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Verba 9.9 Release Notes (build

This document lists new features and fixes released in Verba 9.9 Release Notes (build

Release Date2024-03-25
Previous9.8 (build

Release highlights

RI-041053Platform - Database
The 9.9.0 release introduces significant database improvements. The changes include performance optimization and scalability enhancements, such as the addition of start time information and database partitioning to all CDR-related tables. These updates result in better search experience and faster database-intensive operations.

Known Critical Issues

There are no known issues in this build.

Critical Fixes

There are no new critical fixes in this build.

Feature Improvements

Added in
OpenSSL library is updated to the latest release, version 3.2.1.
Introduced a new configuration to control the accepted Host request headers.
Upgraded the OpenSSL version of the Web Application to 3.0.13.
Upgraded Tomcat to version 9.0.85, which fixes a problem with reading keys generated by OpenSSL 1.0.2.
RI-042433Recording - Cisco
The values of the From Device ID and To Device ID fields associated with a conversation are now set to NULL instead of an empty string if the Device ID could not be determined.
RI-043275Recording - Cisco
Configuring the secure Cisco JTAPI connection for Cisco UCM 14 SU2 is now supported.
RI-042712Recording - Microsoft Teams
The Microsoft Teams Bot Service now updates the recording decision after every direction change and it starts or stops the recording accordingly.
RI-042715Recording - Microsoft Teams
The type of third-party call scenario is now also stored in the Forward Reason CDR field in the Microsoft Teams metadata.
RI-043208Recording - Microsoft Teams
The Microsoft Teams Thread ID is now stored in the Meeting ID metadata field.
RI-043381Recording - Microsoft Teams
Upgraded the Microsoft Graph Communications SDK to version This version supports the delta roster feature.
RI-043227Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
Export API License issue alert has been extended with listing non-existent users in the tenant.
RI-042802Recording - Genesys
If two recorded agents both put a call on hold, the CTI-triggered recording rule now only triggers the recording if both parties resume the call.
RI-042423Recording - Zoom
The import of breakout rooms in Zoom Meetings is now supported. Breakout rooms show as individual meetings separate from the host meeting they were created in, but the Topic field of the breakout room record contains a reference to the host meeting.
RI-041404UI - Web Interface
Items in the Added Columns list of the Conversation List Layout Configuration page now show which group in the Selectable Columns list the column was added from.
RI-041405UI - Web Interface
The buttons to move column items up, down, and between lists on the Conversation List Layout Configuration page are now disabled if the operation cannot be executed.
RI-042397UI - Web Interface
Enhancements to the login screen now allow better screen reader support.
RI-042470UI - Web Interface
Apache Tomcat version is upgraded to 9.0.84.
RI-042805UI - Web Interface
Major performance improvements to the Simultaneous Calls computation.
RI-042946UI - Web Interface
For certain languages, the player transcript no longer incorrectly includes spaces between characters.
RI-042953UI - Web Interface
Introduced a new configuration to hide the Upload Report option.
RI-042956UI - Web Interface
Updated the root Web Application cookie context installer.
RI-043114UI - Web Interface
Added Start/Stop and Pause/Resume actions to the audit log.
RI-043161UI - Web Interface
Microsoft renamed Azure Active Directory to Microsoft Entra ID. In line with these changes, references to Azure Active Directory, Azure AD, AAD, and related concepts have been updated on the user interface and in the documentation.
RI-043174UI - Web Interface
LDAP authentication is now available for the VFC REST API.
RI-043262UI - Web Interface
Added a new Referrer-Policy HTTP response header with the same-origin option.
RI-042962Platform - Database
Increased the default SQL DB query timeout from 15 to 300 seconds.
RI-043173Platform - Database
The nightly database purge process now deletes Microsoft Teams IM messages and files from the database in smaller batches.
RI-043269Platform - Media Processing
Imported media files without extensions are now processed by detecting the media type based on known, format-specific patterns in the file.
RI-042442Platform - Storage Management
Voice Quality Check can now detect voice breakups more accurately.
RI-042628Platform - Storage Management
In some cases, deduplication with the Keep the worst copy option enabled did not work for calls under retention. This issue was fixed, and some further enhancements were also made to this configuration.
RI-043172Platform - Storage Management
The Advanced IM Export policy now accepts up to 90 days of delay between the time the message is sent and the time the message is captured.
RI-043205Platform - Storage Management
Improved the noise detection in Voice Quality Check.
RI-043209Platform - Storage Management
The initialization of creating Azure Blob or Azure FileShare storage targets is improved to decrease the Azure API usage.


Fixed in
RI-042551Recording - Cisco IM
The database connection handler was initialized with the wrong value for connection timeout, causing it to intermittently fail to execute queries.
RI-042426Recording - Lync/SfB
Record Calls Answered by 3rd Party extension config did not take into account the selected forwarding modes, and call was recorded on behalf of dialed number if it was set to be recorded for any of the forward reasons.
RI-043605Recording - Lync/SfB IM
The Skype for Business IM recorder service created transcript XML files for empty chat sessions, which caused export failures.
RI-042468Recording - Microsoft Teams
The call direction for the two recorded users were different in call forwarding scenarios on Microsoft Teams.
RI-042644Recording - Microsoft Teams
The Microsoft Teams-specific filter criteria in Recording Rules were misleading.
RI-043104Recording - Microsoft Teams
Call recording could not be triggered if the bot connection was not configured with a publicly resolvable hostname or FQDN.
RI-043160Recording - Microsoft Teams
The recorder connection manager was not properly discarded at call termination, which could lead to a memory leak.
RI-042513Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
In rare cases, unhandled race conditions could lead to database up/down SQL errors and snapshot violation transaction exceptions.
RI-043030Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
In some cases, message batches were processed with an unexpected time delay, causing slower message injection without data loss.
RI-043207Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
If a bot initiated a chat, the From and To fields and the participant list was empty until a human participant interacted with the chat.
RI-043478Recording - Microsoft Teams IM
The chatMessage Microsoft struct no longer contains the attribute based on which VFC recognizes and parses data as message. This caused the Teams IM recording service to skip and drop retrieved messages from processing.
RI-042626Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Records on the media recorder were sometimes duplicated if the recording director lost connection to the recorder and the service failed over to the same recorder.
RI-042645Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Fixed issue with IPC Unigy recording, where existing trader login sessions were sometimes considered not to be recorded at the agent list polling stage, causing a recording to be triggered. The issue only affected multitenant deployments if a zone was shared between multiple tenants. Affected VFC versions: 9.8.5-9.8.7.
RI-043130Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Voice activity history was not properly cleared when the "Do Not Keep Openline CDRs Without VOX Activity" configuration was enabled and the recorder crashed. This resulted in an excessive amount of CTI segments being kept.
RI-043153Recording - Unified Call Recorder
In rare cases, the VOX history for "Do not record open lines without VOX" was not properly closed if the recorder crashed, leading to keeping more CTI segments than necessary.
RI-043155Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Fixed issue with Microsoft Teams ROD which prevented call recording from triggering if the bot connection was configured with a FQDN/host name that could not be publicly resolved.
RI-043308Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Unknown callers in Metaswitch Perimeta interconnect calls were not handled correctly, causing the CDR fields for both the calling party and the called party to be "unknown".
RI-043306Recording - Speakerbus
Fixed a recording issue that can happen when the conference part of a call is recorded using Record on Demand after the preceding consultation part was not recorded. The problem occurs if the not consulted party leaves the conference and the call returns to a peer-to-peer situation, as VFC incorrectly stops recording when it should continue until the call ends or the recording is stopped using Record on Demand.
RI-042487Recording - IPC
The computed call direction (Internal, PSTN in, or PSTN out) has not been set since version 9.8.5.
RI-042514Recording - IPC
If a zone was shared between multiple tenants in a multi-tenant VFC configuration, the recording could stop at the agent list polling stage.
RI-041663Recording - SMS
Percent encoding in the sender and the recipient was not handled, causing a service crash at application termination.
RI-042038Recording - Zoom
In rare cases, the Zoom Meeting API incorrectly reports that a meeting had no participants. For these situations, a fallback mechanism has been introduced that attempts to continue the import based on the individual recordings instead, and now a Warning severity log entry is also created. The fallback imports have slightly worse metadata, as the host information is unknown, and only the email addresses, not the user names of participants are available.
RI-043126Recording - Zoom
Zoom Phone: Added support for sharedOffice type calls.
RI-041406UI - Web Interface
If multiple columns were selected in the Added Columns list of the Conversation List Layout Configuration page, the move up/down action only applied to one of the selected columns.
RI-041670UI - Web Interface
The available values in some dropdown menus did not appear until a key was pressed. Only affected the Direct Upload Policies setting in the user configuration, and the Conversation detail record fields advanced search filter on the Conversations page.
RI-042515UI - Web Interface
In rare cases, the Web Application tried to access the database with the domain account that was configured for a storage target.
RI-042534UI - Web Interface
The wrong environment name showed in Active Directory Profile Synchronization Profile settings when the profile was created for an environment other than the reference environment.
RI-042961UI - Web Interface
In some cases, the Microsoft Entra ID (formerly known as Azure Active Directory) synchronization was stuck running after a failure, and no further changes on the Entra ID source were synchronized to VFC.
RI-043117UI - Web Interface
When supervisors without permissions to Play or View IM recordings searched for keywords using the Text Search and Analytics options of Advanced Search, they could read part of the IM recordings in the results.
RI-043297UI - Web Interface
When a user opened the root web application URL without specifying the full path with /verba at the end, duplicate JSESSIONID cookies were created.
RI-041071UI - Reporting
When applying the label filter with the NOT or NOT IN operators in the Conversations Legal Hold Status and Users Speech Transcript Details reports, unlabeled conversations were not returned.
RI-041072UI - Reporting
The report header was missing from the PDF outputs of the Recorded Users and Extensions, Server Capacity, Service Provider Extension License, and Storage Target Capacity reports.
RI-042441UI - Reporting
If multiple answers to a scorecard question had the same value, the Agents Evaluation Details report showed the question multiple times.
RI-042443UI - Reporting
The Peak Concurrent values were not showing in the Server Capacity report.
RI-043424UI - Reporting
The Users Instant Messaging Details (Advanced) report did not work for VFC versions 9.9.0 and later.
RI-043256Solution - Silent Monitoring
The Cisco Central Silent Monitoring Service did not always try to reconnect to Cisco UCM after a service shut down.
RI-042903Solution - Speech Analytics
The Speech Transcription service crashed when it attempted to write Intelligent Voice topics to the database.
RI-042549Platform - Announcement
The Skype for Business Announcement service did not log errors correctly, preventing configuration troubleshooting.
RI-042363Platform - Licensing
The Voice Quality Check feature was not available without Advanced Compliance, even if the license contained Voice Monitor articles.
RI-042485Platform - Storage Management
Encrypted calls with a speech (.vtr) file could not be played back when the certificate used for the encryption expired.
RI-042627Platform - Storage Management
Deduplication was not successful for IPC open lines.
RI-043034Platform - Storage Management
In some cases, the Advanced Export initiated from the Search screen did not work.
RI-043039Platform - Storage Management
When voice recordings were exported to Bloomberg Vault, the Trader Name and Direction fields were not filled out properly.
RI-043076Platform - Storage Management
Bloomberg Voice export: the Trader Name and Direction metadata fields were empty for Microsoft Teams IM records.
RI-041996Installer - Servers
During the upgrade process, the email settings could not be read from the registry.
RI-042894Installer - Servers
Some installer SQL scripts threw errors for Azure SQL databases.
RI-042369Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
Regression in the recording recheck functionality resulted in reconciled and failed Cisco and Skype for Business calls not being rechecked.
RI-043129Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
Verint import did not work over HTTPS connections.
RI-043148Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
The Zoom CDR import service now reattempts downloading 0 byte successful downloads three times.
RI-043150Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
Added support for Zoom Phone calls with sharedOffice owner type.
RI-043158Platform - CDR and Archived Content Import
Short CDR-only records were sometimes not closed on call termination if both the start and end of the call happened while the system was busy with call segmentation.
RI-042365Platform - Import
If IM insertion related SQL error happened, the reinsertion of the conversation was not retried but considered successfully imported
RI-042509Platform - Import
The size of some log files could exceed the maximum file size limit configured for log rotation.
RI-042636Platform - Import
Genesys Cloud import source logs now show time values in the UTC time zone.
RI-042638Platform - Import
The Genesys import source did not import anything when no recording rules were set.
RI-042763Platform - Import
The appending of Telemessage and Cisco Webex Teams(Spark) chats to the previous session within a time interval did not work due to recent database optimizations. Messages appended to CDR sessions that were created earlier were in the database with the wrong start time, and the player could not show them.
RI-042957Platform - Import
Fixed issues with the Cisco Webex (Spark) import source that occurred because of Cisco API changes, and improved HTTP connection handling.
RI-043031Platform - Import
Fixed problems with Chinese characters and chat message ordering in the Telemessage import source.
RI-043101Platform - Import
The Import service incorrectly threw errors stating SMS imports failed. The issue affected VFC versions and later.
RI-043428Platform - Import
The SMS import service did not drop the connection to the Short Message Service Centre (SMS-C) if the parsing failed when processing non-standard or malformed protocol data units (PDUs). With this fix, the service now skips processing the faulty message, proceeds to the next message, and raises an alert.

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