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Verba 9.8 Release Notes (build

This document lists new features and fixes released in Verba 9.8 Release Notes (build

Release Date2023-12-15
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Release highlights

RI-034807Solution - Speech Analytics
Intelligent Voice is a new speech recognition and analytics platform which is integrated with Verint Financial Compliance. Intelligent Voice provides the following capabilities: The Intelligent Voice integration provides the following features: - Transcription of audio for voice and video recordings - Diarization: the ability to separate/identify speakers - Punctuation and capitalization: the ability to identify the beginning and the end of sentences - Sentiment scores: the ability to identify the sentiment of the sentences (turn construction units or TCUs - Topics: the ability to identify topics, keywords or phrases in the transcripts - Support for multiple languages, see - Support for multi-language transcriptions where the speakers use multiple languages during the recorded conversation, also includes automatic language detection - Adaptation/customization of automatic speech recognition (ASR) models (Model adaptation is the process of taking an existing ASR model and adapting it to suit a specific use case, by incorporating new words and new patterns of speech. Speech recognition models reflect the patterns of speech in the training dataset they were built with. The general ASR models distributed by Intelligent Voice reflect the patterns of speech in the general population of the region. Improved results can be obtained by tailoring the model to reflect the speech in a given domain.) - Integrated via REST APIs - Intelligent Voice solution is deployed separately on-premise or in Verint partner cloud - learn more
RI-035191Platform - API
New REST API endpoints for server configuration and credential management: - Change credentials such as usernames, passwords, secrets, and connection strings for users, storage targets, import sources, AD synchronization profiles - Import/export server configurations or configuration profiles - Change server configuration or configuration profile values - Execute server configuration tasks - learn more

Known Critical Issues

There are no known issues in this build.

Critical Fixes

There are no new critical fixes in this build.

Feature Improvements

Added in
OpenSSL library is updated to the latest v1.1.1t
Migrated to the latest (3.1.1) OpenSSL in C++ services.
OpenSSL library is updated to the latest version, v3.1.2.
OpenSSL library is updated to the latest version 3.2.0.
RI-037764Recording - Cisco
Dialed number is added to the list of metadata available and displayed for Cisco calls.
RI-037803Recording - Cisco
Enhancement to the Cisco Call Direction recognition. The recorder service now only considers an address as internal if: - CUCM signals that the address is internal, or - the address is set up as a recorded Extension, or - the address is observed by the JTAPI Service, or - the address matches the Internal Domain Numbers Pattern.
RI-034206Recording - Microsoft Teams
Improved Microsoft Teams Bot Service call handling and call setup performance using the new Microsoft Calling SDK support bot grouping. It affects v9.7.6 or later only.
RI-034856Recording - Microsoft Teams
New alerts added to the Microsoft Teams Bot Service: - Call timed out: this is an extension of RI-030767, when the service is closing a stuck call after a configurable timeout (45 minutes by default), it sends an alert. - Could not authenticate: if the service is failing to request a new OAuth token for the outbound API requests, or if the service is not able to validate the inbound requests from Teams e.g: the service is not able to retrieve the OpenID Connect keys - Recorder overloaded: the service now sends an alert if any of the recorder connections are overloaded. The alert contains the current performance metrics shared by the Verba Unified Call Recorder Service - Unexpected call termination: the service sends an alert if the call termination is not normal (200) - The maintenance thread now checks the public certificate expiration and private key accessibility. If the certificate expires within 30 days the service sends an alert.
RI-035575Recording - Microsoft Teams
Workaround solution for a new Microsoft Teams voice/video/screen recording-related issue which can lead to recording loss if Microsoft Teams does not send any participant update for the recorded call/meeting. The capability of falling back to audio-only recording has been added in the case of missing participant list from Microsoft Graph API. A new alert has been added when no participant update is received but the call should have been recorded or the recording was started only with audio modality but other modalities were configured for recording too. Read more:
RI-035746Recording - Microsoft Teams
Support for the Microsoft Teams Large Gallery View displaying mode added
RI-036149Recording - Microsoft Teams
Store additional metadata related to the call termination.
RI-037815Recording - Microsoft Teams
Added new selective recording mode to the Microsoft Teams Bot service. When the setting is selected in the Extension configuration, the bot service automatically starts controlled recording if an external participant joins the call. This recording mode applies to call scenarios such as PSTN, federated P2P calls, or meetings with at least one external participant.
RI-038571Recording - Microsoft Teams
Added new Luware Nimbus metadata template for the Microsoft Teams bot service, and introduced the ability to whitelist application instances from automatic recording ignore.
RI-039019Recording - Microsoft Teams
The Microsoft Teams Bot Service now sends the ongoing sessions list to the Unified Call Recorder Service every 5 minutes.
RI-039021Recording - Microsoft Teams
The Microsoft Teams Bot service now supports Contact Center In and Out directions for Luware Nimbus integrations.
RI-039024Recording - Microsoft Teams
Selective recording rules can now be configured for Microsoft Teams integrations.
RI-039036Recording - Microsoft Teams
More Luware Nimbus metadata fields have been added to the Microsoft Teams (Nimbus) metadata template: Object ID, Service Line, and Service Line UPN values are now stored.
RI-039099Recording - Microsoft Teams
The Microsoft Teams Bot service now supports the 'Record Calls Answered by 3rd Party' extension configuration.
RI-039699Recording - Microsoft Teams
The Microsoft Scenario/Chain ID is added to every call-related service alert.
RI-040315Recording - Microsoft Teams
Added TLS 1.3 support for communication between .NET and other VFC Services. Also updated the .NET Framework version to 4.8.
RI-041327Recording - Microsoft Teams
Customizable recording reminder beep tones are now available for Microsoft Teams recording. As part of the Microsoft Teams announcement configuration, you can specify the duration, frequency, and repetition interval of the beep tone.
RI-034795Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Support for new channel announcements and channel post subjects (Channel 2.0)
RI-038505Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Microsoft Teams IM Export API enhancements: - Recently introduced system events in the Export API that cause duplicated event messages in the chat are no longer processed. - In case of API connection down alerts, more information is provided in the alert about the cause. - In case of unexpected API responses, VFC only attempts one retry in the same polling cycle to avoid excessive API usage.
RI-039125Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Microsoft Teams chat and channel join/leave system events are now available in the Unified IM Recorder Service.
RI-039437Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Added audio and video clip content support for Microsoft Teams IM recording.
RI-037758Recording - Avaya
The Avaya DMCC and JTAPI libraries have been upgraded to 8.1.3.
RI-039965Recording - Avaya
The Avaya DMCC Service no longer processes the single-step conference events generated by other recorder products.
RI-041987Recording - Avaya
The originally dialed number is now stored in the Dialed Number field for forwarded calls.
RI-036521Recording - Unified Call Recorder
IPTrade TPO: Implemented the parsing of additional metadata: conference participation, device ID, and turret ID.
RI-037034Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Added support for the new emoticon format for Microsoft Teams chat and channel archiving.
RI-040321Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Improved the performance of call segmentation for large amounts of trader voice CDRs when using absolute segmentation timer.
RI-039688Recording - Speakerbus
Record on demand feature is implemented
RI-039317Recording - IPC
Added zone information to turret- and trader-level alerts.
RI-039810Recording - IPC
Enhanced the CTI connection loss handling to reduce the occurrence of temporary recording loss.
RI-040005Recording - IPC
The recorder can now create optional CDR/CTI records for the push-to-talk section of calls. These records can also be exported.
RI-040716Recording - Cloud9
The Cloud9 CallData API import rerun functionality now supports the standard data model.
RI-033660Recording - Zoom
Media file download for Zoom Meeting/Webinar/Phone archiving now automatically retried 3 times on failure, and for Meetings/Webinars a checksum is validated on the downloaded file.
RI-033999Recording - Zoom
Support added for long Zoom Phones extensions (10 character or longer). Zoom by default only lets users create 3 to 6 character long extension numbers.
RI-034876Recording - Zoom
Archiving (importing) Zoom webinars support added allowing automatic archiving of Zoom Webinars for regulated users. CDR reconciliation is also supported for Zoom Webinars.
RI-040317Recording - Zoom
Made various improvements to the Zoom Phone call queue handling, such as the To and From fields now displaying the details of the participants, not the call queue, and the call queue accept and callerID callout actions now being recorded if the call queue or participant are recorded.
RI-033695UI - Web Interface
jQuery library is updated to 3.6.0
RI-033942UI - Web Interface
Improved markers display positions for trader voice recordings when media stitching adjustment is used
RI-034235UI - Web Interface
Apache Tomcat version is upgraded to 9.0.71, APR 1.2.36 (OpenSSL 1.1.1t)
RI-034761UI - Web Interface
Improved display of praises, news, and long texts without spaces for Microsoft Teams chat/channel viewer
RI-035145UI - Web Interface
New Role permission: once a user starts a controlled recording and then stops it, they should be blocked from starting recording again
RI-035392UI - Web Interface
The Adal library has been replaced by MSAL (1.12) and the "Scope(s)" parameter has been added to the Azure AD Identity Provider settings
RI-035403UI - Web Interface
Added the new "resource" parameter to the OIDC Identity Provider settings
RI-035494UI - Web Interface
New SAML identity provider (IdP) added
RI-035536UI - Web Interface
Enable SSO Login without providing the Login ID in advance
RI-035559UI - Web Interface
Add the User Login ID and User Name filters to the Advanced Search Options
RI-035787UI - Web Interface
The Web Application user session memory consumption was reduced
RI-036037UI - Web Interface
The system now generates an "Apply Extension Configuration" task after the Multi-Tenant Mode configuration has changed, including after upgrades.
RI-036058UI - Web Interface
Reference Environment Supervisors are now able to view the metadata field values of other Environments.
RI-036113UI - Web Interface
When the Apply Extension Configuration is executed on a server where an enabled service is not running, now a warning message is displayed.
RI-036120UI - Web Interface
The Legal Hold All API has been renamed to Delete Disabled API and it is now multi-tenant aware.
RI-037067UI - Web Interface
Apache Tomcat version is upgraded to 9.0.74
RI-037371UI - Web Interface
When a 2N controlled recording is started or stopped using the web application, the application now looks for the corresponding 2N recording pair, and also starts or stops that recording automatically.
RI-037373UI - Web Interface
Added new server configuration setting that, when configured, automatically applies the Recording Rules to the servers periodically.
RI-037757UI - Web Interface
The Conversations REST API now also returns the start and end times in GMT, in addition to the local time zone set for the user.
RI-037795UI - Web Interface
The Web Application has been updated to use OpenSSL version 3.0.9.
RI-038512UI - Web Interface
Added Select/Deselect All buttons to the Import Teams/Channels feature.
RI-038874UI - Web Interface
Different announcement audio prompt file names/resource IDs can now be configured for environments in multi-tenant mode.
RI-039449UI - Web Interface
Added rewind and forward functionality to the player.
RI-039566UI - Web Interface
The required certificate for Intelligent Voice integration can now be configured in the VFC web application.
RI-039766UI - Web Interface
Improved UI translations for German, French, Japanese, Korean, and Russian languages.
RI-040059UI - Web Interface
Updated some third-party dependencies of the Web Application: Puppeteer (v21.3.8), embedded Chromium (v117.0.5938.149).
RI-040081UI - Web Interface
Optimized the search performance for Group Supervisors that have many supervised users.
RI-040326UI - Web Interface
Added four new parameters to the SearchCalls Business API call: returnMetadataSimple, onlyColumns, onlyMetas, and timeZone.
RI-040335UI - Web Interface
Added new permission "Start/Stop Controlled Recording" for the Controlled recording Start/Stop feature.
RI-041333UI - Web Interface
Apache Tomcat is upgraded to version 9.0.82.
RI-033553UI - Reporting
New Users Advanced IM Summary report showing the number of messages on a daily basis for every participant in a Microsoft Teams chat or channel.
RI-033570UI - Reporting
New Report: Conversations Legal Hold Status. The Conversations Legal Hold Status report shows the number of calls under/not under Legal Hold in a given (configured) interval broken down into daily segments.
RI-034102UI - Reporting
New Conversations Advanced IM Summary report showing the total number of messages for a Microsoft Teams chat or channel
RI-034388UI - Reporting
Optimized Recording Servers Call Activity Summary and Call Activity Trend reports to handle large volumes of data
RI-037364UI - Reporting
New Report: Advanced IM Export Policy Summary Report. The Advanced IM Export Policy Summary report shows the number of emails sent from VFC Capture to SMTP export targets and includes time stamp information about conversations. The report lists the number of successfully sent and failed emails, the start and end times between which chat messages were sent in the conversation in UTC and the user's time zone, and the target group filter for each export target.
RI-039315UI - Reporting
Microsoft Teams IM API usage statistics reports are now available, allowing you to correlate billing information to data provided by Microsoft.
RI-039539UI - Reporting
Two new reports have been added: - Advanced IM Export Users - Advanced IM Export Count
RI-040984Solution - Speech Analytics
New Transcription Summary feature is now available as part of the Intelligent Voice integration. The Transcription Summary is a 100-500 word synopsis of the call, automatically generated from the key points of the conversation.
RI-034409Platform - Database
Performance optimizations for Legal Hold checks for database maintenance job, and Legal Hold API to handle large volumes of data
RI-038530Platform - Database
Added enhancement to database partitioning behaviour. Before this enhancement, the system did not merge the old empty partitions in the first 30 days during database partitioning. This time period has now been increased to 365 days.
RI-038757Platform - Database
Decreased the Legal Hold status update batch size from 250 to 50 to minimize the possibility of a database table lock.
RI-038983Platform - Database
The automatic labeling process is now delayed by four hours to avoid having to recheck the newly created referencing Media Records.
RI-039567Platform - Database
Added a delay between Index Rebuild database operations to prevent the Transaction Log growing. The default configuration is that the operation sleeps for 15 minutes every 60 minutes.
RI-039583Platform - Database
The database maintenance process now stops if the size of the Transaction Log exceeds 75% of its maximum size.
RI-040330Platform - Database
Daily Jobs now avoid opening a database transaction when acquiring a database lock.
RI-040949Platform - Database
The database Index Rebuild can now run on multiple threads, and the Resumable Index Rebuild option is now available to configure.
RI-042418Platform - Database
The Legal Hold Status Check that runs a full check on the weekends now works in monthly batches.
RI-039118Platform - Environment
Internal domain patterns can now be configured on a per environment basis in multi-tenant mode. Available for Microsoft Teams voice/video/screen recording integrations.
RI-039365Platform - Environment
The configuration of internal domain patterns on a per environment basis in multi-tenant mode is now also available for the following services: - Unified Recorder Service (except for Cisco JTAPI integrations), - Passive Recorder Service, - SMS Recorder Service, - Import Service.
RI-039981Platform - Environment
The configuration of internal domain patterns on a per-environment basis in multi-tenant mode is now also available for the following services: - Unified Recorder Service including Cisco JTAPI integrations, - Cisco Compliance Service, - Genesys CTI Service, - Avaya DMCC Service, - Skype for Business (SfB) filter, - SfB/Lync IM Recorder Service.
RI-034393Platform - Licensing
Single storage target type restriction is removed for Microsoft Teams SKUs
RI-034904Platform - Licensing
Replay Only License Enforcement (93-530-3153, 93-530-3154, 93-530-3155)
RI-033584Platform - Media Processing
Better handling of late duplication of streams in media processing to avoid gaps and unintelligible audio.
RI-036080Platform - Monitoring
Added four new Microsoft Teams bot-related alerts to the SCOM MP and SNMP MIB files.
RI-033666Platform - Storage Management
Improved Advanced IM Export policy to allow exporting short periods (shorter than an hour)
RI-033997Platform - Storage Management
Hitachi Content Platform Storage Target: improved error retrying mechanism to avoid the delay for the action as normally it was only retried in the next policy execution
RI-034917Platform - Storage Management
Background tasks are now visible in the respected environment, and not only in the reference tenant in multitenant systems
RI-038560Platform - Storage Management
Deduplication skips 2N records under Legal Hold.
RI-039141Platform - Storage Management
Added retention and legal hold support for Azure Blob Storage integration.
RI-039293Platform - Storage Management
Added support for S3 storage targets (S3 AWS, S3 IBM, S3 compatible) to the migration of recordings from Verint to VFC.
RI-039329Platform - Storage Management
Added NetApp Snaplock ONTAP REST API support for retention handling.
RI-039333Platform - Storage Management
Added Microsoft Teams voice, video, and screen deduplication support for 2N recording.
RI-039366Platform - Storage Management
Export and Transcription policies can now be configured to only process the better copy of recording data in a 2N recording scenario.
RI-039462Platform - Storage Management
CDR metadata is now generated for non-IM interactions during policy based export.
RI-039751Platform - Storage Management
Performance improvements in the export of trader voice recordings.
RI-040115Platform - Storage Management
Policy-based export: if CDR metadata is not available for voice/video recording, it is now generated based on data available in the database.
RI-040358Platform - Storage Management
S3-compatible storage target now supports the object lock (retention and legal hold) API of Netapp StorageGRID.
RI-036035Platform - Tools
Added media folder setting to the PowerShell Deployment Toolkit.
RI-039160Installer - Servers
Added upgrade functionality to the installer.
RI-038528Installer - Windows Desktop
The VFC Installer now uses AES256 encryption for the private key when generating a new SSL certificate. Existing keys are checked, and converted to be using the AES256 encryption.
RI-033681Platform - Import
Verint WFO to Verba Migration: when a call is archived to the same storage multiple times, then prefer the last one for playback
RI-034017Platform - Import
Added new Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) Import Source which allows migrating historical recordings from an ACR system. The ACR Import Source migrates both ACR-only and ACR+15.2 systems using the native ACR API. Both encrypted and unencrypted ACR recordings can be migrated by the ACR Import Source.
RI-034112Platform - Import
New config parameter UseGivenUrlOnlyToFindMedia implemented for Generic Import Sources. Located at Server configuration/Import/Generic import/Use given URL only to find media files. If UseGivenUrlOnlyToFindMedia is false (default setting), then further searches are performed in the subdirectories, but it takes more time. So switching this off can speed up the processing of CSV files that have incorrect media URLs or do not have any media file given. An additional alert has been implemented, which can send an alert when a media file is not found. When a missing media file is found, it checks if the given directory of the media file exists or not.
RI-034157Platform - Import
Import Service now creates separate log files for each import policy, similar to the Storage Management Service. You can find the log files under Verba\log\import policies\. The same log settings apply to them (log file count, size, etc.).
RI-034398Platform - Import
Implemented Oauth2 authentication mode for O365 Exchange Online IMAP connections used by the TeleMessage Import Source
RI-037138Platform - Import
Running the same import source in a multi-server environment could lead to false-positive alerts.
RI-040304Platform - Import
Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) is now available as an import source.
RI-040382Platform - Import
Genesys Cloud CX is now available as an import source.
RI-040387Platform - Import
Theta Lake is now available as an import source.
RI-040468Platform - Import
Cisco Webex Meetings is now available as an import source.


Fixed in
Multiple security and vulnerability fixes for the Web Application: - List screens Excel / RTF / PDF exports did not send the security headers in the HTTP response - Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability fixes on Change History and Scheduling Wizard pages - Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability fix for the Extension List page in multitenant systems
RI-036050Recording - Passive
SPAN-based SIP recording: In rare cases, a TCP reassembly bug could have caused the skipping of important SIP messages, leading to the related call not being recorded.
RI-038490Recording - Passive
SfB Recording: In rare cases, when the RTP stream encoding switches to or from REC encoding, various intermittent issues can happen, such as audio gaps, one-way recording, or the crash of the recorder service. Affected release version 9.8.2.
RI-039994Recording - Passive
The method to determine Skype for Business call directions when no Internal Numbers/Domains Patterns were set did not work in VFC version 9.8.5.
RI-034127Recording - Cisco
Cisco JTAPI Service created an extra controller record when the start/stop recording command was processed slowly by the Cisco JTAPI
RI-034542Recording - Cisco
Improved message error handling between the Unified Call Recorder and the Cisco JTAPI services to handle recording control command cache writing failures
RI-039555Recording - Cisco
The Cisco JTAPI Service did not start if a recording rule existed with a Microsoft Teams Field, Nimbus Field, or any of the Microsoft Teams Tenant filters.
RI-042382Recording - Cisco
Cisco Network Based recordings were stuck as ongoing when the recording service only received a very small amount of RTP packages.
RI-035185Recording - Lync/SfB
CDR information was incorrect for Skype for Business dial-out conference calls, the CDR showed as if the call was transferred from/to the same URI which caused false positive alerts in CDR reconciliation.
RI-039756Recording - Lync/SfB
Passive recorder could crash if in a RED-encoded audio stream it also received DTMF/telephone-event packets. This scenario could only happen if the call does not use Silk codec and switches to the redundant payload mode due to network reasons.
RI-040007Recording - Lync/SfB
A heuristic determination of call direction, that applied if an Internal numbers/domains pattern was not set, became ineffective. Affected VFC version 9.8.5.
RI-034142Recording - Lync/SfB IM
Multiple empty database entries were created for the same group chat when multiple Recording Serves were configured. The issue only affects v9.7.2 or later versions.
RI-039554Recording - Lync/SfB IM
The Skype for Business IM Recorder did not collect participants when it terminated a chat recording with a timeout.
RI-040048Recording - Lync/SfB IM
Recorded IMs did not store not recorded users in the participant list for scheduled meetings and Meet Nows.
RI-034100Recording - Microsoft Teams
The Microsoft Teams Bot service didn't update the recorded_party database field. It resulted that the Direction (User) field was incorrectly Outgoing in every call scenario.
RI-034108Recording - Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams Custom Announcement was not played for federated calls when the UPN of the federated party could not be retrieved (in most cases)
RI-034143Recording - Microsoft Teams
Short technical call legs were created for Call Queues. The issue affects v9.7.6 or later only.
RI-034541Recording - Microsoft Teams
False positive one-way media error might have been detected for Microsoft Teams conference calls when unmixed (stereo) recording was configured
RI-034803Recording - Microsoft Teams
In the case of separated screen share recording, the system did not record screen share streams (the default mode is to not have separate records for screen share). The issue affects v9.7.6 or later only.
RI-034804Recording - Microsoft Teams
The Apply User's Recording Announcement service configuration turned off the recording notification entirely instead of turning off the user level announcement configuration only.
RI-034838Recording - Microsoft Teams
Participant information was missing in the case of PSTN calls when the participation method (caller, callee, etc.) was not provided for the PSTN user in the Microsoft Calling SDK.
RI-034858Recording - Microsoft Teams
A false Call Processing alert was raised by the Unified Call Recorder Service intermittently when the Microsoft Teams Bot Service updated call information after the calls ended
RI-035079Recording - Microsoft Teams
Could not process invite for call transfer scenario when call transferor ID is missing
RI-035696Recording - Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams service displayed a false positive "recording has stopped" banner if a peer to peer calling scenario was escalated to a meeting
RI-035721Recording - Microsoft Teams
During a calling scenario switching from a device to another, the Microsoft Teams Bot service didn't start a new recording session for the new device's call leg. The service stopped recording when the first device's call leg terminated.
RI-035722Recording - Microsoft Teams
The audio-only fallback implementation utilized to short waiting time and the waiting for the first participant list was not cancelled for terminated call legs. Therefore the bot made incorrect records.
RI-037155Recording - Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams bot was making duplicated controlled records if the recorded user was configured as "Record Only if External User Is Participating".
RI-037180Recording - Microsoft Teams
When recording meetings with a large number of participants, Microsoft Teams calls were sometimes recorded in multiple segments instead of one.
RI-037216Recording - Microsoft Teams
In ad hoc recording with an auto-start recording mode, the recorder also counted control records in Overload state and Max call count calculations.
RI-037809Recording - Microsoft Teams
In case of a screen share only recording scenario that was escalated to an audio call with audio recording only mode, the recorded call started from the beginning of the audio call escalation and skipped the silent screen sharing interval.
RI-037853Recording - Microsoft Teams
In the case of video recording, the Microsoft Teams Bot service could allocate the video stream incorrectly, which resulted in the loss of audio from the time of the faulty stream allocation. This issue only affects versions 9.7.6 or later.
RI-039010Recording - Microsoft Teams
Bug fixes to the Microsoft Teams Application: - If the primary recording server was not available in a 2N recording scenario, the Microsoft Teams Application did not show secondary ongoing calls. - Supervisor users could only see their own calls, not the calls of others.
RI-039044Recording - Microsoft Teams
If the "Record Only If External User Is Participating" extension configuration setting was enabled and a bot without a tenant ID joined a call or meeting, a recording was incorrectly started.
RI-039127Recording - Microsoft Teams
Internal calls that were originally not recorded got recorded after a hold/resume event.
RI-039137Recording - Microsoft Teams
In controlled recording scenarios, where recording can be started and stopped multiple times, recording start announcements were only made the first time recording was started.
RI-039142Recording - Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams Bot service failed when the organizer of a meeting was a third party application instead of an actual user.
RI-039147Recording - Microsoft Teams
In P2P call scenarios, the Microsoft Teams Bot service did not use the Display Name of the on-premise Skype for Business user to populate the From or To database fields.
RI-039556Recording - Microsoft Teams
In rare cases, audio recording can start even if the voice modality is not enabled.
RI-039563Recording - Microsoft Teams
If the "Start Controlled Recording Automatically if External User Is Participating" setting was enabled on the recorded user, no control records were created for internal calls.
RI-039754Recording - Microsoft Teams
Enhancement to mixed controlled recording scenarios: if a recording is triggered by an external participant, the recording becomes always-on recording until the last external participant leaves the call. If no external participant remains on the call, the recording continues, but the recording becomes controllable again.
RI-039975Recording - Microsoft Teams
The Microsoft Teams bot service did not update the recording notification banner when a recording was terminated due to a recorded participant leaving.
RI-039976Recording - Microsoft Teams
In the case of call chaining scenarios, the PSTN direction was incorrectly determined as federated direction.
RI-040100Recording - Microsoft Teams
If a recording was closed due to being put on hold, but the service received a media source ID change, the recording incorrectly restarted.
RI-040214Recording - Microsoft Teams
In a consultative transfer scenario with call chaining, the call leg of the transferring party inherited the recording configuration of the user who answered the transferred call.
RI-040215Recording - Microsoft Teams
In forwarded call scenarios, if the call invite did not contain a tenant ID for the user that forwarded the invite, the details of that user were incorrect or missing. The Microsoft Teams Bot service now attempts to fill these user details by checking if the correct values exist in the user cache.
RI-040310Recording - Microsoft Teams
In rare cases, when a recorded user who had call forwarding set up to a PSTN user received a call from a not recorded user, and the PSTN user answered the call, the call was classified as internal, and no recording announcement was made.
RI-040312Recording - Microsoft Teams
The AnnounceLogSaver service wrote the same log message multiple times in the log file.
RI-040717Recording - Microsoft Teams
The Microsoft Teams bot service failed to answer a call if there was a not recorded third party on the call and the recording policy was configured as strict.
RI-033676Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
The Microsoft Export API based integration did not filter the recorded extension configuration for the selected modalities and tried to achieve chat/channel messages for all extensions even if the Instant Message modality was not set
RI-034140Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Multiple issues resolved for Microsoft Teams chat and channel archiving: - Attachments could not be archived (download from Sharepoint) if the user shared a file that was initially shared by another user - When the first message was edited/deleted or reaction added, the system created the CDR record with the wrong start date and time when the Export API based integration was used - If due to any reason, the UPN of a participant could not be retrieved and the participant entry was created without a UPN, it was never updated later, even the UPN could have been retrieved successfully - Media-Only records were not always appropriately linked to CDR-Only records in the case of chats for Export API based Microsoft Teams integration - From/From Info fields did not always reflect the recorded participant information in the CDR for Export API based integration - Channel, chat and participant information could have become inconsistent if multiple Recording Servers were deployed and multiple servers processed the same chat/channel. - Possible Unified IM Recorder service crash due to a race condition in the internal participant cache - DLP / Webhook API system event based channel name update was not updated on all records if the name was updated on a channel where the participants were not yet determined - The Unified IM Recorder service could have crashed using the DLP / Webhook based integration for Microsoft Teams when at service shutdown the webhook subscriptions were not properly terminated - Consumer Skype user was not properly recognized as a participant and generated multiple participation entries - The local cache polling mechanism (which moves the batch files to the global queues) was too eager and in some cases caused high CPU usage
RI-034793Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Microsoft Teams channel thread root message was not shown when it was recently recorded (in the last 30 minutes) and the text search was used and a message was selected to show the full conversation
RI-035174Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Join/leave system events for private and shared channels could trigger join/leave events for all channels in the given team in the system internally. This could cause unnecessary system event entries, membership records or CDRs, and in certain cases data loss. The issue only affects DLP / Webhook based integrations, Export API based systems are not impacted.
RI-035634Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Teams Export API: Messages could be lost from private and shared channels.
RI-035642Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Unified IM recorder service is now able to properly detect stuck message processing state and recover from it.
RI-036092Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Implemented the updated Microsoft Teams IM system event message format that caused missing join/leave event messages.
RI-039083Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Changed the periodic channel and group details update from synchronous method to asynchronous to avoid a message processing deadlock caused by the Microsoft Graph API throttling.
RI-039094Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Fixed issues with the Microsoft Teams IM recording service: - Bots appeared in the participant list. - In Teams Export API integrations, if the first message in the chat was sent by a bot, the message was discarded.
RI-039246Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
During the export of Microsoft Teams IM messages with attachments, the attachment references were only added to the export of the original message. The exports of any edits or reactions to the original message were missing the attachment references.
RI-039904Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
In a multi-tenant deployment, the recorder ignored user-level retention unless the Teams Default Retention was set for an environment.
RI-039993Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Export API: In rare cases, edited chat messages were not exported. This issue only occurred if a chat message was edited and no newer message was sent during the export segment time period.
RI-040006Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Export API: Edited messages were not always exported when editing old messages in a chat, but not sending any new ones during the export segment time.
RI-041006Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Made various improvements to the Microsoft Teams IM recording service to reduce the number of unnecessary API calls, such as revising processes for querying and caching chat details, and downloading attachments.
RI-041007Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
When the Microsoft Graph Team, Channel, or Chat APIs were throttled, the Unified IM Recorder could crash.
RI-042002Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
In rare cases, messages had incorrect timestamps during a recorder failover.
RI-042029Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
In channels and group chats with a large number of participants, the processing of the participant update triggered by membership polling took an excessively long time.
RI-033698Recording - Avaya
When a device was part of a call and then the call got transferred, then an unnecessary alert was sent because the system tried to record the device which did not even participate in the call
RI-039163Recording - Avaya
The Avaya DMCC/JTAPI Service did not reconnect to the AES if it disconnected during the device registration check process.
RI-040237Recording - Avaya
In rare cases, the Avaya recorder service inserted the wrong value in the From field after a transfer.
RI-033585Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Media vs related CDR/CTI record start/endtime might have drifted away causing that at CTI/CDR playback there might have been short voice clipping (max 1 s) at the beginning or end of the trader voice recordings in certain virtual machine environments.
RI-035606Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Unified Recorder: trader voice, CDR segmentation: PTT markers are inserted only for the last record but not at records terminated due to media segmentation. IPC Unigy and IPTrade integrations affected
RI-036879Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Unified Call Recorder: If a call contained more than one attached metadata template, only the first template was written to the database.
RI-037006Recording - Unified Call Recorder
IPTrade: The max retrieved call count for turret side playback is now configurable, and the default value is increased.
RI-037037Recording - Unified Call Recorder
IPTrade playback: The end date filter criteria was ignored, and the current date was used instead.
RI-037215Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Ad hoc recording: Control sessions not dealing with media were included in the Overload state calculation based on the Max call count threshold. These sessions do not consume any resources, so after this fix, they no longer count towards the number of calls in the Recording calls statistics.
RI-037836Recording - Unified Call Recorder
The Unified Recorder crashed if a standard SIPREC session received a participant update that removed all participants from a communication session, but did not terminate the session.
RI-040060Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Call segmentation of Cisco Network Based recordings with JTAPI integration caused some extra CDR metadata that was received from the JTAPI to not show on the Conversation record.
RI-040072Recording - Unified Call Recorder
When a call participant with blocked caller ID made an inbound call to the recorded party in interconnect call scenarios on Metaswitch Perimeta, recording loss could occur.
RI-040939Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Recordings of non-mixed Microsoft Teams audio streams contained undesired audio artifacts if the bot was configured to stream media with G.711 codec to the recorder.
RI-041039Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Optimized call segmentation when using an absolute timer, decreasing the time the segmentation process takes and reducing the chance of interfering with integration protocols that can cause unexpected loss of connection.
RI-042383Recording - Unified Call Recorder
When separate, not mixed audio stream recording was configured in interconnect call scenarios on Metaswitch Perimeta, the stream-participant association could fail for call participants with blocked caller ID, causing one-way media recording.
RI-033586Recording - IPTrade
BT IP Trade SIPREC fixes: - Unexpected, quick participant change at the very beginning of calls (in Cisco environments if the call was created after/due to transfer/conference) created unexpected short (0-1 sec) CDR-Only records - "Force recording media locally" option did not work - Conference calls were not flagged in CDR as conference and the direction was not set to "Conference"
RI-034027Recording - IPTrade
Race condition in Unified Recorder media recorder selection might have caused Recording Director service crash in very rare cases
RI-034909Recording - IPTrade
BT IP Trade: the direction of transferred calls were not set properly, and conference participants were not represented
RI-035605Recording - IPTrade
IPTrade: if metadata becomes available only midcall (in certain flow device changes from unknown to defined one) the metadata was not updated at call termination
RI-037774Recording - IPTrade
Minor improvements to SIPREC talk state marker handling: - Rapid call state changes no longer close a marker and create a new one in short succession. The original marker is kept for the whole duration of the state. - In case of a device change, if the talk state did not change, then the new CDR created at the device change now gets the marker of the current talk state.
RI-039687Recording - Speakerbus
Midcall device changes were not handled (just ignored) if the same mix is referred in CTI. This behaviour was not transparent with other trader voice integrations. Now the recorder terminate the CDR and start a new one with the current device info as in case of other integrations
RI-034079Recording - IPC
Very rare race condition between the IPC Unigy logon events and the CDR start events for automatically connected lines might have caused (logon is received after call start) to skip/not create CDRs for such lines
RI-035633Recording - IPC
IPC Unigy Record on Demand: record CDR end cause was set to "normal" instead of "manual termination" when user disabled recording midcall
RI-039143Recording - IPC
Recorder service could sometimes crash without recording loss at service shutdown.
RI-039303Recording - IPC
Media mix down alerts were incorrectly generated as media mix up alerts.
RI-035078Recording - Cloud9
In a multi-tenant system for Cloud9 Call Data API based integrations, the recording decision for a user configured in a tenant was made based on the reference tenant (0000) instead of the tenant/environment where the import source and policy were running.
RI-039698Recording - Cloud9
The Cloud9 CallData import source ignored the begin date and end date headers returned by the Recordings API endpoint.
RI-040061Recording - Cloud9
In rare cases, the downloaded temporary media files were deleted prematurely, so the media files are now kept in the local work directory for one day instead of 30 minutes.
RI-040714Recording - Cloud9
The Cloud9 CallData API import source did not correctly filter metadata received from the API, which sometimes resulted in the call metadata having a shorter call length than the stored media. This caused the playback and export services to process the media with the shorter call length, creating a cut version of the media.
RI-040997Recording - Cloud9
The Cloud9 CallData API import source did not remove media records from its local SQLite cache when importing historical calls, which resulted in excessive work directory sizes.
RI-035702Recording - Dial-in
Maximum SIP session expires configuration was not taken into account by Cisco Announcement and Dial-in recording service causing calls to timeout after 2hrs if no session timer is negotiated.
RI-041659Recording - SMS
If percent-encoding was applied to the sender or the receipient of a message, the recording service crashed when it stopped.
RI-038536Recording - Symphony
Added a five second delay to wait before retrying an operation after an error to stop incorrect configuration generating excessive audit log messages that result in large audit log files.
RI-040331Recording - Symphony
Empty input ZIP files caused the import service to get stuck.
RI-040709Recording - Symphony
In rare cases the native ID of a call was incorrectly shown in the To field of a conversation instead of the User ID of the called participant.
RI-039014Recording - Genesys
The built-in deduplication procedure of the VFC Genesys CTI Services incorrectly used CDR identifiers, which lead to export issues.
RI-039070Recording - Genesys
After a call hold scenario between two agents, the Genesys CTI service sent a start recording command for the same DN twice, instead of sending a command for each DN.
RI-039139Recording - Genesys
In 2N recording scenarios, the built-in deduplication procedure of the Genesys CTI Services used the wrong CDR identifiers, which lead to export issues.
RI-039499Recording - Genesys
The Genesys CTI service could not create a CDR XML file for one of the call legs in scenarios with two agents.
RI-033958Recording - Zoom
Zoom authentication may have rarely caused a single 401 HTTP error under high load if multiple policies were running on the same server against the same Zoom tenant.
RI-034872Recording - Zoom
A rare race condition in the media file download threads could result in 0 length or corrupt files with file checksum failures for files belonging to the same meeting/webinar.
RI-042028Recording - Zoom
If the Zoom API incorrectly reports that there were no participants on a meeting, now a fallback method is used to ensure a successful recording import. This method results in some metadata not being available, such as the participant display names and information about the meeting host.
RI-033697UI - Web Interface
Recurring export started from the search page is not allowed, and a warning is displayed about not supporting relative time intervals.
RI-034059UI - Web Interface
Users could not use the web application while adding large volumes (>50K) of labels to existing records labels
RI-034774UI - Web Interface
The "Update user information on existing conversations" feature did not work when the user had just one conversation
RI-034788UI - Web Interface
Session timeout was not triggered when the user was on the search screen
RI-034967UI - Web Interface
Azure AD Synchronization Profile Group selection didn't work in new Chrome versions
RI-035025UI - Web Interface
Microsoft Teams chat/channel attachment download displayed a permission error when the Media-Only Record is not visible to the user
RI-035096UI - Web Interface
When the Reference Environment Default Conversation List Layout Configuration contained Metadata Fields, then a newly created Environment's default layout was corrupt and the Search would not work for the users created in the new Environment
RI-035103UI - Web Interface
When a user had got User Administration permission but no Extension Administration permission, then the User List screen showed an hourglass for Extensions, Groups and Roles
RI-035113UI - Web Interface
When a user has got just Read Only administration permission, then he/she could list other environments' records
RI-035587UI - Web Interface
The media is not available for VOX and Back Office records migrated from V11 or V15.1 when the ID of the Source Database is not 1 and the media was archived multiple times
RI-035635UI - Web Interface
In Multi-Tenant mode, when an Environment's Active Directory Profiles deactivated a few Users or Extensions, then the number of deactivated objects was added to the subsequent Environments' summary message too
RI-035755UI - Web Interface
The supervisors could update the private flag of another user's conversation by directly calling the corresponding URL
RI-036150UI - Web Interface
Searches for groups with "[ ]" brackets or "*" wildcard characters in the name did not show correct results.
RI-037140UI - Web Interface
Microsoft Teams IM records could not be tagged with custom metadata templates.
RI-037141UI - Web Interface
Various reports generated 0byte files when a user filter was applied.
RI-037142UI - Web Interface
Microsoft Teams IM records could not be tagged with custom metadata templates.
RI-037570UI - Web Interface
The Symphony platform was not selectable on the Extension configuration page.
RI-037772UI - Web Interface
The Microsoft Teams IM PDF export did not work for non-supervisor users.
RI-037773UI - Web Interface
Microsoft Teams IM conversations could not be listed on the Conversations search page after an Archive policy had been executed on them.
RI-037778UI - Web Interface
The temporary files and folders associated with the Microsoft Teams IM PDF Export were not deleted after having been successfully sent by email.
RI-037779UI - Web Interface
The Microsoft Teams IM PDF Export did not work when there was only a short activity in the selected conversation, and access scope of the logged in user was not set to All.
RI-037780UI - Web Interface
The Microsoft Teams IM PDF Export did not work for users who had the "Require Access (Playback/View/Download) Reason" role permission.
RI-037781UI - Web Interface
On the Conversation search page, highlights and labels from the previous search remained visible when the user jumped between pages, until the new highlights and labels were loaded.
RI-037790UI - Web Interface
The "Users Without Any Recording" dashboard widget and report could display users from other environments, and the related CSV report could also show users that did have recordings.
RI-037791UI - Web Interface
On the Data Governance Dashboard, the default date interval of the Transcription Summary and Encryption Summary dashboard widgets was year.
RI-037806UI - Web Interface
The value of the Secondary Filter field on the Conversation REST API is integer type, but it had to be in quotes.
RI-037852UI - Web Interface
Invalidated user remained visible in the "User most recent conversations" report.
RI-038491UI - Web Interface
The createStorageFolder and createStoragePolicy Provisioning Web Service calls no longer throw unnecessary errors.
RI-038510UI - Web Interface
Microsoft Teams IM records were returned in Conversation search results, even if the Instant Messaging option under Text Search was not selected.
RI-038546UI - Web Interface
In rare cases, the Azure AD synchronization deactivated users if the Graph API access token expired while multiple pages of Azure AD entity responses were being processed.
RI-038549UI - Web Interface
The Peak Concurrent field of the Server Capacity report was not populated.
RI-038663UI - Web Interface
Labels with the same name could not be created in different environments in multi-tenant mode.
RI-038863UI - Web Interface
The following reports displayed data from other environments in multi-tenant mode: - Advanced IM Export Policy Summary, - Export Summary, - Extension Configuration, - Profile Configuration, - Server Configuration, - User Retention Details, - Users Without Any Recording.
RI-038864UI - Web Interface
Simultaneous Calls calculation did not work when a daylight saving time change occurred during the queried time interval.
RI-038866UI - Web Interface
The Exports dashboard widget displayed export tasks from other environments in multi-tenant mode.
RI-039092UI - Web Interface
Fixed the issue with the Microsoft Teams IM viewer not displaying system event messages that was introduced in VFC Capture version 9.8.3.
RI-039297UI - Web Interface
The device name- and IP address-based Cisco phone service URLs did not work and threw errors.
RI-039549UI - Web Interface
The OpenID Connect Identity Provider did not send the scope parameter in the Authentication Request
RI-039551UI - Web Interface
Announcement cards were not displayed in Microsoft Teams IM messages. Affected release version 9.8.4.
RI-039582UI - Web Interface
The "Hide Menu Item(s)" setting did not apply to the menu items under the logged-in user profile menu in the header bar.
RI-039861UI - Web Interface
The Delete button was disabled on the Data Management Policy Configuration page for Advanced Export policies, and those configured policies could not be deleted from the system.
RI-040093UI - Web Interface
The GetMediaSegment, GetThumbnail, and GetWaveform APIs did not work if the file was not stored on a network-attached storage (NAS), or when used for CDR-only records.
RI-040102UI - Web Interface
The User and Group filters under the Conversation detail record fields Advanced Search option were ineffective for conversations that were shared through labels.
RI-040346UI - Web Interface
The Saved Queries menu was not visible to users who had their Conversation Access Scope set to Access Shared Only.
RI-040348UI - Web Interface
Users now have access to their own Ongoing Calls with the List Ongoing Conversations permission, even if their Conversation Access Scope is set to Access Shared Only.
RI-040350UI - Web Interface
In rare cases, the Home Page configuration under My Account did not take effect for the user applying it.
RI-040351UI - Web Interface
Playback of shared calls did not work when the Conversation Access Scope of the user was Access Shared Only and did not have the Access View Shared Items Menu permission.
RI-041038UI - Web Interface
Microsoft Teams IM recordings did not show when clicking on the Search using this label button on the Label details screen.
RI-042026UI - Web Interface
Fixed SQL injection vulnerability in Reporting Module.
RI-042417UI - Web Interface
Users without the required permissions could use the segment download URL of the Player to download a conversation.
RI-033556UI - Reporting
Application Secret was displayed on Server Configuration Report
RI-037139UI - Reporting
Users Roles, Permissions, and Groups report generated an invalid file when filtering on a user.
RI-037193UI - Reporting
Users Session Blocking Summary report generated an invalid file when filtering on a user.
RI-037195UI - Reporting
Users Instant Messaging Details (Basic) report generated an invalid file when filtering on a group.
RI-037196UI - Reporting
Content Policy Summary report generated an invalid file when filtering on a user.
RI-037197UI - Reporting
Simultaneous Calls Trend report generates an invalid file when filtering through multiple time zones.
RI-039304UI - Reporting
Report and dashboard widget data could not be retrieved for time zones with a negative time offset.
RI-035497Solution - Speech Analytics
Transcription data couldn't be inserted into the database. Every transcription provider was affected except Intelligent Voice. Affected version:
RI-039096Solution - Speech Analytics
Intelligent Voice transcription failed when processing media that was located on directly accessible network (SMB) storage.
RI-034205Platform - API
When the Legal Hold API was used to remove a Label from certain calls, then all other labels were removed from the calls too
RI-036033Platform - API
The response of the "/v1/servers/{hostname}/services" REST API endpoint was invalid.
RI-034099Platform - Database
Automatic Labeling Rule processing could have blocked other processes and so Upload could have been delayed when large volumes of trader voice records were inserted and matching the labeling rule. In addition, the Automatic Labeling Rule processing will be delayed by 60 minutes (was 10 minutes previously) and only process records updated 60 minutes ago.
RI-034736Platform - Database
In some rare cases, the maintenance job could have caused an Arithmetic Overflow error after SQL Server restart, and the index rebuild process did not run.
RI-034766Platform - Database
Upgrade script for v9.7.7 caused duplicate Verba Maintenance jobs (named "Verba Maintenance Job (DB_NAME)" and "Verba Daily Maintenance Job (DB_NAME)") which could have caused maintenance job errors. As a manual workaround, the duplicated jobs can be removed. The "Verba Frequent Maintenance Job" must not be removed in any case.
RI-040305Platform - Database
In rare cases the database Index Rebuild process caused an arithmetic overflow error.
RI-042419Platform - Database
If two CDR-only records under Legal Hold reference a media-only record and only one of the CDR-only records loses its Legal Hold status, the media-only record also loses its indirectly inherited Legal Hold status.
RI-039054Platform - Media Processing
Imported MPEG4 audio files without duration information in the media header could not be processed correctly.
RI-035580Platform - Monitoring
Verba System Monitor service was unable to send emails due to an invalid date header timezone format. Affected version:
RI-038524Platform - Monitoring
SNMP trap target port configuration did not work. SNMP trap source port is no longer configurable.
RI-033524Platform - Storage Management
Access denied error received after a while when using an SMB storage target with custom credentials for a generic import source
RI-033561Platform - Storage Management
Transcoding did not work for encrypted conversations, because the signing process failed after transcoding the media files with the following error message "Transcoding error at call #3a4a046f-002d-4278-a457-f941a40a548d: Read/write mismatch to encrypted file..."
RI-033780Platform - Storage Management
Trader voice recording playback did not work intermittently if the media was encrypted and stored on EMC Centera Storage Target
RI-034147Platform - Storage Management
Re-encryption did not work for files stored on non-SMB storage targets. The process did not return an error and the files were kept encrypted with the old key.
RI-034792Platform - Storage Management
Move Media action failed for Microsoft Teams chat/channel attachments
RI-034800Platform - Storage Management
Microsoft Teams chat/channel archiving export (SMTP) issues resolved: - Microsoft Teams chat/channel SMTP export did not handle special characters for external users without a UPN and during SMTP export the email address of the external users were not complete - Possible race condition in the file and attachment download/export cache if the same file was referred by multiple threads/multiple conversations processed on different threads paralyze. This affects Microsoft Teams DLP / Webhook API based integrations and trader voice integrations. - If one message contained multiple attachments, and at least one of them was not available, the attachment links in the email message were not accurate - Failed email export if the FROM header contains and uppercase character in the email address - Failed email export if there is a single message in the export and the message time and the user participation start time were rounded to same msec by the SQL Server - [StartTimeInUserTimezone], [EndTimeInUserTimezone] fields in the SMTP export target configuration did not display the timezone information correctly - Attachment file extension was missing for images sent from an Android Teams client - Custom image attachments (e.g. OS specific sticker image) sent from an IOS Teams client could not be exported
RI-034878Platform - Storage Management
Encryption and signing did not work for Microsoft Teams chat/channel file attachments
RI-035074Platform - Storage Management
When retention was set on an object using AWS S3 governance mode, the system could not increase retention. This issue happened when the upload policy did not set any retention, and the bucket had default retention using governance mode.
RI-035087Platform - Storage Management
Standard instant message (SfB, Symphony, Cisco, etc.) attachment export could have crashed the Storage Management Service if the file attachments were already downloaded in the cache by another process. The issue only affects 9.7.5 or later versions.
RI-035178Platform - Storage Management
If standard instant message (SfB, Symphony, Cisco, etc.) IM transcript file was generated and uploaded with encryption, then export failed
RI-035297Platform - Storage Management
Background task progress bar showed wrong values in many cases. It is now removed because the system has currently no way to determine the total number of records accurately due to the complex policy processing.
RI-035393Platform - Storage Management
Verint migrated call playback in rare cases could not work when the storage service couldn't identify the suitable archived version of the call.
RI-035577Platform - Storage Management
Storage: SMTP export failed if: - Date header was not specified in custom headers and defaulted to UTC or was set to UTC conversation start/endtime. Mail could be sent but not received - Date header was specified in custom headers and set to user timezone where user was in UTC+ zone: mail could be sent and received, but timezone information was incorrectly provided leading to that mail clients/3rdparties interpreted time info as UTC instead of UTC+x Affected version:
RI-035604Platform - Storage Management
Media mixing related Voice Quality scoring in rare cases was not properly calculate, causing false positive media mixing error flagging and low score
RI-035607Platform - Storage Management
Deduplication: possible service crash occurred in rare cases
RI-035631Platform - Storage Management
Policy based upload: race condition between record to DB insertion vs upload policy evaluation rarely might lead to match a lower priority matching policy instead of the expected
RI-035701Platform - Storage Management
Not properly cleaned local cache could cause playback delay.
RI-036632Platform - Storage Management
Legal hold: If multiple Media Repositories processed the same legal hold action, one of them could fail and trigger false-positive alerts.
RI-036756Platform - Storage Management
Servers now acquire a database lock when carrying out a legal hold process, to avoid deadlocks from multiple servers processing legal hold at the same time.
RI-037036Platform - Storage Management
Media stitching: Corrupted CDRs that are stuck in an ongoing state could cause abnormal call lengths with added silence in stitched media, leading to excessively large media files at playback or export.
RI-037131Platform - Storage Management
SMTP export did not escape special characters in extensions correctly, causing an export failure.
RI-037143Platform - Storage Management
SMPT export failed if the extension contained the apostrophe character.
RI-037149Platform - Storage Management
Ad-hoc video transcoding progress bar could show more than 100% progress in case of short calls.
RI-037363Platform - Storage Management
Background task entry could not be created or updated and database down alert was triggered when advanced im export policy processed time ranges where given conversation/chatroom did not contain any message. Once policy finished, the background task entry with correct finished/failed counters was created.
RI-037499Platform - Storage Management
Files bigger than 2,147,483,648 bytes could not be encrypted. Data management policies triggered the related alert and repeatedly re-attempted processing the original file or files.
RI-037501Platform - Storage Management
SMTP export email address validation incorrectly removed the following special characters: (!#$%&'*+-/=?^_`
RI-037593Platform - Storage Management
Fixed intermittent Microsoft Teams IM attachment upload SQL errors in the storage service that could occur when the message contained numerous attachments, or when the conversation was under retention.
RI-037663Platform - Storage Management
In Advanced IM Export, if only one of multiple attachments in the same message failed to be retrieved, the related export message did not properly replace JSON or structured attachment information with a user-friendly description of the attachment.
RI-037767Platform - Storage Management
Transcode tasks started by ad hoc recording or the player could be incorrectly started on multiple MRs due to a race condition, causing an unnecessary use of MR resources.
RI-037796Platform - Storage Management
The S3 storage implementation policy could add log messages to the log file of unrelated storage policies, leading to incorrect and misleading log entries.
RI-037822Platform - Storage Management
Voice quality check did not assign low scores for video calls where an audio stream is expected but there was not one available.
RI-038819Platform - Storage Management
Improved the MP4 transcoding performance for video calls: - Transcoding is now 10% faster. - Video encoding profile bitrate is kept more precisely. - Better lip-sync. - Better stability.
RI-039132Platform - Storage Management
Advanced Export could unintentionally decrypt encrypted CDR XML files if their metadata was updated.
RI-039209Platform - Storage Management
In rare cases, the Move Media policy failed when moving Microsoft Teams IM attachment files.
RI-039367Platform - Storage Management
If an encrypted CDR XML file is modified during the deduplication process, it is not re-encrypted and remains plaintext when saved.
RI-039441Platform - Storage Management
The Storage Management Service kept crashing if an earlier upload process did not complete.
RI-039602Platform - Storage Management
An Azure file download error caused VFC to keep files open until the import service was restarted. This issue affected both Azure Blob and Azure File Share services.
RI-039753Platform - Storage Management
Media files downloaded from an Azure Storage target were not deleted from the local cache if the file integrity check failed. This caused excessive disk space usage.
RI-039755Platform - Storage Management
In some cases, the Advanced export failed for Verint-migrated CDR-only calls.
RI-039758Platform - Storage Management
During Policy-based export for non-Instant Messaging integrations, the VFC-generated CDR XML data was incorrect if the original XML was not available on storage. This issue affected every related integration, except for Verint-imported calls.
RI-039759Platform - Storage Management
The concatenated native ID of calls could be too long, resulting in large log files. A length limit of 128 characters has been introduced for this value.
RI-039760Platform - Storage Management
S3-compatible storage authentication failed when the REST endpoint of the storage target contained the S3 bucket name.
RI-039902Platform - Storage Management
The Adjust Retention for Media-Only Records policy did not work when processing a CDR-only record.
RI-039950Platform - Storage Management
The upload to Azure Blob storage was forced to set the blob-level retention, even if the container did not support it, leading to upload failure. Only affected VFC version 9.8.5.
RI-039962Platform - Storage Management
The Azure Blob storage target now supports hierarchical namespaces for storage accounts.
RI-039970Platform - Storage Management
The Advanced Export always put .im files in the root folder instead of the YYYY/MM/DD folder.
RI-040105Platform - Storage Management
Upload processes now support 0 KB files in uploads to Amazon S3 Compatible Storage, and the Archive processes now ignore 0 KB files.
RI-040950Platform - Storage Management
Digitally signed calls could not be exported if the certificate used for signing expired and either the decryption was set or the calls were decrypted by a Sign & Encrypt policy.
RI-041019Platform - Storage Management
The file integrity hash used for Azure Blob and File Share storage targets did not work with files that were uploaded with an earlier version of VFC than 9.7.7.
RI-037198Platform - Media Streaming
Imported media files in MP4 format were not returned by the Media Streamer.
RI-037766Platform - Media Streaming
Digitally signed files could not be opened by the VFC services if the key used for the signing was not available.
RI-035576Installer - Servers
In rare cases, the upgrade to version 9.7 or above may be failed due to an SQL script execution error. The issue only affects the deployments which are using a custom metadata template that has a configured field with an empty Field Identifier value.
RI-036059Installer - Servers
Database install scripts could not be executed when upgrading from 9.6 and there were Standard or Trader Voice Legal Hold labels configured.
RI-038990Installer - Servers
Certification generation failed during the installation of an additional server to a deployment that already had an installed server.
RI-042420Installer - Servers
The upgrade feature did not upgrade Microsoft Teams Bot service files correctly.
RI-037448Installer - Windows Desktop
The prerequisite tool of the VFC installer wizard now displays correctly in 4K native resolution.
RI-039818Installer - Windows Desktop
Legacy OpenSSL certificate generation step has been removed from the Additional Server Role installer.
RI-033650Platform - Import
When exporting/importing data between multi tenant systems, the tenant information from the import policy was not considered during the import process and the data was inserted with the original EID information instead of the EID for the tenant where the policy was configured.
RI-034928Platform - Import
Verint WFO Migration record counting can be extremely slow if a previously counted subset contained only a few records
RI-034962Platform - Import
An unhandled exception could occur when using the Generic Import Source if the CSV files were badly formatted
RI-035586Platform - Import
Import service encountered in an error during the shutdown process
RI-036131Platform - Import
The import service did not use the "Record only on the selected Servers" extension configuration.
RI-037164Platform - Import
When an import policy finished, the related background statistics values were set to zero. Affected the release version
RI-037849Platform - Import
SQL deadlock and race condition errors on the SfB database connection are retried immediately, resulting in repeated failures and causing false positive Database connection lost alerts.
RI-038494Platform - Import
In rare cases, importing from Azure Storage could fail due to improper HTTP HEAD request handling. Affected release versions and later.
RI-038498Platform - Import
In rare cases, if the moving of temporary files to a local media folder failed, and the temporary file location and the local media folder were on different local drives, data loss could occur. In this scenario, CDR database entries were created, but the related media files were deleted.
RI-038520Platform - Import
Improved the speed of VFC import source processing from Azure File Share. An additional file integrity check has been introduced.
RI-039085Platform - Import
Generic import source did not convert the AM/PM time format correctly to a 24-hour format.
RI-039146Platform - Import
The Import Source deduplication filter allowed the same conversation to be imported multiple times when the recorded_cid and agent_id fields were missing from the CDR XML file.
RI-040070Platform - Import
O2 mobile voice recording integration incorrectly requested media in .wav format instead of .raw.
RI-042016Platform - Import
Migration from Verint WFO v11 did not work if a WFO User ID contained non-numeric characters.
RI-042384Platform - Import
Cisco and Skype for Business call records were not rechecked in the CDR reconciliation process.
RI-039498Offline Player
The Offline Player did not open VMF files if the file extension was in upper case format.

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