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Verba 9.3 Service Build Release Notes (build

This document lists new features and fixes released in Verba 9.3 Service Build Release Notes (build

Release highlights

RI-017344Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Dial-out recording API introduced to request the recorder to call a SIP based conference or endpoint. This feature allows recording e.g. Cisco Webex meetings by capturing voice, video and screen/app share streams.
RI-017325UI - Web Interface
Case management improvements: - Conversations can be added and removed from cases directly (no need for labels any more) - Cases have owners - Cases have status: Open, Closed - Case rules for automatic assignment of conversations to cases
RI-017412Solution - Speech Analytics
New financial trading specific transcription solution (Scribe) with language models fine-tuned for trader voice recordings. Enhanced analytics to discover key terms, key phrases, product classes and quotes.
RI-016824Platform - Announcement
Announcement audit log providing a log for tracking and searching announcements played by the system (or not)
RI-017488Platform - Announcement
Announcement whitelist allowing to exclude phone numbers and SIP URIs from an announcement
RI-017544Platform - API
New Import API to ingest data into the platform using a standard REST API, supporting all data types (voice, video, instant messaging, SMS, files, etc.).
RI-017209Platform - Database
Microsoft SQL Server 2017 support added
RI-017229Platform - Media Processing
Voice Activity Detection (VAD) support added to trader voice integration on the recorder side to trigger media recording, no need for VAD-capable storage codecs (e.g. Speex) any more
RI-017221Platform - Monitoring
Voice quality check improvements: - New Voice Quality Check Details and Voice Quality Check Summary reports with the ability to filter for specific quality feature scores separately - Alerts for voice quality check can be customized for voice quality check features individually - New HTTP API to retrieve voice quality check scores for recordings
RI-017312Installer - Servers
Upgrade to Java 11, Java 8 is no longer supported. OpenJDK 11 support added in addition to Oracle Java Runtime Environment 11. The install kit now includes the OpenJDK 11 installer.
New controlled recording mode with auto-start which allows stopping recording for users while starting recording automatically
RI-017543Platform - Import
Generic import source to allow importing data from legacy recording platforms with configuring field mapping and value transformation with a visual editor, supporting CSV/JSON/XML formats for metadata.

Known Critical Issues

First Affected
Resolved in
Certain calls between Skype for Business and Teams or Azure VoiceMail cannot be recorded

Am I affected?
All Sykpe for Business recording installations are affected where the recorded users can call Teams users or place voicemail messages in Azure VoiceMail.

Certain Skype for Business calls cannot be recorded when a recorded Skype for Business user is calling a Teams user and one of the participants is outside of the corporate network, or a recorded Skype for Business user is placing an Azure VoiceMail message. This limitation is caused by the new call setup procedure, and specifically in ICE negotiation, introduced in Teams and Azure VoiceMail, which prevents the recording system to redirect and force the calls to the Skype for Business Edge Server where the Media collector can fork the related media streams. Since the system is not able to capture the media streams related to these calls, these calls are not recorded. No alerts are raised unless CDR reconciliation is enabled.

Currently there is no workaround other than disabling Teams or Azure VM calling entirely for the recorded users. We are actively working on implementing a new solution which extends the capabilities of the Proxy Server to be able to relay these type of calls too. It requires a major change in the architecture by allowing the Proxy Server to relay calls with external participants through a public interface. It also means that that calls which are currently routed through the Skype for Business Edge Server and forked by the Media Collector Service will be routed through the Proxy Servers that same way as calls with internal or PSTN participants. We are currently targeting July 2020 with the enhanced version of the Proxy Server.
Resolved in
Active Directory synchronization does not recognize changes on user attributes when Domain Controller fails over or load balancing is used

Am I affected?
All and later installations are affected where failover or load balancing is configured for the Domain Controllers.

The Verba system relies on the usnChanged attribute to identify if a user entry is changed and needs to be updated in the Verba database. This attribute is unique on all Domain Controllers but due to an issue in the Verba software, the system does not take into consideration the different usnChanged attributes and only uses the last one. In case of Domain Controller failover or in a load balancing configuration, the system might not recognize if the user is updated, because it validates the usnChanged attribute of another Domain Controller which was previously used during the AD synchronization (and not for the one which is currently connected to). Since the issue prevents the system to recognize user configuration changes, which can include recorded extension configuration, the system does not synchronize the latest information from the AD and this could lead to configuration issues and eventually data loss. The problem does not occur if the system is always connected to the same AD.

The system should be reconfigured to connect to a single Domain Controller temporarily and prevent failover or load balancing this way. This can be achieved by configuring the direct address of the Domain Controller.

Critical Fixes

Fixed in
RI-017853Platform - Monitoring
System Monitor service does not free up handles and increases memory load over time until service restart

All and later installations are affected. The Verba System Monitor service allocates Windows handles to check various aspects of the server in every 10 seconds. Due to a software bug, the service does not free up the handles after the checks and increases memory usage over time. The checks are only executed on servers with Media Repository, Recording Server and Media Repository & Recording Server roles. Servers with other roles, are not affected. Based on our tests the service increases memory usage by 400 MBytes per day. The system sends an alert if memory usage is above a specified threshold (if free memory is less than 200 MByte by default). If the service is not restarted after the memory alert, the system can get into an unstable state which could affect the performance of the server significantly which might cause loss of data.
If you are using the effected components, we recommend a software update.

Feature Improvements

Added in
Openssl library is updated to the latest v1.0.2q
RI-017109Recording - Passive
Integration with SAMWin contact centers to store meta information for calls
RI-017514Recording - Proxy
New configuration option to reuse SIP TCP ports. Microsoft UM Exchange does not handle SIP requests properly if it is not received on the server port of the trunk.
RI-017590Recording - Proxy
Late media negotiation support is configurable for SfB calls only, and it is automatically supported for SIP proxy calls
RI-017857Recording - Proxy
SIP proxy route rules: src_ip can be FQDN from now in addition to IP addresses
RI-017835Recording - Cisco
The hunt group pilot number is now stored in the Dialed Number field when JTAPI integration is enabled
RI-016881Recording - Lync/SfB
Support added for Skype for Business Server 2019
RI-017020Recording - Lync/SfB
Luware LUCS contact center integration can control recording rules to avoid recording of contact center calls when the customer does not agree (GDPR)
RI-017320Recording - Lync/SfB
Memory, thread deadlock and SIP inactivity monitoring and detection for SfB/Lync Call Filter, SfB/Lync IM Filter, and SfB/Lync Ethical Wall services whihc is able to send alerts, restart the service and collect troubleshooting information
RI-017489Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Movius mobile call recording integration added
RI-017749Recording - Unified Call Recorder
The recorder services now use milliseconds for markers instead of seconds
RI-017456Recording - IPTrade
IPTrade 9.3 metadata changes (device and call type metadata)
RI-017798Recording - IPC
Certificate (for SIP and CTI connections) common name can now include server hostname or FQDN, not just IP address
RI-017801Recording - IPC
Faster reestablishment of media sessions after CTI/CDR connection failure
RI-017822Recording - IPC
CDR records are now allocated to the Recording Director which improves user experience in case of Media Recorder failure and failover because a single CDR record is available which can be played back as a single recording. New markers are created for media failover/failure events.
RI-017133UI - Web Interface
Active Directory Synchronization Rules now supports LDAP Query validation, plus the Highest USN input has been changed to "Run Full Synchronization" checkbox which is automatically checked on change
RI-017136UI - Web Interface
Group CSV import can be reviewed before final submission and a new setting to exclude Active Directory synchronized groups during import
RI-017178UI - Web Interface
Filtering Criteria Relationship Across Roles setting added to the Role configuration: Extend Access (OR) / Reduce Access (AND)
RI-017179UI - Web Interface
User Location filter has been added to the Role and Data Management Policy filtering criteria.
RI-017181UI - Web Interface
New Active Directory synchronization alert when 15% or more of the users have been deactivated
RI-017361UI - Web Interface
New configuration settings for conversation share: - Default Conversation Share Expiration Date (Hours) - Force Conversation Share Expiration (Hours) - Enable Conversation Share to Everyone
RI-017410UI - Web Interface
New audit log entries: - Upload New License - Set Remote License Server - Change Usage Report Recipients
RI-017545UI - Web Interface
Custom metadata fields can be configured to be displayed as a column or as a new line in the search grid to better suite long textual data. The length of the displayed text can also be controlled.
RI-017647UI - Web Interface
Improved playback and download response time for supervisors when there are lots of users and groups configured in the system.
RI-017738UI - Web Interface
New metadata field: Direction (User) which shows the direction of the conversation from the recorded user point of view (inbound or outbound).
RI-017753UI - Web Interface
Show related Media-Only/CDR-Only records for a CDR-Only/Media-Only record
RI-017754UI - Web Interface
New drop-down action button menu for recordings listed on the search page. The new design incorporates all existing action icons and provides a more streamlined UI.
RI-017788UI - Reporting
New Users Without Recordings widget showing users without any recording on the configured extensions
RI-017860Solution - Ethical Wall
Communication Policies' Regex field did not support items longer than 256 characters
RI-017454Solution - Speech Analytics
Transcription now supports stereo files for better speaker separation
RI-017122Platform - API
The GetMediaEncoded API call did not return the media file when it was stored on non-SMB storages
RI-017147Platform - Configuration
PFX file-based certificate store support added for server certificates and TLS connections
RI-017499Platform - Configuration
Media Repository connection settings for various APIs such as alerts, ethical wall audit log, etc. are now available as a server level configuration
RI-017824Platform - Configuration
Recording rules could not be refreshed when recording services were started when their corresponding API ports were already in use by other applications on the server. The services will raise configuration alerts and will not be started.
RI-017623Platform - Licensing
Additional information in the license activation notification to allow faster delivery of activated license keys
RI-017847Platform - Licensing
Ethical Wall licensing will only count users who have the new Ethical Wall User permission, and only these users will be included in the rules
RI-017010Platform - Media Processing
VP8 video codec support added for recorders
RI-017013Platform - Monitoring
New 2-state monitors added for SIP inactivity alerts in SCOM
RI-017530Platform - Storage Management
New high-quality storage codec configuration for Opus, Speex, and MP3
RI-017627Platform - Storage Management
Custom metadata fields assigned to conversations are now automatically added to the metadata XML file during export. Before, custom metadata was only available in the CSV or CDR file formats.
RI-017706Platform - Storage Management
Media file upload from a shared server is now supported on Media Repository & Recording server roles. Previously, it was only available on Recording Server roles.
RI-017799Platform - Storage Management
Export to Bloomberg Vault is now available for voice conversations using the SFTP transfer option
RI-017505Installer - Servers
SQL scripts are now executed on a new screen where users can follow the progress and see a real-time log to track potential error messages
RI-017458Platform - Import
Import service can be configured to create IM transcript files on the disk during import (turned off by default)
RI-017540Platform - Import
Bloomberg Chat import support to allow importing Instant Bloomberg (IB) conversations
RI-017567Platform - Import
Imported instant messages can now be stored on the disk in a transcript file in addition to the database record


Fixed in
Cross-site scripting vulnerability fixes in the web application
Open URL Redirection vulnerability fixed
RI-017727Recording - Passive
Network port mirroring based recording of SIP calls might show incorrect caller vs callee and termination end cause in case of complex call flows
RI-017791Recording - Passive
Marker start/end position might intermittently get out of range value
RI-017823Recording - Passive
H.245 CloseChannel closes the other party's stream leading to losing media if one end re-creates the channel mid-call
RI-017397Recording - Cisco
When UCCX/UCCE/Genesys was configured, and no Contact Center data was available for the call, then the call got inserted to the database with some delay (2-12 seconds)
RI-017598Recording - Cisco
X-ULPFECUC FEC streams generated unsupported media alerts
RI-017672Recording - Cisco
When UCCX/UCCE/Genesys integration was configured, then in some rare circumstances a recording stuck in the ongoing list
RI-017177Recording - Lync/SfB
When SfB/Lync Front-End service stopped Verba Filter services terminated unexpectedly
RI-017303Recording - Lync/SfB
Very long regular expressions used for internal number/domain pattern matching could halt the SfB/Lync Call Filter Service
RI-017593Recording - Lync/SfB
Connection UP alerts were not generated on service start in the Filter services
RI-017733Recording - Lync/SfB
The Proxy did not report to the Filters if no Recorders were connected. During load-balancing, the Filters might have selected a Proxy without any Recorder (which depending on the configuration could be led to either no recording or call termination).
RI-017837Recording - Lync/SfB
The SfB/Lync Filter services (Call, IM and Ethical Wall) were ignoring the recording rules/policies while the new version of the rules was loading. In case of very large number of extensions/addresses this could theoretically cause loss of recording and sessions where the communication policies are not applied.
RI-018266Recording - Lync/SfB
SRTP decryption failures could occur if calls longer than 1.5 days. The problem is related to the SRTP rollover counter which could be reset after 1.5 days.
RI-017806Recording - Lync/SfB IM
Persistent chat recording didn't work when an existing room message received due to a database error
RI-017256Recording - Unified Call Recorder
The caller and called party information was swapped for generic (non-vendor specific) SIPREC integrations
RI-017820Recording - Unified Call Recorder
Microphone events for trader voice recording might not properly cover the conversation, for that reason, the markers are automatically extended by -/+ 1 second to compensate CTI message delays
RI-017752Recording - IPTrade
Device changes (handset/speakers) did not create new CTI/CDR records
RI-017818Recording - IPTrade
The system did not take into account the Unable to Access Conversations Older Than permission for turret based playback
RI-017732Recording - Speakerbus
Changing media causes an exception if turret optimized data model is used which leads to losing that media segment
RI-017797Recording - Speakerbus
Possible media loss due to unprocessed media changes in TALK_STATE change events
RI-017821Recording - Speakerbus
When a conference call was terminated and the call changed back to a peer-to-peer call, the system missed this call leg
RI-017616Recording - IPC
Configuration/extension reread might kill IPC Unigy integration when secure connection and explicitly specified (non-default) SIP and/or HTTP listener port is configured
RI-017729Recording - IPC
Media timeout occurred because DTX triggered media session reestablishment unnecessarily
RI-017730Recording - IPC
The local SIP port of the zone connection could not be defined, defaults to ephemeral port
RI-017795Recording - IPC
SIP sessions migth have been established with the CCM directly instead of via the zone VIP. This might lead to not finding the recorded channel and media loss.
RI-017360Recording - SMS
SMS recorder service crashed when incoming connection timed out
RI-017001UI - Web Interface
Read-Only files could not be read from an SMB share
RI-017400UI - Web Interface
Conversation playback did not work for on shared conversation page when the user had share-only access
RI-017409UI - Web Interface
When the conversation details screen was opened using the direct access URL, then the download feature always downloaded the main media file, the others could not be downloaded
RI-017445UI - Web Interface
Files on Netapp could not be read by the web application when Netapp ONTAP version was 8.3 or older
RI-017508UI - Web Interface
Email sending from the web application did not take Start TLS setting into account
RI-017509UI - Web Interface
When running Active Directory synchronization manually, and the changes are rolled back because of the high rate of the invalidated users, then the standard error page displayed instead of the meaningful error message
RI-017581UI - Web Interface
When Force Expiration was set and the publication got Activated again, then the Expiration Date was emptied
RI-017608UI - Web Interface
Numeric metadata values were not searched as numeric data, especially when greater than / less than operators were selected
RI-017629UI - Web Interface
AD Synchronization Rules: Adding a new or removing an existing LDAP attribute at Phone Numbers did not trigger the full sync. Updating the group selection at Security Groups did not trigger the full sync.
RI-017686UI - Web Interface
A warning message was missing when the Test Connection button was clicked on the Active Directory synchronization page while connection settings were empty
RI-017687UI - Web Interface
Verba Node Manager Agent Service restart task was not generated on directory change (LogPath, AppPath, AudioPath)
RI-017707UI - Web Interface
Call download did not work for multiple files in case of transcribed calls in read-only storage because the temp file was created on the storage
RI-017723UI - Web Interface
Active Directory Synchronization threw an error if User Matching ID was configured
RI-017739UI - Web Interface
Inaccurate error message when video playback fails due to unsupported playback formats for instance when trying to play back VMF files in Chrome
RI-017740UI - Web Interface
Markers in the player were misplaced by a few pixels
RI-017747UI - Web Interface
SMTP Storage Target email templates were not available in multi-tenant mode
RI-017815UI - Web Interface
Downloading multiple conversations displayed a blank screen
RI-017828UI - Web Interface
Downloading multiple files from a network storage with custom credentials results in an empty ZIP file
RI-017832UI - Web Interface
Authorization Groups' members valid from date was the current time instead of the requested period
RI-017843UI - Web Interface
Private conversations were playable in the View Shared Items menu
RI-017844UI - Web Interface
Opening the Conversation Detail threw an error when the conversation had metadata
RI-017726UI - Waveforms
Waveform service could not access SMB shares with custom credential
RI-017805UI - Waveforms
Waveform did not work when multiple call playback was used
RI-017855UI - Waveforms
Waveform generated from MP3 was shifted in some cases
RI-017607UI - Reporting
User Transcription Details report did not show repeated participant information
RI-017646UI - Reporting
CDR Reconciliation Summary report displayed the dates in the report based on UTC date instead of the selected timezone.
RI-017652UI - Reporting
Best Performing Agent Report: missing custom chart scriptlet.
RI-017653UI - Reporting
Agents Evaluation Details report value calculation conditions were bad.
RI-017654UI - Reporting
Roles and Permissions report: Language property files were not used for permission names
RI-017679UI - Reporting
Dashboard snapshot did not work over HTTPS
RI-017697UI - Reporting
Server Status Dashboard Widget did not show services, and some other widgets' data was malformed
RI-017743UI - Reporting
Extensions added as User/Agent ID are not taken into account in the report "User without recording". Changed valid from/to behavior (not a filter) in "Users without and recording" report. Previously it used the current time to check the validity. It now uses the report start/end time.
RI-017812UI - Reporting
Quality Management reports (Agents Evaluation Details, Agents Skill Performance Summary, Scorecard Calibration Details, Skills Performance Summary, Skills Performance Trend) has bad weight calculation for available points.
RI-017817UI - Reporting
Users Instant Messaging report generated empty report when conversation message count was inconsistent in database
RI-017827UI - Reporting
Voice Quality Check Details report (simple format: csv, xls) printed the header multiple times
RI-017141Solution - Ethical Wall
The SfB/Lync ethical wall was not able to disconnect the conference after the chaperone has left the call
RI-017151Solution - Ethical Wall
The SfB/Lync ethical wall service did not stop properly which could lead to running multiple instances after service restart
RI-017152Solution - Ethical Wall
The SfB/Lync ethical wall did not properly recognize the conference participants and could not enforce communication policy rules
RI-017175Solution - Ethical Wall
SfB/Lync ethical wall presence publishing was blocked for the newly created users matching the policy
RI-017184Solution - Ethical Wall
SfB/Lync ethical wall service could be stuck leading to blocking SIP messages on the Front-End servers
RI-017385Solution - Ethical Wall
Optimized handling of very large number of conferences participants when the chaperone has left the call
RI-017408Solution - Ethical Wall
The SfB/Lync ethical wall added a custom SIP header which could not be handled by Exchange UM leading to voice mail call failure
RI-017807Solution - Ethical Wall
The presence of the contact was also blocked in case contact list blocking was configured only for the address.
RI-017841Solution - Ethical Wall
Notification for redacted instant messages was only sent to the first 3rd party e-mail address when multiple addresses were configured
RI-017669Solution - Quality Management
QM Random Selection threw error if a selected Agent had no access to conversations at all
RI-017748Solution - Quality Management
When opening an existing Quality Management scorecard, the scores of the last section was not counted in the total points
RI-017466Solution - Speech Analytics
Transcription files did not handle non-ASCII characters properly
RI-017659Solution - Speech Analytics
Transcription for encrypted conversations could not be loaded into the player due to decryption error
RI-017703Solution - Speech Analytics
The system tried to transcribe conversations having no recorded voice
RI-017676Platform - API
HTTP Business API metadata template filter did not work when it was being used without a valid login
RI-017018Platform - Configuration
SfB/Lync contact center integrations could not be enabled at server level, only at profile configurations were the related options available
RI-017455Platform - Database
Labeling Rules were not triggered when Transcription / IM / SMS data was inserted
RI-017705Platform - Media Processing
Voice recording playback showed wrong duration information when media files were encoded into MP3 during playback
RI-017725Platform - Media Processing
When playing back trader voice recordings, the system automatically generates silence in case no media records are available for playback (either because the media is still under recording or missing)
RI-017463Platform - Monitoring
Alerts were not sent/stored in time order which could cause improper handling of UP/DOWN alerts when these alerts followed each other shortly
RI-017657Platform - Monitoring
Database connectivity checks did not work in some cases
RI-016830Platform - Storage Management
The year 2038 problem resolved to allow configuring retention period lasting beyond 2038
RI-017383Platform - Storage Management
Export task stopped when the Recent Than filter value was equal to the task execution schedule
RI-017518Platform - Storage Management
Background task monitoring entry could not be created for automatic deletion tasks. The deletion policy was executed properly.
RI-017572Platform - Storage Management
Data management policies were not executed on the expected day when weekly schedule was configured
RI-017655Platform - Storage Management
Archiving did not work if there were calls to be archived without a media file
RI-017673Platform - Storage Management
Storage might intermittently crash at shared record upload due to an issue in MR selection algorithm
RI-017709Platform - Storage Management
S3 compatible storage target: Changed host handling from virtual-style to path-style. (Instead of using bucketname.verbatest.local/, using verbatest.local/bucketname/)
RI-017811Platform - Storage Management
The upload policy did not remove the metadata XML files from the recorder after successfully upload the files to the Media Repository
RI-017713Installer - Servers
Web Application did not work after install if the SSL certificate password contained special characters
RI-017520Installer - Windows Desktop
File-based certificates could not be selected during install
RI-017507Platform - Labeling
Emails were not sent due to an error in deduplicating recipients. Emails were sent twice at call start and at call end as well.
RI-017461Platform - Import
Cisco Webex Teams (Spark) import did not work when it was disabled for 90 days or longer
RI-017658Platform - Import
Import of Verba controlled recordings did not work
RI-017698Platform - Import
Generic import source: timezone calculation was bad when the format string contained a timezone (%z) flag. (The global timezone is not affected).
RI-017848Platform - Import
Cisco Webex Teams import improvements: - separate records created for P2P rooms when both participants are configured in the system - added the option to "record" rooms by title (must be added in lowercase) - improved token refresh mechanism

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