processing alerts in SIP integrations once the call was terminated with this reason. The issue was identified in a Ribbon SBC SIPREC based integration.
RI-031649Recording - Speakerbus
When the Recording Server did not receive a logout event (unexpectedly) for a trader and a new trader logged in to the turret and started making/receiving calls, the system could not record the new calls for the new user.
RI-031916Recording - Speakerbus
When the system missed the initial call start event and the call was created based on the heartbeat event, the media stream - call association was shifted causing wrong mixing during playback. In the case of the first recording channel/mix, the system did not record the media stream and generated a "Media descriptors are not available for the call" alert. Also, the metadata was not complete, because the system did not update the metadata using mid-call events causing incomplete data for segmented records.
RI-031704Recording - Symphony
Workaround implemented for late stream negotiations (where media starts coming before it is communicated with the recorder) which can cause issues with sharer/viewer role changes, resulting in missing a few video frames before the role has changed
RI-031557Recording - Zoom
Workaround for missing participant leave date (unexpected) for Zoom Meeting imports
RI-031640UI - Web Interface
Right-click options / Same day features on the conversations screen chose the day in UTC timezone instead of the user's timezone
RI-031644UI - Web Interface
Advanced IM viewer (Microsoft Teams) failed to render a message if it was a message reference without a proper user display name.
RI-031757UI - Web Interface
The Identity Providers were not saved when saving a Role, the issue only affects v9.7.1 and later
RI-031888UI - Web Interface
The column names were not visible in the Excel list export because the color of the text was white
RI-031921UI - Web Interface
Conversations without media files could not be deleted on the web interface
RI-031656UI - Reporting
The Roles and Permissions report did not work when there was a Role with the "Unable to Access Conversations Older than
RI-031758UI - Reporting
Dashboards couldn't be created by a user whose email address property was missing
RI-031568Platform - Configuration
When site configuration was used and the Recording Server recorded a call for the user using an integration that supported shared server recording rules, the system could have recorded calls on the server which should not have been recorded on that site.
RI-031572Platform - Storage Management
Certain Storage Management functions were not automatically retried after recoverable database errors
RI-031589Platform - Storage Management
Storage Management Service could have raised false alerts on upload failures (no matching policy) due to race conditions in database and file operations
RI-031600Platform - Storage Management
Transcoding from video/app share/desktop screen to audio format did not convert the call to voice only modality and did not delete the original video file
RI-031691Platform - Storage Management
Playback/download/export/delete features did not work on S3 Compatible storage targets when virtual hosted addressing mode was used and the storage platform did not support double slash in the URL (e.g. IBM COS)
RI-031703Platform - Storage Management
After transcoding a media in the local cache (non-SMB storages), the MP4 file was uploaded with the wrong filename in the case of SFTP target, causing the overwriting of the original media file (vmf/msrdp).
RI-031802Platform - Storage Management
Shared recorder/remote cluster ongoing recordings were considered as crashed recordings too at recorder service startup if those were recorded by other recording service running on the same server. This could lead to healthy ongoing calls being terminated by the other recording service running on the same server prematurely in the database, but media was still fully recorded and uploaded properly.
RI-031919Platform - Storage Management
Advanced Export did not work in 9.7.2
RI-031922Platform - Storage Management
FilePath metadata field in Advanced Export was not determined correctly when the file was renamed during transcoding (to mp3 for example)
RI-031927Platform - Storage Management
Amazon S3 and S3 compatible storage targets did not work since 9.7.2 due to an authentication issue caused by a recent change in the HTTP library
RI-031889Installer - Servers
The installer should not accept commas when providing a port for the SQL server connection
RI-031546Platform - Import
Generic Import - IM Content fields were duplicated in case of doing export or doing field mapping testing.
RI-031553Platform - Import
Generic Import Source: testing with chat data did not work
RI-031670Platform - Import
Import sources did not insert the data to the right tenant in multi-tenant environments, all data was inserted into the reference tenant, regardless of in which tenant the import policy and the user were configured.
RI-031899Platform - Import
In peer-to-peer Cisco Webex Teams chat when an external participant was present (from another Cisco Webex Team) the Form/To fields could contain special characters that were stored incorrectly. This caused character encoding issues, and the UI showed malformed information.
RI-031932Platform - Import
Generic Import - Field mapping with a function couldn't be saved. Field with child fields with settings saving issue is resolved (saving only for the child field and save instant changes).

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